“Wake up, America!” #BLM protests & other antiracist, anti-fascist & pro-democratic things to do…

Monday Edition – 10/26 – All hands on deck! 7+ days to E-Day!

Time ’til 2020 US Presidential Election here.
Trump Death Clock* here. Today’s number = 133,952
(*(deaths attributed to Trump’s inaction prior to 3/16/20)

QUICK LINKS TO: VOTING GUIDE, What can I do now? (GOTV), Events happening TOMORROW, Events happening soon , BLM Action To Take, Petitions, BLM Resources, Community Resources, Protesting Safely in Pandemic & Over-policing conditions, What would a bill look like that puts people first? Voting/registration information, Ballot drop-off locations, In-person voting locations, “Protect the Vote” volunteer opportunities.

Share love and hope. This is one of the most important actions you can take to remove this regime. If you’re not sure how to do this, start by sharing this video. (Link here: https://youtu.be/Jk7LPpY8pXM)

Report ALL election intimidation efforts and other shenanigans!

Check out this website and share on social media: SeeSay2020.com!

For voting emergencies, call 866-OUR-VOTE. Questions about voting? https://www.vote411.org/

Events/Actions happening today!

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Friends and Family Voting Toolkit – Beyond phone/textbanking.

#1 – Rethink voting as joyful. Share videos like these.

and this video.

#2 – Who do you know who doesn’t have transportation to a polling place or ballot box?

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Tues 10/20: Push back, Nancy! You’ve got ’til Oct. 23rd to impeach Barr!

Mitch McConnell used every trick at his disposal to prevent President Barack Obama from not only seating emminently qualified Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, but also 88 district and 17 court of appeals judges. Now, after the tragedy of losing RBG, McConnell and Trump have teamed up to push through an extremist nominee WHILE people are voting. Time to change up our game.

  • We’ve asked GOP senators to play fair and hold off the nomination of any new supreme court justice before the election. No dice.
  • We’re asking our senators on the Judiciary Committee to refuse to create a quorum on Oct. 22, when they are scheduled to vote on the advancement of Amy Coney Barrett. It may also work in the full Senate, with several GOP absences due to COVID. This has only a slight chance of stopping McConnell, but it will also indicate to our senators that we expect them to fight back harder.
  • Right now is when the phrase “better late than never” comes in. One thing both Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell know, is that any impeachment trial in the Senate would take priority over a vote on the SCOTUS nomination. And there is one person that deserves to be impeached above all others except for our president himself, and that is Attorney General William Barr. And Nancy Pelosi has until Oct. 23rd to get this started.

Minimal script: I’m emailing you because I’m frankly terrified of a judicial nihilist like Amy Coney Barrett getting a lifelong place on our highest court, methodically destroying the work of Ruth Bader Ginsburg against the will and best interests of the majority of Americans. It’s time to pull out the big guns, and stop these proceedings. Please call an impeachment trial for Attorney General William Barr by Oct. 23rd. The work in researching the case has already been done. I am attaching links to CREW’s letter to Henry Kerner, Special Counsel, specifically regarding Barr’s Hatch Act violations, as well as their full report on the case for Attorney General Barr’s impeachment below.

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Wed. 10/14: Three things to do today.

Action #1 – Tell your senators to do their job.

A senator’s sworn duty is to protect the Constitution, the preamble to which sets out the main issues that they must concentrate on, which includes overseeing the welfare of our people. Hunger. Homelessness. Health. Instead of doing their job, the Senate GOP has punted – leaving the hard work of creating a just and adequate COVID-19 relief package to the House and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, subject to the whims and tantrums of a president flying high on steroids. Instead of following their sworn oath, they’ve focused on cementing their own power with a nominee that will decrease “justice for all” throughout this country for a generation. (Story out – Amy Coney Barrett doesn’t think the use of the “n-word” creates a hostile work environment!) Senator Mitch McConnell, the ringleader of this historic abrogation of the Senate’s prime responsibility, should be censured and removed from office.

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Sen. [___] to know that that we out here are angered and horrified that the Senate is not working 24/7 on creating a COVID relief bill to help the American people survive a pandemic. Their sworn duty involves protecting the welfare of the people, and we want them to do their jobs. Now. Now after a politically-polluted judicial nomination. Now!

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Tues 10/13: Reminder: The CA GOP is not above the law.

ACTION #1: Reach out to our county’s district attorney, Greg Totten, and TELL HIM TO DO HIS JOB! Arrest and charge those behind the fake ballot boxes!

Just weeks before a national election, the CA GOP is openly violating CA law by infesting our communities with fraudulent ballot drop boxes. CNN wrote a story “The biggest election fraud story you haven’t heard about.” On Monday, CA’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, said he had received “disturbing reports” that some GOP officials “may not be prepared or willing to remove those boxes.” This is a breathtaking assertion of privilege, in a country where Americans have died at the hands of law enforcement over broken headlights and expired license tags.

Becerra stated that if the boxes aren’t removed, the Republican leaders could face prosecution. Again, point of privilege for the GOP. The crime has already been committed, but they are being given extra chances. We prefer the approach of the Orange county district attorney, who has already launched a criminal investigation into at least two unauthorized ballot boxes in their county.

