Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-Saving Good News! – “Look for the Helpers” Edition

Despite having never having watched Mr. Rogers as a child, a video of him speaking about how his mother taught him to deal with bad things has stuck with me.

And now, I too, look for the helpers when something terrible happens. And there they are. In Charlottesville. The heroes who jumped in to help in the face of imminent danger, the police who came from far away to keep people safe, including the state troopers who died, and the people who work, tirelessly, year-round, to make Virginia an good and more equitable place to live. And the brave resisters, of all types, who stood up for our morals and our values…

…from the woman who died…

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This Week in Resistance – “Playing Chicken with Kim” Edition


Best quote: “We sent Dennis Rodman. I can’t believe that didn’t work.”

(Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)  said of the retired American basketball player who has taken several trips to North Korea.)

For the most accurate analysis of what’s happening between Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, we once again turn to our nation’s comedians.

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This Week in Resistance – “Welcome to your Heritage. Bring a Mask!”

We have until August 24th to speak for our National Monuments…

(Photo of Taylor McKinnon , Public Lands Campaign director for the Center for Biological Diversity, 

This week in our daily actions blog, we posted a letter from Sierra Club’s Jim Hines regarding the Trump administration’s response to the overwhelming number of comments to protect Bears Ears and other western national monuments. (Here’s the number as of today. It keeps growing as comments are tabulated.) Continue reading “This Week in Resistance – “Welcome to your Heritage. Bring a Mask!””

Block Trump from sabotaging the ACA

Trump doesn’t need the Senate to make Obamacare “implode.” In the works is a plan to withhold payments that enable insurers to offer lower-cost individual insurance plans. He’s also discouraging the IRS from enforcing the individual mandate. Meanwhile Tom Price, Health and Human Services secretary, has been misdirecting funds for enrollment outreach to make videos critical of the ACA.  Call an end to all of this sabotage.

Sample script: I’m calling [___]  to stop Trump and Tom Price from making Obamacare “implode.” Stop withholding of payments to insurers for lower cost insurance plans. Stop discouraging the IRS from enforcing the individual mandate and stop the misuse of funds for enrollment outreach.

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This Week in Resistance – “Snatch a knot in their Ass” Edition

(Awesome picture from 2007 Bethesda Softworks, LLC. No, this is not real)

Yes, we can take a well-earned minute to glory in the GOP’s healthcare debacle in the Senate Thursday night. But not for long, as it was a very close vote. 49 senators voted against all decency and humanity to risk destroying our healthcare system, people’s lives and a major part of our economy.

Our President has vowed to destroy any bits of Obamacare that survived this vote, while his minions work tirelessly to dismantle every aspect of our government and sell off its parts to the highest or most well-connected bidders.

But that’s business as usual…at least, for one of his businesses.

In addition to learning a sprightly new phrase from Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter, who spent, good god, a whole 27.5 hours working on this healthcare thing, let’s talk about what happened this week…

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Remember the 49.

remember the 49

In case you haven’t tuned in yet, the Senate’s latest vote against any reasonable form of healthcare for their fellow Americans did not go well for them.

However, 49 senators did vote to destroy our healthcare system, despite the months of direct messages from those who would be harmed, including the insurance industry and their own constituents.
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Health care – I’m making calls. What else can I do? (Update 7/27)

(This column is being updated as new information comes in…)

Be sure you check in with this new calling method before you put down your phone.

Share your story. 


Protect Our Care is gathering stories to email to Senate healthcare staffers.  We can tell our story via video, photo, text.  We can submit our stories here:

You can also join thousands of people sharing personal stories and tag #HowTheACASavedMyLife.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.


These letters can have a large effect on their audience, mostly older and more conservative readers. State your truth. Describe the future for kids and grandkids. Bring it home to their kitchen table.

Here’s a column chock-full of right-wing nonsense to get you started. Look for others in your local papers.

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