Did Mike Pompeo Think He Could Visit Ventura County and Not Get Protested?


On Sunday afternoon, Mike Pompeo delivered a speech at the Reagan Library and many of us from Indivisible Ventura joined in with our sister group and protest organizer, Indivisible Simi Valley, to “welcome” him to Simi Valley!


Driving in, we saw banners strewn across overpasses!


Outside of the Reagan Library, protest songs blared as we “greeted” Mr. Pompeo and his guests with signs and dancing as they arrived to hear his speech on Iran.

A beautiful day to be with friends, neighbors, and those who love our country – and a huge shoutout to those who supported us with honks and cheers in passing cars (even those leaving the Library after Continue reading “Did Mike Pompeo Think He Could Visit Ventura County and Not Get Protested?”

Fight! Make their phones ring! Fill their voicemail! Show up at their offices!

Fake Deadlines!

They’re planning on passing this flaming turd on Wednesday afternoon. Their self-imposed and totally artificial deadline of giving Trump a multi-million dollar Christmas present at our expense prevents us, the losers in this game, from getting a complete idea of what’s in store for us. The most important bill we have, that will actually kill people – some of the 13 million who will lose their health insurance as a result of removing the ACA mandate and some who depend on Medicaid and other programs, is still cloaked in secrecy.

They won’t wait for Doug Jones, unlike the courtesy paid to them by Democrats who held off a health care reform vote for the newly elected Scott Brown. (Every good turn done to Mitch McConnell reminds on of the Scorpion and the Turtle story.)

Their game is incredibly cruel and corrupt. https://mobile.twitter.com/IndivisibleTeam/status/941728219887259648


Fake Compromise!

This is all we know so far. They’ve just shuffled the goodies for the rich people’s stockings around a little.

  • 37% top individual rate
  • 21% top corporate rate starting 2018
  • $10,000 cap on State and Local Tax deduction
  • 20% deduction for “pass-through” corps
  • Ends corporate AMT, keeps for individuals over $1 million
  • Double estate tax exemption
  • Repeals individual health insurance mandate (will d
  • Raises repatriation rates from Senate bill (likely 8% for non-liquid funds, 15% for cash)
  • Keeps grad student deduction
  • Keeps medical expense deduction at 7.5% the next two years
  • Allows drilling in ANWR
  • It does NOT include the dark-money-from-churches language because all parts of the bill must have a budgetary effect to prevent opening the process up to Democratic filibuster. Burn!

Real Pain.

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