Please help turn green card holders into citizens and voters. Share this!

Get that N-400 form finished!

In America, green card holders of at least 5 years can apply for citizenship. Green card holders married to U.S. citizens can apply after 3 years.

On Saturday, volunteers and immigration lawyers will assist eligible applicants fill out the N-400 form at this free Citizenship Fair and answer questions. Applicants do not need to be from Ventura County! Just bring the items listed on the flyer to make the process faster.

N-400 Fee Waivers

El Concilio will be there to help applicants apply for need-based waivers to the N400 application fees. There are three categories:

  • Those who receive means-tested benefits such as Medi-Cal, SSI, Calfresh or similar (Bring cards)
  • Those who can demonstrate low-income (Bring tax statements)
  • Those who can demonstate financial hardship (Bring W2’s)

Contact El Concilio at (805) 486-9777 or at to confirm the paperwork required to determine eligibility for a waiver.


Tues. 2/20 – DACA & immigration – fast actions and information update

“The image of America deporting fellow Americans is not something this country or the Republican Party want to see unfolding every night on the national and local news.”
Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), a top champion of Dreamer relief

Action #1: Call your Rep. and Senators to give them support to do the right thing. Contact information at the bottom of this post.

Sample Script: I am calling from [zip code] to ask Rep. [___] and Senator [___] to continue opposing any DACA bill that includes Trump’s racistfour pillars” immigration plan. Oh, and please don’t confirm Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan.

Action #2: Be part of the resistance network. Print out these flyers in English and Spanish for this DACA renewal clinic and post them in public spaces, and/or send them digitally to friends and organizations who can get them to those in need. Spanish, English Continue reading “Tues. 2/20 – DACA & immigration – fast actions and information update”

Thursday 2/15 – Direct from the national Indivisible Team


Dear Indivisibles,

Monday night, the Senate voted 97-1 for cloture on Motion to Proceed (that’s Hill speak for beginning the process to vote on legislation) on an immigration bill. And this morning, they voted on the Motion to Proceed, so we’re headed into debate about what will go into the final bill.

The full bill and amendments haven’t been released, but the one-page framework released by Republicans yesterday shows us that Republicans aren’t serious about finding a solution for DACA recipients or a bipartisan compromise. The Republican proposal is a racist bill written by white supremacists to use Dreamers as bargaining chips to advance a draconian anti-immigrant agenda.

Here’s what you should know about the Republican proposal: Continue reading “Thursday 2/15 – Direct from the national Indivisible Team”

Monday 2/5 – Standing Indivisible.

ACTION #1 – Stand up for our Servers! – DEADLINE TODAY, FEB. 5th!

The Department of Labor has proposed a rule making it legal for employers to take tips if they pay minimum wage. In a new report, 80% of the stolen tips, 4.6 billion annually would be taken from women and their families. Although proponents of this rule say that its for the benefit of back-of-house workers, owners do NOT have to share them with anyone else and can simply pocket them. Some already do.

Sample Written Script: I object to this tip rule (RIN: 1235-AA21). It’d go against decades of federal and state law and precedent, which has safeguarded tips as the property of the workers who receive them. If adopted, this regulation would force a vulnerable workforce further into poverty, economic instability, and vulnerability to harassment and assault. I urge the Department of Labor to withdraw this proposed rule (RIN: 1235-AA21).

Submit your comment here

More information:

Action #2 – Are we a  “Give a hand up” or a “Pull up the Drawbridge!” society? Continue reading “Monday 2/5 – Standing Indivisible.”

Friday Clean-up: Be a volunteer, calls on immigration and anti-choice bills.

Help people become citizens…and voters!

Here’s something we, as private citizens, can do to help our neighbors through a process that was usually much easier when many of our own families crossed into America. (Exceptions here)

Feb 1st: Train to be a Citizenship Fair Volunteer!

Come listen to an enlightening, frightening and often hilarious lecture from local immigration attorney Vanessa Frank on how to help a green card holder navigate successfully through their N-400 “Application for Naturalization” form. You do not need to be able to speak Spanish. Sign up for a shift at the next Citizenship Fair, Feb. 3rd. Also volunteers are needed to work with the children, do registration at the door, etc..

5-7 pm at the UU Church of Ventura. 5654 Ralston Street, Ventura.

Feb. 3rd: Citizenship Fair (There will be more!) 

Link for flyer here. Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm (sign up for available time shifts) at the Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School Cafeteria. 301 N. Marquite St. Oxnard, CA 93030

Tell any Green Card holders you know who are eligible to apply for citizenship to register for this Fair! 

The Fair itsef is free and applicants do not have to live in Ventura County. There are great immigration lawyers on-hand to assist the volunteers on any knotty problems that may be encountered. The applicants end up with a completed form, with required photos attached, ready to send in to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Yes, this is a very big deal.

However, the first step is that they need to register here:

805UNITEDFORALL@GMAIL.COM or call (213) 446-4851
Link for flyer here.

It’s truly one of the most amazing volunteer opportunties! 


(Even if you’ve made these calls before, do it again. Our Democratic legislators need your calls on their tallies and they need to know you’ve got their back.) Continue reading “Friday Clean-up: Be a volunteer, calls on immigration and anti-choice bills.”

Wednesday – Is “boondoggle” one word or two? Asking for a friend…


Our voices are being heard on DACA. Pile it on!

Schumer has taken back his ridiculous offer to pay for a wall in return for a DACA deal, a solution to border protection that’s simultaneously simple-minded, environmentally destructive and insensitive to property rights of states, individuals and tribal groups, while remaining useless at its stated purpose.

Current costs are estimated at 21.6 billion by the Department of Homeland Security. But its construction is just the beginning of the cost to us.  But, as in East Germany, surely there will be any number of volunteers willing to remove it when this xenophobic wave passes.

Embed from Getty Images

Pile on some more. Let’s make ourselves very, very clear.

Minimal Script: I am calling from [zip code] to tell Rep./Sen. [___] that we want a clean DREAM vote, without any ineffectual and money-wasting sideshows like Trump’s wall or cruel anti-family measures (discussed in video below), and funding for the Community Health Centers and for Puerto Rico’s recovery.

Continue reading “Wednesday – Is “boondoggle” one word or two? Asking for a friend…”

We ALL Marched for Justice in Ventura!


A beautiful day to march, to celebrate unity after the Thomas Fire, and to come together in peace and love, Ventura County Rising and the March for Justice was everything we hoped it would be!


Continue reading “We ALL Marched for Justice in Ventura!”