Tues 2/4: Not a trial. Not an acquittal. Not America.

Keep our eyes on the prize – removal of those who don’t deserve to represent America!

Republican Senators have refused to call witnesses for a fair trial– even though a large majority of Americans want to see witnesses testify. At this moment, it is important to make our voices heard. As the final vote in the Senate trial is scheduled to happen Wednesday, Feb. 5th, on that afternoon, hundreds of thousands of Americans will mobilize with a simple demand: Reject the Cover-Up.

Historian Heather Cox Richardson wrote “People are saying this is the end for American democracy, but I see the opposite…” and read her great essay here on how the GOP just jumped the shark.

Action #1 – Sign up to text voters for the Payback Project.


Indivisible National is launching the Payback Project, a new peer-to-peer textbanking campaign to engage voters across nine target states to take action with Indivisibles in their area and mobilize locally to flip their Senate seats. No matter if you’re brand-new to this or a long-time leader, sign on right now to commit to do the work to win back the Senate this fall — sign up here and they’ll send you everything you need to start reaching key voters!

Action #2 – Vote on their first newpaper ad

Vote on the Payback Project’s first newspaper ad. We’re going to place a full-page newspaper ad in one of our target states, showcasing a senator’s bad vote on impeachment and funneling people directly into our payback plans. Who do you most want to see voted out? Vote and let us know.

Action #3 – Join a Reject the Cover-Up event near you.

Our “leaders” take their cue from us: If they do brave things, it’s because they know we have their backs. So it’s up to us to mobilize like never before — and ensure that this dark moment in our nation’s history is followed by an unprecedented level of civic action.

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America at Risk. Impeach NOW Rally! Mark your Calendar for Oct 13th

Where: Government Center, 800 S Victoria Ave, Ventura (Corner of Victoria and Telephone)
When: Oct 13th, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
RSVP: On the Facebook event page (and don’t forget to SHARE–> Invite Friends) https://www.facebook.com/events/858012921260021/
BRING: Your best signs, your American flags, and your enthusiasm and love of country

We need to show Congress that there is broad resistance to Trump’s crimes. Join us at the Ventura County Government Center (corner of Victoria and Telephone) with your best signs and American flags from 1 pm- 3pm, Sunday, October 13th.

If we don’t stand up against a corrupt ruler who would use both a democracy struggling for its existence against Russia and a Communist super-power to ensure his own reelection, who will?

If we don’t stand up for the rights of whistleblowers to safely call out abuses of those in power, who will?

And if we don’t call out amoral GOP collaborators and demand that they relocate their “morals” and dedication to American values, who will?

If you still believe in this experiment called “America”, come, join us and roar!

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Did Mike Pompeo Think He Could Visit Ventura County and Not Get Protested?


On Sunday afternoon, Mike Pompeo delivered a speech at the Reagan Library and many of us from Indivisible Ventura joined in with our sister group and protest organizer, Indivisible Simi Valley, to “welcome” him to Simi Valley!


Driving in, we saw banners strewn across overpasses!


Outside of the Reagan Library, protest songs blared as we “greeted” Mr. Pompeo and his guests with signs and dancing as they arrived to hear his speech on Iran.

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3/14 – Standing with the students in solidarity….in the rain.


Today’s post is a mashup between our unexpectedly damp anti-gun violence protest on March 14th and a great memory of another protest in the rain from 1963.

(from Michelle at Small Deeds Done)
“You never know when you’re someone else’s inspiration.

In 1963, a group of women protested (in the rain) in front of the Kennedy White House. They were there on behalf of Women Strike for Peace – an antinuclear organization that began when the founder got fed up and started a telephone tree to rally fellow mothers against nuclear testing.

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