Wednesday 3/21 – Russia Watch – Omnibus spending bill and the Mueller Investigation.

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Action #1 – #ProtectOurVote #PaperBallots

(from Loyal Opposition) Yesterday, we posted a call to action AGAINST many of the toxic riders the GOP has attached to  the Omnibus Spending Bill.

Today, we’re asking you to ask your legislators to attach something good. Like protecting our own elections against Russian interference.

House Democrats issued a comprehensive review of state voter system vulnerabilities and want $400 million in the Omnibus Appropriations bill which could be voted on as early as next week to help states convert to paper ballots and harden their systems against cyber-attacks.

The evidence behind their request is irrefutable. Russia hacked into state voter systems in the 2016 election, successfully penetrating several of the systems in the 21 states they attempted to hack.

The heads of U.S. intelligence agencies unanimously testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that Russia is determined to interfere with our mid-term elections and could cause havoc by tampering with state voter systems.

Our state election systems desperately need to be upgraded: one in four U.S. voters vote on a system with no paper trail, and many others vote on systems that give the voter a receipt, but leave no paper trail that would allow the state to audit the accuracy of the vote count.

Most states have been attempting to harden their systems against cyber-attacks, but many lack the funds and expertise to get it done before the 2018 elections.

Action: Call your House Representative and urge him or her to provide money in the Omnibus Appropriations bill to help states convert to paper ballots that provide an audit trail and harden cyber security defenses. Continue reading “Wednesday 3/21 – Russia Watch – Omnibus spending bill and the Mueller Investigation.”

Tuesday 3/20 – Call and remind your legislators that it’s no longer business as usual.

We are not the same people we were in 2016.

The omnibus spending bill must be passed by March 23 to avoid a government shutdown, and may be voted on in the House as early as this week. Although the bill needs bipartisan support to pass, it is bristling with poisonous riders. Make sure your legislators know how important getting this bill cleaned up is to their continuing employment.


  • At the minimum, tell our legislators to specifically root out these horrible misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, corrupt and greedy partisan riders listed below and have them removed.
  • Ask them to find their bravery again and support the DACA kids, along with refusing the obscene amount of money the administration wants to waste against our immigrant population.
  • Ask them to propose actions that are actually helpful, such as gun violence prevention funding, removing the Dickey Amendment, shielding our elections and our country’s infrastructure from Russians, protecting Mueller’s investigation from “Friends of Russia”, prohibiting the use of our tax dollars at Trump-owned properties or businesses, and getting the government to actually hand over the already promised financial assistance to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Minimum Script: I’m calling from [zip code] to urge Rep./Sen. [___] to reject all riders to the omnibus spending bill that would threaten the health and rights of women and LGBTQ people, that  de-regulate environmental protections, that fund xenophobic immigration policies, and that increase dark money into our elections.

More script if you want it: Add anything from the listing below that particularly interests you.

Twitter Scripts: Click here for state-by-state scripts to send to your legislators.

Contact your Legislator

Rep. Julia Brownley: (CA-26): DC (202) 225-5811, Oxnard (805) 379-1779, T.O. (805) 379-1779
or Rep. Salud Carbajal: (CA-24): DC (202) 225-3601, SB (805) 730-1710 SLO (805) 546-8348
Which one is yours?

Senator Feinstein: DC (202) 224-3841, LA (310) 914-7300, SF (415) 393-0707, SD (619) 231-9712, Fresno (559) 485-7430
and Senator Harris: DC (202) 224-3553, LA (213) 894-5000, SAC (916) 448-2787, Fresno (559) 497-5109, SF (415) 355-9041, SD (619) 239-3884
Other Rep./Senator Contacts:

Some of the  riders from the Omnibus Spending Bill for your consideration…

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Bears Ears – 3/19 – LAST day to comment!

Stop destruction of Bears Ears  and Grand Staircase/Escalante.

Comments due TODAY – March 19th!

On Feb. 2nd, companies began staking mining claims on land tracts removed from Uth’s Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments. They will get the opportunity to permanently despoil some of the most beautiful land in the country for literally a few dollars an acre.

In addition, a rider in the new appropriations bill, Sec. 433 of HR 3354, blocks the EPA from implementing, enforcing or finalizing requirements that hard rock mining sites carry insurance to cover environmental damage. This provision will likely leave cleanup costs to the taxpayers under Superfund instead of making the responsible party pay for the damage they caused. Destruction, pollution, AND corruption! Hallmarks of this administration.

Didn’t read the series? Start here and work your way backwards.

The Denver Post … A large waste-rock pile that is part of the Commodore Mine in Creede is one of two sites the EPA would be targeting as a Superfund site. The other is the Nelson Tunnel which is nearby. (Photo By RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

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Monday 3/19 – “On your mark…get set…”

If Trump fires Mueller, local event link here. Don’t live here? Find your closest action with this link here.

