Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-saving Good News!

This happened yesterday, all over America! We marched to tell Donald that, contrary to his belief, we REALLY do want to see his taxes!

Mr. Trump seems to be a bit worried…

Yup. It looks like someone was paying attention.

Also, how do we get our greedy mitts on one of those fabulous Trump Chickens? We need one in the worst way.

Good News!

The Wall is looking increasingly less likely.

Some GOP leaders are starting to publicly support elements of the ACA.

8,000 millennial Democrats plan to run for office. Yay!

THIS should be good… Cards Against Humanity founder will buy and publish Congress’ internet browsing data. We fought hard against the Internet privacy bill, so what comes around…

Bill O’Reilly has lost an incredible amount of advertisers!

The government withdrew its requestordering Twitter to identify a Trump critic. Twitter filed a lawsuit to protest that order, saying that it violated the user’s First Amendment right to free expression.

Jeff Sessions lost a battle in attempt to bully Baltimore Police.

An EPA staffer shares a piece of his mind on his last day on the job.

YAY California!

California’sdrought is declared over with snowpack at 164% above normal. Now’s the time to start the conversation on being prepared for the next drought.

California court upheld innovative cap-and-trade program–a win for the environment.

Human Rights Good News!

court struck down rule banning gay foster parents in Nebraska.

NY state becomes the first in the nation to provide legal assistance to ICE detainees.

Maryland is first state to financially support its Planned Parenthood clinics.

New Mexico becomes the 8th state to ban the practice of gay “conversion therapy.”

In case you were worried we can’t take back our country

Delaware Democrats won a swing seat to keep control of their legislature.

Democrats in Illinois just unseated a whole bunch of Republicans

College Affordability Good News!

New York passed a law a first-of-its-kind program to provide free tuition to students at public colleges and universities in New York state.

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