Wed. 4/22: Happy Earth Day! Make a call to your state legislators and share your best resource-saving tips!

Action #1: Call Governor Newsom and tell him to stop all fracking permits now!

For the first time since last summer, CA’s oil and gas regulators CA Geologic Energy Management Division, or CalGEM, has issued permits for fracking – to Aera Energy, a joint venture of Shell and ExxonMobil, for “well stimulation” for 24 Aera wells in two Kern County oil fields.

3-4 fracking

In a bizarre twist considering how this type of expensive drilling operation affects air quality and human health, the Aera spokeswoman Cindy Pollard stated “These permits come at an especially critical time as the nation is dealing with a public health crisis unlike anything before.” Continue reading “Wed. 4/22: Happy Earth Day! Make a call to your state legislators and share your best resource-saving tips!”

This Week in Sanity-saving Good News – “The Kids are Alright” Edition…

Lego welcomes the women of NASA.

The kids are alright.

First, let’s talk about this 11 year-old girl who’s been worried about the Flint water situation since she’s been 9. Along with playing piano, swimming, fencing and taking dance lessons, she has invented the cheapest, most effective test for lead in water and won “America’s Top Young Scientist”. God, what was I doing when I was 11?


Then there’s Ames Mayfield, who in 14 years or so, will be running for office. Put in on your calendars now.


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Enviro-pocalypse Now! Fight back against corporations ruining our environment!

OK, don’t freak out at this action list!

We personally tested this list for time. If you’ve “optimized” your phone for fast dialing, you can do this whole thing in under 10 minutes!

However, you may need a cup of coffee for this part…

One thing you’ll notice as you read through these actions, is that almost every one of them is a “taking” from us, the American public. Rich people and corporations, both foreign and domestic, are taking our public land, our forests and our mountain tops, our clean water and air, the right for numerous species to exist and the livelihoods of those in our thriving “outdoor recreation” industry that depends on unspoiled land to draw visitors.

Those involved in this theft will respond that they pay us for these things, but they’ve actually been cheating us for a long time. Oil, gas, mining and timber interests will pay far less taking resources from public land than they would on the open market and they leave behind uncompensated environmental destruction when they’re done. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has just billed us $25,000 so he can conduct more deals like this in private. Certainly, he doesn’t need his shiny new cone of silence for the 1% of his meetings that are with environmental groups…

The corporations will also argue that they create jobs and tax revenues. Let’s look at one state as for a reality-check. Oil and gas in Utah produces only $2.4 billion of it per year, and that industry employs fewer than 7,000 people in the state. Conversely, “Outdoor recreation contributes more than $12 billion to the economy, employs more than 122,000 people, and is the primary driver behind the tourism industry. Not only does Utah outdoor recreation create $856 million in state and local tax revenues, it is the reason for $3.6 billion in wages and salaries.”

Please keep all this in mind as you make 10 minutes worth of calls this morning. Repeat as necessary.

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Congresswoman Julia Brownley reaches out! Tax assistance and more…

– Tax Assistance

Do you have a federal tax problem that you haven’’t been able to resolve with the IRS? My office can help!

Join my office for an IRS Problem Solving Day on Tuesday, September 12th from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM at 223 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite 220, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.

The Taxpayer Advocate Service – an independent organization within the IRS that protects your rights as a taxpayer and helps resolve tax problems you can’’t resolve on your own –will be on hand to meet with Ventura County residents to assist with ongoing tax problems. Our goal is to provide one-on-one guidance and direction on the next steps needed to help resolve these issues.

This service is free, but space is limited and appointments are required! For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call my office at (805) 379-1779. Continue reading “Congresswoman Julia Brownley reaches out! Tax assistance and more…”

This Week in Resistance – “Welcome to your Heritage. Bring a Mask!”

We have until August 24th to speak for our National Monuments…

(Photo of Taylor McKinnon , Public Lands Campaign director for the Center for Biological Diversity, 

This week in our daily actions blog, we posted a letter from Sierra Club’s Jim Hines regarding the Trump administration’s response to the overwhelming number of comments to protect Bears Ears and other western national monuments. (Here’s the number as of today. It keeps growing as comments are tabulated.) Continue reading “This Week in Resistance – “Welcome to your Heritage. Bring a Mask!””

Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-Saving Good News! – The “Holding Hands” Edition

As soon as I read this story…I knew that I wasn’t alone in thinking how inspirational this was. Alison & Stephanie connected it to this amazing essay from Rebecca Solnit comparing the conservative ideology of isolation to the reality of our communion with each other and the world:
“The modern right may wish that every man were an island, entire of himself, but no one is wholly independent. You can’t survive without taking air into your lungs, you didn’t give birth to or raise yourself, you won’t bury yourself, and in between you won’t produce most of the goods and services you depend on to live. Your gut is full of microorganisms, without which you could not digest all the plants and animals, likely grown by other people, on which you rely to survive. We are nodes on intricate systems, synapses snapping on a great collective brain; we are in it together, for better or worse.” 

So in honor of these awesome people who held hands to help strangers, let’s start with news from states where aid and respect was extended to others… Continue reading “Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-Saving Good News! – The “Holding Hands” Edition”

The FCC is corporatizing the internet. Light it up!

Battle for the Net! – Net Neutrality Day of Action.  

Net neutrality protects our free speech on the Internet. The FCC wants to destroy net neutrality and give internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T control over what we see and do online. If they get their way, they’ll allow widespread throttling, blocking, censorship, and extra fees. 

July 12th, the Internet came together to stop them!

Update 7/14: 2 MILLION comments!

Awesome campaign overview here:
More here:
More here:

The push campaign is over but the deadline isn’t until July 17th!
Now we’re sending a message to internet service providers EXACTLY how happy we’d be for them to take us over.
Please visit and add your voice to the barricades!
Write a comment on their form. Hit “SEND”. Repeat. As many times as you can!

What could go wrong?


Trump’s grand plan to “repair” our crumbling infrastructure involves selling off our roads and bridges to billionaires, cronies, and foreign governments. He’ll allow them to double tolls, create new fees and pocket billions of our dollars, while cutting funding for highways, public transportation, our electrical grid and the Army Corps of Engineers.  It’s just another scam.   Continue reading “What could go wrong?”

Your Weekly Dose of Sanity Saving Good News!

Be the Inspiration.


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ~John Quincy Adams

You never know when you’re someone else’s inspiration.

In 1963, a group of women protested (in the rain) in front of the Kennedy White House. They were there on behalf of Women Strike for Peace – an antinuclear organization that began when the founder got fed up and started a telephone tree to rally fellow mothers against nuclear testing. At that time, the U.S. was still conducting aboveground nuclear testing and radioactive fallout was showing up in breast milk and baby teeth. Women Strike for Peace was advocating for the testing to end.

So there they were, standing in front of the White House on a rainy morning in 1963.

A participant later admitted that, standing there in the rain, she felt “foolish, and futile”. Continue reading “Your Weekly Dose of Sanity Saving Good News!”

This Week In Resistance – “The Not-so-Innocents Abroad” Edition

In what universe did Jared think setting up a backchannel to the Russians was OK?

“Frequently, people who go along a treasonous path do not know they are on a treasonous path until it is too late”  – Former CIA Director, John Brennan testifying at House Intelligence Committee

Trump traveled to far-away places, and stuff still happened here…

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