From our increasingly rattled president, probably directly from his bathroom.

trump collusion

From a retired four-star Army general who received three Purple Heart medals for injuries sustained during his service in Vietnam, two Silver Stars for valor, and two Distinguished Service Crosses.

Barry McCaffrey

(From MoveOn)
Donald Trump is publicly considering firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller
the person leading the Department of Justice investigation of possible criminal actions by Donald Trump and members of his presidential campaign, as well as the efforts to conceal those activities. Continue reading “Monday 3/19 – “On your mark…get set…””

Friday 3/16 – A walk down 3 dark alleys…

Action #1 – “This is the use of religion to hurt people because you disapprove of who they are.”

–  Harper Jean Tobin of the National Center for Transgender Equality. 

Part 1 – Written comments – Comments Due March 27th
Public comments are due on March 27th regarding these new HHS rules that would allow physicians and health care workers to opt out of procedures that conflict with their religious teachings. This will have a significant impact on women’s and LGBTQ rights, which are already not fully protected by the current system. In fact, according to the Center for American Progress, 29% of transgender people reported that “a doctor or other health care provider refused to see them because of their actual or perceived gender identity.” We can submit our public comments here (DUE MARCH 27).

Part 2 – Contact your legislators

Stop this hard-right religious bullying now. Make sure your legislators are co-sponsoring   The Equality Act, H.R.2282/S. 1006, which amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to protect against discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Rep./Sen. to support {Rep.- H.R. 2282/Sen. – S. 1006} the Equality Act. (Click on the links to see how your legislator voted.
Thank Rep. Brownley and Sens. Feinstein and Harris for their support.)

Legislator Contact Info. Continue reading “Friday 3/16 – A walk down 3 dark alleys…”

Please help turn green card holders into citizens and voters. Share this!

Get that N-400 form finished!

In America, green card holders of at least 5 years can apply for citizenship. Green card holders married to U.S. citizens can apply after 3 years.

On Saturday, volunteers and immigration lawyers will assist eligible applicants fill out the N-400 form at this free Citizenship Fair and answer questions. Applicants do not need to be from Ventura County! Just bring the items listed on the flyer to make the process faster.

N-400 Fee Waivers

El Concilio will be there to help applicants apply for need-based waivers to the N400 application fees. There are three categories:

  • Those who receive means-tested benefits such as Medi-Cal, SSI, Calfresh or similar (Bring cards)
  • Those who can demonstrate low-income (Bring tax statements)
  • Those who can demonstate financial hardship (Bring W2’s)

Contact El Concilio at (805) 486-9777 or at to confirm the paperwork required to determine eligibility for a waiver.


3/15 – We helped cause this…

“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”  – Major General Smedley Butler

While our kids are working on the war against their rights to survive childhood, another war is threatening children by the millions…And the US has been helping it happen. We, the voters, need to step up now.

With a recent personnel change, this problem has just split into two parts.

Part 1 – Mike Pompeo

Trump just tweet-fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and proposed CIA Director Mike Pompeo, a Tea-Party conservative, torture-supporter and relentless anti-Muslim bigot, in his place. Pompeo is an ally of Frank Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy, who has argued that adherence to Islamic law—far from being protected by the First Amendment—should be considered “an impermissible act of sedition, which has to be prosecuted.”

Taking a small historical sidestep for a moment…
A post by James H. Hutson, chief of the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress, described how our Founding Fathers in 1780 made sure that the Constitution afforded “the most ample liberty of conscience … to Deists, Mahometans, Jews and Christians’.” Thomas Jefferson campaigned for recognition of the religious rights of the “Mahamdan,” the Jew and the “pagan.” George Washington said he would welcome Muslims to Mount Vernon (his home) “if they were ‘good workmen.” and  “suggested a way for (them) to ‘obtain proper relief’ from a proposed tax levy to aid Christian worship.

We’re back…
Along with anti-muslim sentiments and sub-optimal comprehension of our history and constitutional rights, neither Pompeo nor Trump are big supporters of diplomacy.  Instead of acting like the adult-in-the-room we keep hoping for, Pompeo will act as an enabler of Trump’s worst ideas, like destroying the Iran agreement. A Trump/Pompeo mix is like setting a fire in our California backcountry… unpredictable, lethal and hugely destructive and the wrong choice to help us solve the Yemen problem.

Action for Part #1 – Call your senators!

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] to ask Sen. [___] to vote “NO” on the confirmation of Mike Pompeo as our new Secretary of State.

(Contact information at bottom.)

Part 2 – Yemen

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