This Week in Sanity-saving Good News – “The Kids are Alright” Edition…

Lego welcomes the women of NASA.

The kids are alright.

First, let’s talk about this 11 year-old girl who’s been worried about the Flint water situation since she’s been 9. Along with playing piano, swimming, fencing and taking dance lessons, she has invented the cheapest, most effective test for lead in water and won “America’s Top Young Scientist”. God, what was I doing when I was 11?


Then there’s Ames Mayfield, who in 14 years or so, will be running for office. Put in on your calendars now.


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Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-Saving Good News! – “And the 4th graders shall lead us” Edition

Yesterday’s post in our “This Week in Resistance” blog included an article stating that with every horrible action Trump has taken, there’s been an equal and opposite action from the resistance and others. The author called it the “Boomerang Effect”.

So now, despite our 1.5 million pleas to the contrary, the president has gone ahead and put our national monuments on the auction block for oil, uranium and timber extraction. And amongst the usual resistance groups who started speaking out against the destruction of our heritage, up pops this 9 year old kid, Robbie Bond.

“When a 9-year old says something like ‘our national parks and monuments are under attack,’ you sit up and listen. Standing up for our natural treasures is honorable for anyone, but for a young person like Robbie to take a stand like this — it shows courage at a time when our Island Earth needs us most. I support Robbie and Kids Speak for Parks — their voices need to be heard.” -Nainoa Thompson, Polynesian Voyaging Society. Continue reading “Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-Saving Good News! – “And the 4th graders shall lead us” Edition”

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Congrats Adriene – you fearless leader, you. Way to make the resistance shine! Watch the video below and read the full article here: Let’s Do Something Almost no Republican Senator is Willing to do – Listen to Real People’s Healthcare Concerns