We can no longer pretend that voting doesn’t matter…

It’s pretty clear we’re not going to be changing any of Trump’s hard-core supporters. The only way we’re going to win elections and protect gains we’ve made in civil rights is through finding new voters and energizing those who’ve already registered but rarely, if ever, vote.

The good news! – There are way more of us than the MAGA-hat tribe.

What we need to work on – We just don’t show up in high enough numbers. 

The stakes are really high now. 

We can see our protections being eroded by the current administration. It’s affecting every aspect of our lives and much that we hold dear. Environmental protections, civil worker, immigration, women’s and LGBTQ rights, and access to healthcare and education, are all in the process of being diminished.

What we may not be aware of is that we’re one state away from a constitutional convention, something right-wing groups will been waiting for a long time.  This would allow them to fundamentally change our constitution by amendment. Continue reading “We can no longer pretend that voting doesn’t matter…”