Tues -10/16: Today’s Action Prescription

Action #1 – Help the North Dakota Native Americans get their vote back 

(from Small Deeds Done) Last week the Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s decision that the North Dakota voting law will stand, even though it requires voters to provide an ID with an actual street address. Many tribal members have only post office boxes, which wasn’t an issue in earlier elections. However, the GOP, so focused on disenfranchising these people over a technicality, seems to have forgotten something…

Because tribes are sovereign nations, they can create their own damn street addresses. Continue reading “Tues -10/16: Today’s Action Prescription”

Mon – 10/15: Today’s Action Prescription.

Action #1 – Make another comment on this! We have until 11:59 EST

The president has asked Zinke to clear all of us off his lawn… The number of comments has risen from the low 700’s to  over 36,000.

However, between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people marched in DC for the first Women’s March on January 21, 2017! We can do better. Please social media the heck out of this. 

Click here!

Action #2 – If you got your ballot, or a sample ballot in the mail…

Time to start becoming familiar with the issues and candidates.

Indivisible Ventura has put out our own voting guide here, and it has links to a lot of others.

Action #3 – Sign up for Jen Hofmann tele-class on The Art of Perseverance – Part 1 starts today at 4:00 pm.

Sign up here. If you missed this one, catch up here.

00:00 First class intro and what to expect
10:27 Grounding strategy 1: Breath.
15:08 Focus strategy 1: Vision.
25:52 Decrease overwhelm strategy 1: Healthy boundaries with the news
38:16 Inspiration strategy 1: Gratitude
41:31 Assignment review and next steps.
Class 1 assignments
  • Practice taking three deep breaths and exhalations this week when you feel stressed.
  • Work on narrowing your vision to 3-5 words. “The kind of world I want to create is…”
  • Notice how you consume news and make a change to your habits that decreases overwhelm.
  • Write a note expressing gratitude for the many things you appreciate about one person.
  • As you try these four things, notice if they contribute to increased feelings of well-being.

Action #4 – New postcard or poster design donated by Mary Engelbreit.

Click here to download and print out as postcards or as large as 11×17 inches.

Action #5 – Read this. Pass it on.

I’m Dying. Here is what I refuse to accept with serenity – Ady Barkan


Sat – 10/13: Trump has asked his guard dogs to shoo us off “his” lawn… Protect our right to freely assemble at our nation’s capital. Deadline THIS MONDAY – 10/15

(This action originally published 8/17)


Action #1 – WRITE to protect our right to freely assemble at our National Mall! Deadline Oct 15 at 11:59 PM ET

While Trump is personally attacking critics of his administration with revocations of their security clearances, his administration has quietly lobbed an assault on the free speech of the rest of us. A new proposal has just appeared in the Federal Register originating in the National Park Service, headed by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.  This proposal would CHARGE PROTESTERS for demonstrating in the nation’s Capital!

We’ve stopped their attacks before!
We derailed the imposition of exorbitant fees at our national parks, another Zinke-Production, by flooding them with comments. “I want to thank the American people who made their voices heard through the public comment process on the original fee proposal...”

We can do it again! This time it’s a first amendment right, not a parking fee.
Here’s an idea. Instead of paying millions for a parade at our capital to show off our military, how about protecting our first amendment rights to freely protest there to show off our democracy?

Link here for the proposed rules change.
Comment here
Look at other comments for inspiration here. DO NOT COPY COMMENTS EXACTLY. Exact duplicates will be culled.

Comment sample: I strongly oppose these proposed changes as they will unnecessarily inhibit the public’s right to freedom of assembly under the First Amendment.

Uploading America v.21.0. – Indivisible Ventura breaks down the midterm election ballot.

(Updated with revised endorsement & proposition info. 10/15/18)

We at Indivisible Ventura don’t believe we have any more time to coddle those who feel that the answers to the problems of this new century lie in the bones of the last one.

We believe in progress and in science. We believe in women, their sovereignty over their own bodies and their access to equal pay and family leave. We believe in the separation of church and state. We believe that all Americans should have access to clean air, pure water, affordable, accessible healthcare, and a safe place to sleep. We believe in protecting our environment and our wildlife. We believe in our youth and their access to education without crippling debt. We believe in helping our immigrants, our poor, and our homeless. We believe in the rights of workers and a living wage. We believe in strong gun laws to keep our communities safe. We believe in in the fundamental American value that all people are created equal. We believe that the American dream is worth fighting for.

That’s why we vote. Every time. But we need more people to stand beside us.

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Thurs 10/11: “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me”.

(From Matthew 25:35 – apparently a biblical backwater no one pays attention to anymore…)

Well, here it is. The “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” regulation page we hoped they had the sense and decency to kill before publication. (They don’t and they didn’t.)

Action #1 – COMMENT ON THE RULE!!!

This is the ONLY action that the government cares about. Due 12/10. Write early. Write often.

Comment  here.

This is our current favorite example: (Always try to alter a comment to sound like you. Obvious copies may be culled.)

Comment: This rule is xenophobic and racist. Its provisions about refugees utilization of food stamps, Medicaid and other public services in the US as a factor to deny green cards or deport refugees is cruel. These immigrants are heavily vetted as is, and are some of the most positive contributors to their communities. They are engaged, hard-working and important members of the US society. I think this rule should be discarded entirely to protect newcomers to this country who often fled violence and persecution in their home country.

Other comments to look over here and we’ve listed some examples at the bottom of this post. 99.9% of the current crop of comments make us proud to be American.

Thurs 10/11: Tell USA Today it failed Journalism 101.

Action #1 – Write to USA Today -Tell them to apologize, in large print, on their front page.

“…it is journalistic malpractice for any newspaper to give Trump unimpeded access to its readers. And yet, that’s exactly what USA Today has done in publishing Trump’s op-ed in today’s edition” on the Medicare for All Act. 

One possible script: “Hi, USA Today editors. No, you don’t have to print everything the president says. If we want to read fact-free communications from him, we can check his twitter feed 24/7. We expected better from you, because you’re supposed to be actual journalists, not members of his PR team. If you had trouble fact-checking his editorial, you could have reached out to others with more experience. Here’s some sites that had no trouble at all fact-checking his claims. Truly, a motivated fourteen-year-old with an internet connection could do it.

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