Wed. – 5/1: Taking back the real May Day! Not just one day off in September, but justice 24/7. Come join in!


Ventura event details here.               Oxnard event details here.

Today, almost every major industrial nation is celebrating International Workers’ Day, a holiday based on the 1886 Haymarket Riot by immigrant workers in Chicago. It was a major historical event which involved freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to free assembly, the right to a fair trial by a jury of peers and the right of workers to organize and fight for things like the eight-hour day. It should be a huge celebration here too.

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We ALL Marched for Justice in Ventura!


A beautiful day to march, to celebrate unity after the Thomas Fire, and to come together in peace and love, Ventura County Rising and the March for Justice was everything we hoped it would be!


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March for Truth: Get your signs, grab your sunblock, relocate your hat & water bottle!

On Saturday, June 3, both Santa Barbara and Los Angeles will be holding a March for Truth. The goals are simple and bipartisan (at least, theoretically):

  • Establish a fully funded, non-partisan independent commission;
  • As much information as possible should be made public as soon as possible;
  • Congress should require Donald Trump to release his tax returns to clarify his business interests and obligations to any foreign entity;
  • If crimes were committed or if collusion is discovered, they must be prosecuted.

Those are goals we can all get behind!

More details here…



Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-saving Good News! This is What Democracy Looks Like!

“I have never canvassed before, but I will f—ing crawl door to door to make sure you lose.” A mild-mannered 60-year-old in Florida, to her Republican representative

Yep, the GOP has activated us, that’s for sure.

People across the country are refusing to stay silent. You can use Indivisible’s special guide to demand your member of Congress takes action, and then on June 3, you can join the March for Truth.

Click on every one of these amazing links! Citizens are stepping up and doing their jobs! Speaking out at town halls. Special shoutout to the New Jerseyans who confronted Rep. Tom MacArthur, the Congressman behind the key amendment that allowed Trumpcare to pass, for more than four hours and showed us all how it’s done.  Crowds also confronted Paul Ryan!

Indivisible Ventura showed up to support our sister districts for die-ins to express our anger about Congressmen’s votes to repeal ObamaCare. Read news items here, here, here, and here.

Betsy DeVos got the respect she deserves…

LOVE THIS. Democrats are showing up at Republican Town Halls! Democratic legislators taking town halls for cowardly GOP members. “Hey, listen, I have a question for you,” he said. “I’m Representative Sean Patrick Maloney. Where the heck is your congressman?”

Despite Trump’s attempt to end the investigation into his ties with Russia, the Senate Intelligence Committee invited Comey to testify next week and subpoenaed Michael Flynn. (Federal prosecutors also issued subpoenas to Flynn’s associates.) Meanwhile, Democrats slowed Senate activity to demand the appointment of a special prosecutor, and the media called out Trump’s “grotesque abuse of power.” A handful of Republicans also expressed concern. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE – MAKE MORE PHONE CALLS TO APPOINT A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR HERE.

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Important Events! Join us for die-ins. Carpooling Available!

Let our sister Indivisible districts’ Congressmen know that their votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act was the “nail in their coffins” for their re-elections in 2018.

Carpooling available for all of these events – contact us at Let us know if you are available to drive too!

“You Suck” Rally and Die-In @ Congressman Steve Knight’s Office
When: Monday, May 8th, 4p to 6p,
Where: 26415 Carl Boyer Drive Ste 220, Santa Clarita
RSVP and more info:

Great Knight Drama and Die-in
When: Tuesday, May 9th, 5p to 6p,
Where: 1445 E. Los Angeles Ave. Simi Valley
RSVP and more info:

Repeal and Replace Royce
When: Wednesday, May 10th, 6p to 8p,
Where: 210 W Birch St Brea, CA 92821
RSVP and more info:

Learn why these events are so important

Let’s support our sister Indivisible groups and gather for a rally and die-in to express our anger regarding all the people in our district who will lose coverage under the new plan.

Savage votes demand a visceral response. Bring tombstone style signs with your message if you want to participate in the die-in. Also, folks in vampire costume (representing Congressional cronies who suck the most vulnerable members of our community dry) are needed.

Zombies are welcome too, because this bill was dead on arrival. We do not buy the story about what a good guy he is for adding $8 billion dollars to a pre-existing conditions pool.

The President of the American Medical Association told the New York Times on May 5, 2017 that Continue reading “Important Events! Join us for die-ins. Carpooling Available!”

The History of May Day and Why/Where we can March in Solidarity with our Local Immigrants

We take our collective hats off to anyone that learns English as a second language…

Let’s consider the phrase “May Day”: If the space between the words were to become lost, it becomes an expression of distress.

How one thing is NOT like the other: Children with a Maypole…

If you were a child of the 60’s, May Day was the strange yearly ritual that required your whole class being assembled around a May pole, each of you clutching an attached ribbon, ready to find out which one of your classmates didn’t understand the concept of weaving in and out.

