Tools of Resistance – Making Calls FASTER!

The battle is getting hotter and we need people to make more calls because they WORK!

You should be able to make 5-8 calls in 10 minutes.

“Hah!” I hear you say…”You’re smoking something. Not possible.”

No, Really! Here’s how!

Step 1 – Eliminate Dialing!

You could die of dialing, dialing, dialing. So take a little time to get your communication weapon ready for battle!

Program in all the numbers you’ll ever need!

ALL of my politician numbers are together under the MOC heading – (Members of Congress“), which makes switching between them fast. You can use “PWMMC” (People Who Make Me Crazy”) or anything that makes sense to you. Just put them all in one place.

Then, if one line is busy, “Boom!”, off to the next office, or try another senator.

Do this prep-work while watching “Nine Perfect Strangers” or pay a small-fingered child/grandchild to do this. For adding the office names, click on the “Name” or “Home” section and follow the arrows down to the “Custom” option. Or don’t worry about it. The calls are all tallied to one place anyway, no matter which office you called. While you’re at it, get all your city council member emails in one place.

These aren’t  your legislators? Click here.

Then – Share your brand new contacts “cards” with others who don’t have small-fingered relatives! 

  • Step 2 – Read through your call actions. Do the one’s closest to your heart first. Then do the rest to help others. Be Indivisible.
  • Step 3 – Pare down your script! You got a lot of calls to make!
    • Technically, all you need is this…
    • “(Hi, Good morning, etc…) I’m from zip code ______. I’m calling to (tell/ask) Senator/Rep ______ to vote “(NO,YES) on (Bill #_______).  Thanks!
  • Step 4 – Get your coffee and get ready to make a bunch of calls. 
    • Are you nervous about making calls to strangers? Yeah, me too. Does that stop you before you start? Click here.
  • Step 5 – Set your timer for 10 minutes and go!
  • Step 6 – Do this again tomorrow. And every day. 

FAQ’s on calling.

  • Why do I have to call? Does it matter?
  • Aren’t my Democratic Senators going to do the right thing anyway?
  • We don’t have anybody on the committee working on this. Now what do we do?
  • How do we reach out to GOP senators.

For these answers, click here!

Calling makes me (Choose all that apply: nervous, depressed, sick, unhappy, scared, intimidated, panic-stricken, anxious, needing ice cream.) You are not alone.

For some advice from fellow nervous-callers, click here.

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