Car Pooling available!

Oct 14 Make our Fairgrounds Gun Free – Fair Board Meeting

Oct 14 Telling the Truth About California Missions

Oct 15 Watch the Primary Debate with GOOD Club

Oct 17 Third Thursday – pizza, camaraderie, and postcards!  Can’t make it? Help fund this event

Oct 22 Ice Out of Ventura County Rally

Oct 24 – Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights in an Uncertain America

Oct 26 – Ventura Critical Mass “Solidarity Bike Ride” in Oxnard

Oct 27 Free IMMIGRATION LEGAL AID Fair – Volunteers Needed! Every last Sunday of the month we assist residents, alongside immigration lawyers, in filling out paperwork for citizenship, DACA and green card renewals. Can’t make it? Help fund this event

Nov 2 Asylum Advocacy Conference

Nov 7 Mud and Dust – Climate Future at Oxnard College Live

Nov 9 Borderline Strong Party In The Park