What is our district attorney, Greg Totten, an elected official, BTW, doing about the boxes that are now showing up in Ventura County? Has he made a statement? Is he committed to doing his job? Contact him here. (A.G. contact info. outside Ventura Co. here.)

Minimal script: I’m writing as a resident of Ventura County, who is outraged by the blatant law-breaking of the CA GOP, who has placed fake ballot boxes in our county and others. These people are not kids who are ignorant of the law. This is a group with access to lawyers and other advisors who know very well that these boxes are illegal, yet, due to their perception of their own power and position, believe themselves to be above the law. You were elected to office with the expectation that you would address to all kinds of crime. Election law violations are particularly corrosive to a stable democracy, yet we haven’t heard from you. Do your job – Arrest and prosecute those behind this criminal campaign.

CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra has stated that counties would have to contact all voters who used these boxes – so their stunt now costs us taxpayers money as well. In addition to punishment for this egregious flouting of the law, we want the CA GOP to fully compensate the county – i.e. us taxpayers, for all time that must now be spent calling voters who used the fake boxes. We are waiting to hear from you.

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Monday 10/12: Keep on the lookout – for fake ballot drop boxes!

The GOP has crossed the line from suppressing voters to openly criminal behavior.

We are imagining that in the light of recent press, these fake ballot boxes are being scuttled back into the darkened garages from whence they came, but Ventura County voters should still keep an eye out for them. Get familiar with where you SHOULD SEE a ballot drop box in your area from this list. (Outside Ventura Co., go here.) In Ventura, there are (6) – three of them are at the Government Center, and one each is located at City Hall, the Pierpont Inn, and at the Ventura Unified School District office. If you see one that’s not on the list, call the Ventura County Elections Division immediately at (805) 654-2664 or the office of the Sec. of State – (916) 653-6814.

Yeah, it’s illegal!

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Indivisible Ventura’s Voting Guide for the 2020 Presidential Election

Note: this post will be periodically updated! (10/6/2020)
  • If you’re voting for Trump and the end of democracy, this is not the voting guide for you.
  • If you’re looking for an absolutely non-partisan guide, go here and here.
  • Although Indivisible Ventura is not officially endorsing any particular candidate, we’ve pulled together endorsements from other groups we respect for your consideration, along with relevant reference materials.
  • Phonebanking! Textbanking! Letter Writing! and other great things to do!: Click here.

QUICK LINKS TO: Federal candidates, State candidates, County Supervisor, City Candidates, School District Races, Special District Races, Propositions, Local Measures, Voting/registration information, Ballot drop-off locations, In-person voting locations, “Protect the Vote” volunteer opportunities.

We have promises to keep to Rep. Elijah Cummings, to Rep. John Lewis and to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg – that we would care for the country they sacrificed so much for. It’s now our job to fix what we can and to create a path to a more just and sustainable future for those who come after us. At a polling booth, or at our own kitchen tables, armed with a pen and a ballot, we are going to fight for the American dream for everyone.

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Wed. 9/30: 3 things to do after a nationwide incident of abuse.

Action #1: Share an uplifting music video on voting!

The debate was hard to watch because abuse is hard to watch.” Yes. Nailed it. Now we need an antidote. Link to this video is here.

Action #2: Help out the clearly clueless Commission on Presidential Debates! Squirt guns for moderators!

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Tues 9/29: Writing Judge Amy. (2 Actions)

Action #1: Write to Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

As far as we know, the fix is in already to immediately replace RBG with an extreme conservative, as the Senate is ruled by amoral invertebrates. Now there’s only one person, Judge Amy herself, who has the power to stop this circus.

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Monday 9/28: Our president is a national security risk. What we need to do.

(Quote by Bloomberg)

“Whoever Owns Trump’s Enormous Debts Could be Running the Country.”

The NYTimes bombshell article is just the start – “It’s about the mystery of who owns Trump’s outlandish debts, and the degree of secret power they may be wielding over the country.” Even without the tax information, security experts have been sounding the alarm about Trump’s vulnerability since the beginning of his presidency. Alexander Vindman, the Army officer whose whistleblower complaint of a “perfect” conversation led to Trump’s impeachment, considers our president already compromised. “President Trump should be considered to be a useful idiot and a fellow traveler, which makes him an unwitting agent of Putin.”

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Thurs 9/24: Another postcard for the GOP.

He can’t steal an election by himself.

We Democrats will have to fall for his lies to help him pull this off. So, keep reminding your social media friends, that we are the majority and to go out and vote like Ruth Bader Ginsburg is watching.

He will also depend on his able cast of enablers, including all the GOP members of the Senate. So, if you’ve finished sending out cards to those who swore they’d never seat a new justice in an election year (tinyurl.com/Postcards-to-Hypocrites), here’s another proposed script for those quivering toadies.

Dear Sen. _______

The GOP has had many chances to stand up to the anti-democratic actions of President Trump. And each time, you’ve remained silent, putting your party over our country. Even now, as he threatens the orderly transfer of power for the first time in our history, you are afraid to say his name. Similar to the question to Sen. Joe McCarthy +60 years ago, we ask: Have you no decency? Have you no patriotism? Have you no honor? Have you no courage?

Signed _______________

Here’s a list of addresses to send them to. Just look for the red dots.


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