Thanks to all who came out to the City Council Meeting – THEY VOTED TO FUND THE SHELTER!

Last night, Monday, June 18, our City Council voted to fund a 24-hour, year-round shelter in front of a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters! 

We heard from a  long-term homeless advocate who’s been working for decades for this night.

judy alexandre

We heard from a man who’d experienced homelessness firsthand.

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Tues 6/19 – Fight with for the kids. Fight for America.

Tuesday’s (3) three actions on immigration: Call out the two terrible immigration bills, one terrible judicial nomination and the terrible guy who’s supposed to watch over refugees. 

  • If you want to check out positive actions to help the kids, click here.
  • For more quick and easy call scripts on all the latest immigration bills, go here.

Hey, the GOP is taking our human rights ball and going home.

The administration says we’re leaving the UN Human Rights Council over “anti-Israel bias“. Apparently we’ve also had concerns over their loose criteria for membership and wanted the ability to kick countries that have egregious human rights records off the council.

Countries just like us, it seems. The expected announcement comes a day after the U.N.’s top human rights official criticized the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

So let’s get back to our own home-grown human rights violations!

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Monday 6/18 update – How to help the kids.

There’s a lot you can do to help support the children and their families. We’re keeping a listing here that we’ll update daily up here at the top.

Monday update 6/18 – added: (1) legislative call and a matching petition, (1) call to a US attorney to find his bravery and a communication storm to two companies who are planning to make money on this misery..

First, recharge your fighing spirit here. Then read Bill Moyer’s beat “A 15-point Guide to Surviving Authoritarianism” here. Memorize the last line…“EVERY authoritarian, totalitarian and fascist regime in history eventually failed, thanks to the PEOPLE.”

Keep calling your elected representatives!

Keep up the pressure on their office staff, who will remind their bosses to get this done. The Resistance is not fighting alone. More of our society is finally rising up and joining in. (Southern Baptist Convention, Evangelical Immigration Table, Anti-Defamation League, CATO)
Latest calls and tiniest scripts (30 seconds or less) here.

#1 – Monday 6/18 – ‘NO’ on un-American/anti-family/anti-business immigration bill  H.R. 4760 / Call/ Petition by June 22nd (Friday)

Goodlatte’s bill H.R.4760 – “Securing America’s Future Act of 2018” is the un-American mash-up of white supremacists’ dreams. It hurts farmworkers, will deport more Dreamers, and keeps children in detention longer. It also funds a border wall, reduces legal immigration by 40%, eliminates diversity visas, and includes language that no state (Hey, we’re looking at you, CA!) or local government entity can limit a state, or local government official from assisting ICE. Even the right wing hates this bill as it is estimated to cost our economy $319 BILLION! Continue reading “Monday 6/18 update – How to help the kids.”

TODAY! Attend City Council Meeting – HUGE Vote to Help our Homeless Ventura Residents!

First things first. Familiarize yourself with the issues, myths, and solutions in the pipeline regarding our homeless brothers and sisters in Ventura.

Today,  Monday, June 18, our City Council will be deciding whether or not to fund a 24-hour, year-round shelter with the goal of transitioning folks into permanent housing

The City Council allotted $300,000 in Measure O funds last year, and the ask is for an additional $300,000 for 2018. Zoning for a shelter was put into place last year and advocates are asking for a site to be chosen by the end of 2018. THIS IS HUGE.

This would enable our homeless residents to be surrounded with services and given the chance to gain a foothold in their lives. A year-round shelter is supported by our police, business owners and homeless advocates alike.

Action: Show up today at the Monday, June 18 Council Meeting to support this important cause!

6 pm (show up early for a good seat!) at 501 Poli Street (At the top of California Street, downtown). Parking is around back and use the door at the rear of the building. 

If you haven’t yet, email our City Council!

Talking points for emails (be sure to make it your own!):

-As a voter and concerned citizen in Ventura, I’d like your commitment to $600,000 in Measure O funds to acquire a year-round shelter.

-In addition,
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Sunday – 6/17: “Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”

(– St. Francis of Assisi)

The converse of St. Francis’ statement, unfortunately, is also true.

Our president has asked us to be fearful.

Unlike John F. Kennedy’s inspirational call to action – “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” – for the public to rise up for justice and the greater good, our current president has asked Americans to become to be the smallest and least version of ourselves.

Today’s post is not action call, nor is it a sermon. It’s a reminder of why we fight everyday.

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How to help the kids.

As more resources are discovered, we’ll update this page.


We had over a hundred people turn out in Ventura for our Families Belong Together Rally. Thanks to all who attended for taking an important step in the fight to help immigrants and their kids…visibly standing up and reminding our community that wrong is being done in our name.

Here’s more we can do to continue the momentum built by yesterday’s action rallies to stop the separation of children and families at the border.  Volunteer support is not allowed in detention centers and shelters for the unaccompanied children, but there are ways you can help the children and/or immigrant families.

Keep calling your elected representatives.

Keep up the pressure on their office staff, who will remind their bosses to get this done.
Latest calls and tiniest scripts (30 seconds or less) here.

Donate money

We can donate to eight organizations fighting this issue in one step here. This link also has information about each of these agencies if we want to contribute individually.  Congressman Joe Kennedy III‘s campaign is matching the first $25,000 donated.

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Families Belong Together – Ventura, CA. Join us today (Thurs, 6/14) to protest against cruelty being done in our name.

Starts TODAY – Thursday afternoon at 4:00 PM

Ends: 6:00 PM

Location: Corner of Victoria and Telephone (Government Center – 800 S. Victoria)

RSVP on Facebook and click that “share” -> “invite friends button”– we need a BIG crowd! This is a part of Nationwide effort!

  • Get out your posterboard and paint and colored pens!
  • BRING YOUR AMERICAN FLAGS! What is happening in our name is un-American.
  • Make yellow wristbands with the downloadable file below and pass them out today everywhere you go. 

Meet at the corner of Telephone and Victoria TODAY from 4-6pm! Bring your signs, enthusiasm, and friends to stand up for children that have been ripped from their mother’s arms.

Email this to your friends and family! We cannot stand by and let this continue to happen!

Note to commuters coming home to Ventura from Santa Barbara:  Indivisible groups reach out and hold hands with each other. Indivisible Carpinteria invites you to join their protest on the way home if you’d otherwise miss ours. Information here.

If you’re not near either of us, check here for your closest location.

See you on the sidewalk!


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