Monday – 7/9: On your mark…The Judicial Race starts tonight. There’s a lot for you to do…

Overall strategy was covered here.

#1 – We have TWO members on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Call both of them.

While 7 of our senators were diverting attention with their humiliating waste-of-time/money trip to Russia, Senator Burr (G-TX), head of the Senate Intelligence Committee snuck out a report right before the holiday stating, that yes, the original reports on Russia’s interference in our election were correct.  Not only did Russia do it, but they pose a significant threat to any subsequent elections. If your senator is on this committee, call them.

U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
James Risch – ID
Marco Rubio – FL
Susan Collins – ME
Roy Blunt – MO
James Lankford – OK
Tom Cotton – AR
John Cornyn – TX
Dianne Feinstein – CA
Ron Wyden – OR
Martin Heinrich – NM
Angus King – ME
Joe Manchin – WE
Kamala Harris – CA

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Tues 7/3: The Supreme Court fight of our lives. (What happens now & 3 actions.)

(Condensed from with notes from Indivisible Ventura)

The 2-Step Strategy to Win the Supreme Court Fight

If Trump successfully installs an extreme justice to fill that seat, the Court will rubber stamp the Trump agenda for a generation to come. Trump wants to put a hard-right conservative in this seat: he’s already put out a “short list” of 25 possible picks, and every single one is an extremist. This puts settled rights like abortion, marriage equality, and health care back under threat.

Here’s what we can and can’t do in response to this vacancy, and how we could win. (Actions you can take at bottom.)

2. Take back the Senate. If we accomplish that first step, that will extend the fight past November. But that’s not enough. In order to actually win this fight, we have to retake the Senate, otherwise Trump will just appoint an extremist after the election. Democrats need to hold all of their seats and PICK UP TWO MORE SEATS. There are 5 pickup opportunities this year:

This Week in Sanity-saving Good News – “The Kids are Alright” Edition…

Lego welcomes the women of NASA.

The kids are alright.

First, let’s talk about this 11 year-old girl who’s been worried about the Flint water situation since she’s been 9. Along with playing piano, swimming, fencing and taking dance lessons, she has invented the cheapest, most effective test for lead in water and won “America’s Top Young Scientist”. God, what was I doing when I was 11?


Then there’s Ames Mayfield, who in 14 years or so, will be running for office. Put in on your calendars now.


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We can no longer pretend that voting doesn’t matter…

It’s pretty clear we’re not going to be changing any of Trump’s hard-core supporters. The only way we’re going to win elections and protect gains we’ve made in civil rights is through finding new voters and energizing those who’ve already registered but rarely, if ever, vote.

The good news! – There are way more of us than the MAGA-hat tribe.

What we need to work on – We just don’t show up in high enough numbers. 

The stakes are really high now. 

We can see our protections being eroded by the current administration. It’s affecting every aspect of our lives and much that we hold dear. Environmental protections, civil worker, immigration, women’s and LGBTQ rights, and access to healthcare and education, are all in the process of being diminished.

What we may not be aware of is that we’re one state away from a constitutional convention, something right-wing groups will been waiting for a long time.  This would allow them to fundamentally change our constitution by amendment. Continue reading “We can no longer pretend that voting doesn’t matter…”

Let’s take a moment today to send our Senators some appreciation for standing against Neil Gorsuch

It is important for us to show our MoCs our gratitude and support.  When doing so, the preferred method of contact is via postcard.

Click here for uber-cool postcards to print out

Senator Dianne Feinstein
United States Senate
331 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Senator Kamala Harris
United States Senate
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-saving Good News!

Buh-bye Bannon!

Steve Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council fulfilling our collective dreams when we made phone calls to our congresswoman!

…and Nunes

Devin Nunes will step aside from leading the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia. (He’s now officially under an ethics investigation himself.) Was there a call to action on our part? Why, yes, there was! Great job everyone!

Next up – Bill O’Reilly! More than 40 companies pulled their ads from The O’Reilly Factor, following sexual harassment accusations. Sleeping Giants, who have worked diligently to have advertisers remove their presence on Breitbart, is now working on getting advertisers to stop advertising on Fox News during Bill O’Reilly’s show.  Keep up the pressure! Here is their current list that is being updated

And in case you missed it:

A Kentucky judge ruled that a lawsuit accusing Trump of inciting violence can proceed, dismissing his free speech defense. According to the judge, Trump’s remarks against protesters at a campaign rally “at least ‘implicitly encouraged the use of violence or lawless action.’”

California Leading the Charge

On Monday evening, Senate Bill 54, the “sanctuary state” bill, or CA Values Act, was passed. The bill will now go to the State Assembly, and if approved, to Governor Brown. Take some time to “happy dance,”because our phone calls began a process that will make a HUGE difference in so many lives!

More representatives are announcing support for single payer health care! California has been flirting Continue reading “Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-saving Good News!”

Ask Sen. Feinstein to filibuster Gorsuch! Insist on a 60 vote threshold for confirmation (2 of 2 today)

Flood Feinstein! Call all day! 36 Democrats have committed to filibustering Gorsuch. Senator Feinstein is not yet among them.

Flood Feinstein: DC (202) 224-3841, LA (310) 914-7300, SF (415) 393-0707, SD (619) 231-9712, Fresno (559) 485-7430

The US Senate Judiciary Committee will meet Monday, April 3, to consider Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination. Republicans need eight Democrats to join them to end the expected filibuster by invoking cloture. As of this writing, only one of our senators, Kamala Harris, has indicated she is a firm “no” on Gorsuch. Senator Dianne Feinstein told reporters on March 27, “…let’s wait for next week, OK? And then I’ll make myself very clear.”

OK, Senator Feinstein, it’s decision time.

Script: I’m calling from (ZIP) to ask Senator Feinstein to FILIBUSTER Neil Gorsuch. He is the face of corporations and billionaires who want to deform our civil rights for generations. Senator Feinstein: filibuster for our rights! Insist that his confirmation pass the 60-vote threshold!

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