However, the “May Day” we’re interested in this Monday is the one known as “International Worker’s Day”, to commemorate the 1886 Haymarket Riot in Chicago.  You can read about the Haymarket Riot here.

… and the announcement for the Haymarket Rally

Its story started with thousands of overworked and underappreciated immigrants (in this case, Germans and Bohemians) unionizing and striking for an eight hour workday.

What started as peaceful protests ended in disaster, with a massacre of both police and workers and a trial that ended with four innocent men being executed.

The story marks the subsequent growth of labor unions and May 1, 1886, as the date the eight hour work day we take for granted became standard, an improvement paid for by the deaths of over a dozen people.

Now as we live in a time of diminishing unions and workdays that never seem to end, we still will march for our immigrants.

All of us. Todos Nosotros.

Here are some places to go to support our local immigrants on May 1…

Oxnard: “Day Without An Immigrant/Dia Sin Inmigrantes” Shut It Down 
March and Rally starting at Plaza Park, 500 S. “C” St., at 12 noon.

Santa Barbara: “Day Without an Immigrant” 

Los Angeles: “May Day March and Rally” 

Here’s the May Day call to action from California Teacher Association for Ventura County. Continue reading “The History of May Day and Why/Where we can March in Solidarity with our Local Immigrants”

Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-saving Good News!

This happened yesterday, all over America! We marched to tell Donald that, contrary to his belief, we REALLY do want to see his taxes!

Mr. Trump seems to be a bit worried…

Yup. It looks like someone was paying attention.

Also, how do we get our greedy mitts on one of those fabulous Trump Chickens? We need one in the worst way.

Good News!

The Wall is looking increasingly less likely.

Some GOP leaders are starting to publicly support elements of the ACA.

8,000 millennial Democrats plan to run for office. Yay!

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This Week in Resistance – Events, Town Hall Announcement and Exciting News!

“To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Poet, 1914 

Today is the day we demand Trump’s Tax Returns – join millions around the country – meet us at the Government Center in Ventura 2-5 PM! More details here.

RSVP NOW for this Rep. Julia Brownley Event – before it fills up!

April 19thCongresswoman Julia Brownley’s Community Engagement Forum – space is limited.

Your Resistance in your Pocket!

Download Indivisible Ventura’s brand-spanking new Mobile App! Get your important Calls to Action directly to your phone – the easiest way to combat the Trump Agenda!


April 17th & 18th Help Flip the House Blue – phone bank party to flip Georgia seat
April 18th, 6 PM – Indivisible Ventura Election Committee Meeting, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, 4360 E. Main St. #3, Ventura – All are welcome!
April 19thCongresswoman Julia Brownley’s Community Engagement Forum – space is limited, RSVP now!
April 20th – Indivisible Ojai’s Speaker Series: How Ventura County will be affected by climate change. Ojai Valley Grange Hall, 6pm
April 22nd – March for Science – Santa BarbaraLos Angeles Washington DC
April 23rdDemocratic Club of Ventura Meeting
April 24thNational Free Press Appreciation Day Petition and Rally
April 29thWorkshop: First Steps to Run for Office
April 29thVentura Climate March
May 1st Women’s March on California Solidarity Strike
May 2ndUnderstanding Protest and Resistance in the Trump Era
May 6th – 7thNonviolent Organizing Workshop
Let us know if you have an event to add by emailing us at Same e-mail if you are interested in carpooling to any event – we’ll do our best to hook you up!

New and Ongoing Actions

Swing these States!
No matter where we live we can help change the face of Congress by helping with upcoming special elections. Here are some current opportunities: Continue reading “This Week in Resistance – Events, Town Hall Announcement and Exciting News!”

Our Mobile App is Up and Running! Download it Now to Make your Resistance Even Easier!

We all want to be in the habit of doing our weekly Indivisible Ventura actions. But it’s hard to take down the Trump Agenda if we feel like we’re acting alone.

Join us on the Amplify mobile app. We update it every day with our daily calls to action, and you can call members of congress right from the app. You can also see actions taken by other members, and press the “cheer” button to cheer them on.

It’s extremely easy to use:

1. Install the app for iPhone ( or Android (
2. Press ‘Create New Account‘ to sign up
3. Enter the Indivisible Ventura invite code: 340-050-206
4. Take action & cheer others on!

Let’s Take to the Streets to Demand Trump’s Taxes! Ventura Joins 100s of Cities Across the Nation

This is soooooo important – a nationwide effort to insist that Trump show his taxes! Much would be revealed to the American people.

Join us at the Government Center in Ventura as we join hundreds of communities across our country in solidarity.

When: Tax Day – Saturday, April 15th, 2-5 PM

Where: Government Center, 900 S. Victoria

Bring: Your signs, your enthusiasm, your American flags – and your friends!

RSVP: Let us know you are coming by hitting the “Going” button here

See you there!