Did Mike Pompeo Think He Could Visit Ventura County and Not Get Protested?


On Sunday afternoon, Mike Pompeo delivered a speech at the Reagan Library and many of us from Indivisible Ventura joined in with our sister group and protest organizer, Indivisible Simi Valley, to “welcome” him to Simi Valley!


Driving in, we saw banners strewn across overpasses!


Outside of the Reagan Library, protest songs blared as we “greeted” Mr. Pompeo and his guests with signs and dancing as they arrived to hear his speech on Iran.

A beautiful day to be with friends, neighbors, and those who love our country – and a huge shoutout to those who supported us with honks and cheers in passing cars (even those leaving the Library after Continue reading “Did Mike Pompeo Think He Could Visit Ventura County and Not Get Protested?”

Mon 7/23: Subpoena the interpreter!

Apparently, the White House is a big fan of “transparency” when it comes to memos they hope are critical of our intelligence agencies, but not so much when our own president colludes with the leader of a country that interfered with our free elections.

Already, Putin is making demands on the U.S. based on this secret meeting.
Statements have come from Moscow that the two leaders reached agreements involving military issues during their private chat and that they’re ready to begin implementing them.  However, U.S. law prohibits military-to-military cooperation between the United States and Russia. Congress passed the measure in the wake of Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea and it has been renewed every year since. Trump, not a details-guy, may have forgotten that…

“The Pentagon now is left holding the bag on how they fulfill the either promises or vague responses on [military-to-military] cooperation, and whether those issues are in the national security interest of the United States,” said Mark Simakovsky, a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.” Continue reading “Mon 7/23: Subpoena the interpreter!”

Wed. 7/18: “The only power adequate to stop the Trump administration is civil society…”

…which is the great majority of us when we remember our power and come together.”  

(Read the rest of Rebecca Solnit’s great article on protest here.)

Ventura County residents came out yesterday, with ferocious signs and a lot of spirit, to say that we expect better of our president and the legislators that protect him.

And we were not alone.

People joined in nearly 200 Confront Corruption – Demand Democracy vigils and rallies nationwide yesterday in 39 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico with thousands if not tens of thousands participating. (Tweets, videos and articles relating to  other events the happened yesterday are attached below the photos of our own rally.)

We are not done.

  • Join us in our canvassing and voter registration efforts here. We are constantly updating the list.
  • You can reuse your signs on Sunday as we join with other Indivisible groups to give Mike Pompeo a big Ventura County Resistance greeting.
  • Indivisible Ventura has joined “The LAST WEEKEND”, along with Indivisible National, MoveOn, OFA, CPDAction, Nation Domestic Workers Alliance, Stand Up America, Democrats.com, United We Dream and others to commit a massive canvassing effort for the last four days before Election Day. (Saturday, Nov. 3rd-Tues, Nov. 6th). Clear your calendars! We’ll provide more details soon, as well as videos to help new canvassers.

“Helsinki was the last straw! – Ventura Confronts Corruption” – The photos!

If you have photos you’d be willing to share, we’d love to have them. Please send them to indivisibleventura@gmail.com.
KEYT coverage here.


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Wed – 7/18: Come out today and roar!

If you haven’t watched Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s announcement of the indictments against the 12 Russian intelligence officers for interfering with the 2016 U.S. election, take a little time to do so now. Note that absolutely nothing is off the table in terms of future actions or discoveries. Read the indictment here.

All this information came out publicly on Friday, July 13, after Trump was personally informed by Rod Rosenstein.  Then Trump went to Helsinki and blew the whole thing off.

Putin wanted Trump to win. And so he did. And maybe that’s the deal between Putin and Mr. “No-Collusion”. Maybe it’s simply the threat of a documentable leak about which states had their votes altered, how it was done, and by how much. Maybe if Trump doesn’t behave, we will get to see how America would deal, not just with its first illegitimate presidency, but with all the damage caused by the grifters and extremists who rode in on his coattails.

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Tues 7/17: Today’s pop quiz: “Conscious tool” or “Useful Idiot”? Pick one.

But look! That nice man is giving him a sparkling “we-call-it-soccer” ball.

Action #1 – Go to our vigil for democracy tomorrow.

Helsinki was the last straw… Join us here. Facebook event here.

confront corruption

Action #2 – Where do our GOP legislators stand? Yes, this is another pop quiz.

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