Mon – 11/5: Don’t be left behind. Check your Voting Plan today!

Action #1. How do I choose what and who to vote for?

Click here for our VOTING GUIDE. It will show you what organizations like the Sierra Club, labor groups, Democrats, progressive physicians and others believe to be the best choices for our future.

This is not a test and you can leave items blank. Just do your best.

Vote for the future. Yours, and the world your children and grandchildren will inherit.

Action #2 – Check that you’re actually registered.

A lot of people aren’t sure. No problem. If you’re a resident of Ventura County, check here. If you live elsewhere, go here.

If you ARE REGISTERED – YAY! Go on to step #3.
If you aren’t…don’t panic. Your voice is important. Go to step #10

Action #3 – Confirm your polling place.

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Mon 10/29: Calling for more poll workers!

Action – If you’re not in Indivisible Ventura’s adopt-a-poll crew, volunteer to be a regular poll worker in Thousand Oaks, Simi, Moorpark, Oxnard or Port Hueneme. 

We the People: What we political newbies keep learning is how essential the private citizen is in keeping the lights on in this democratic experiment we call America. One may think that state governments are in completely in charge of elections…organizing, facilitating and sometimes suppressing them, and we just show up to vote. But the person handing you your ballot and helping you feed it into the voting machine is a regular civilian, just like you.

After the polls close, and everybody else is home watching the early returns on television, county parking lots are transformed into a klieg-light bright islands of activity, as regular citizens – two representatives from every polling place in our huge county, pull their cars up, one after another, to return voting equipment and relinquish their sealed bags of ballots.

This, at the end, is what democracy looks like. Something to be very proud of. Something to protect and aid.

In Ventura County, they need more of you to help make our experiment work!

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Fri – 10/19: Today’s Action Prescription

Action #1 – Understand this meme. In CA, it’s true for REGISTERED voters ONLY!

If you are actually registered, but your polling place doesn’t have the correct information to determine that fact, or there is conflicting information about your registration, you will be given a provisional ballot on Election Day. You will be allowed to vote, given a tracking number to follow your ballot and your vote will be counted just like any other. Issues that require a provisional ballot include:

  • Voter’s name is not on the current roster.
  • Voter’s name is on the roster and HAS moved.
  • Vote-By-Mail Voter who does not have a Vote-By-Mail ballot to surrender. (giving them another ballot at the polling place would mean two ballots were issued to them. Despite what Trump says, we don’t issue people extra ballots.)
  • Voter is marked in register as see ID” and has no ID. (first time federal voter)
  • Voter selects a ballot other than their listed party or selects an unauthorized party (primary only – doesn’t apply for this election)

You may also be at the wrong polling place. (See Action #4)

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Wed – 10/17: Today’s Action Prescription

We regularly hear that people are stressed out and discouraged by the constant stream of bad news as our government drifts further into authoritarianism and fascism. For many of us, this is our first dive into active resistance and are panicking because we can’t see the bottom of the pool. But drowning is not an option and for people of conscience, neither is hauling ourselves out and leaving. How did the women’s suffrage movement survive for almost a hundred years? How have POC and our Native American communities maintained sustained resistance efforts over a long time? How do we develop resiliency right now?

Action #1 – Watch this video. Really.

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Uploading America v.21.0. – Indivisible Ventura breaks down the midterm election ballot.

(Updated with revised endorsement & proposition info. 10/23/18 – Error on Camarillo endorsements corrected, additional endorsements added)

We at Indivisible Ventura don’t believe we have any more time to coddle those who feel that the answers to the problems of this new century lie in the bones of the last one.

We believe in progress and in science. We believe in women, their sovereignty over their own bodies and their access to equal pay and family leave. We believe in the separation of church and state. We believe that all Americans should have access to clean air, pure water, affordable, accessible healthcare, and a safe place to sleep. We believe in protecting our environment and our wildlife. We believe in our youth and their access to education without crippling debt. We believe in helping our immigrants, our poor, and our homeless. We believe in the rights of workers and a living wage. We believe in strong gun laws to keep our communities safe. We believe in in the fundamental American value that all people are created equal. We believe that the American dream is worth fighting for.

That’s why we vote. Every time. But we need more people to stand beside us.

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Tues 10/9: Be part of this. Today.

At a school or college:

Today, we’ll be helping out with voter registration at the Oxnard College Student’s Day of Action. Come join us. No RSVP required. More information here. If you’ve never done this before, we’ll teach you how. If you can’t come today, look for other dates that work better.

At your workplace:

In California, the law requires employers to give up to 2 hours off at the beginning or end of a shift without loss of pay. Advance notice to your company is required by law. Proof of voting is not required. The California Elections Code also requires employers, both public and private, to post a notice no less than 10 days before every statewide election explaining employees’ right to time off to vote. The notice must be posted in a conspicuous place at the work site.

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