This Week in Resistance – Events, Town Hall Announcement and Exciting News!

Indivisible Ventura

“To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Poet, 1914 

Today is the day we demand Trump’s Tax Returns – join millions around the country – meet us at the Government Center in Ventura 2-5 PM! More details here.

RSVP NOW for this Rep. Julia Brownley Event – before it fills up!

April 19thCongresswoman Julia Brownley’s Community Engagement Forum – space is limited.

Your Resistance in your Pocket!

Download Indivisible Ventura’s brand-spanking new Mobile App! Get your important Calls to Action directly to your phone – the easiest way to combat the Trump Agenda!


April 17th & 18th Help Flip the House Blue – phone bank party to flip Georgia seat
April 18th, 6 PM – Indivisible Ventura Election Committee Meeting, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, 4360 E. Main St. #3, Ventura – All are welcome!
April 19thCongresswoman Julia Brownley’s Community Engagement Forum – space is limited, RSVP now!
April 20th – Indivisible Ojai’s Speaker Series: How Ventura County will be affected by climate change. Ojai Valley Grange Hall, 6pm
April 22nd – March for Science – Santa BarbaraLos Angeles Washington DC
April 23rdDemocratic Club of Ventura Meeting
April 24thNational Free Press Appreciation Day Petition and Rally
April 29thWorkshop: First Steps to Run for Office
April 29thVentura Climate March
May 1st Women’s March on California Solidarity Strike
May 2ndUnderstanding Protest and Resistance in the Trump Era
May 6th – 7thNonviolent Organizing Workshop
Let us know if you have an event to add by emailing us at Same e-mail if you are interested in carpooling to any event – we’ll do our best to hook you up!

New and Ongoing Actions

Swing these States!
No matter where we live we can help change the face of Congress by helping with upcoming special elections. Here are some current opportunities:

April 17th & 18th Help Flip the House Blue – phone bank party to flip Georgia seat

April 18: Jon Ossoff is seeking election to the 6th Congressional District of Georgia. Sign up here to help.

April 25: Rob Quist is seeking election to the sole Congressional District of Montana. Sign up here to help.

Immigration Actions

Trump’s budget proposal designates $1.5 billion to remove non-violent immigrants from our country and build more detention centers. Abuse, sexual assault, freezing conditions and medical neglect is rampant. Detainees have no rights to an attorney. Trump would like to make their lives even more hellish than it is now.

These are people, wrapped in thermal blankets on the floor in a detention center in Tucson. This is where mothers and her children spend their days.

Our members of Congress hold the purse strings. They must help,

Script for Congresswoman Brownley, Senators Feinstein & Harris: “I’m calling to express my strong opposition to any federal budget that funds increased deportation enforcement or the expansion of the detention system. The infrastructure already in place is harmful to our immigrant communities and should be reformed, not enlarged”.
Brownley (202) 225-5811, Feinstein (202) 224-3841, Harris (202) 224-3553)

The Sanctuary movement (SB 54) helps keep people out of this system.

Script for Assemblymember Monique Limón: (805) 641-3700 “I’m calling to urge support of SB 54. State Resources should not be used to assist federal authorities in tracking, rounding up and deporting our law-abiding and non-violent immigrant neighbors or separating parent from their children.

Maribel Trujillo-Diaz, a mother of four who fled Mexico and had legal papers to remain here while her asylum case is pending was detained by ICE and is scheduled for deportation.

Script for Assistant ICE Director Mark Hamilton (313-568-6037) or ICE Field Director Adducci at (313-568-6036):  I’m calling in support of Maribel Trujillo-Diaz. She has a pending asylum case, has no criminal record in the U.S., has a US work permit, and is caring for her four children, one of whom suffers from seizures. Deporting her will do nothing to make our country safer, but it will cause irreparable damage to her and her family. Please suspend her deportation, and stop tearing families apart.”

Call our mayor and tell him you support the rights of all local citizens, and want our local government to declare its commitment to protecting those rights and become a sanctuary city.  Mayor Erik Nasarenko (805) 654-7827.

Environmental Actions

The EPA is now calling for public comment on the proposed rollbacks in regulations. See issues to comment on here, here, here, and here.

Cities and states continue to combat climate change and become more energy efficient. We’ve reached out TWICE to (and not yet heard back from) Mayor Nasarenko via email on his position on joining our sister cities in the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and suggest you do as well! Email: – Phone: (805) 654-7827 Here’s our email to the mayor if you’d like to tweak itif you hear back LET US KNOW!

Media Actions

“How has Trump done so far?” The Washington Post wants your comments.

Write a letter to the editor to one of our local papers about a subject you are passionate about! Tips and contacts here.

Tell Fox News what you think of Bill O’Reilly!

Gun Control Actions

Why do domestic abusers have guns? This week’s tragic shooting in San Bernadino is just another example of why it’s so important for Congress to pass legislation that would keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. Let’s join Americans for Responsible Solutions asking Congress to do this.

Internet Privacy Actions

Call your local ISP customer services (likely cell, phone, and/or cable company) and tell them you want to opt out of having your information shared.

Compelling Articles

How to Navigate Political Talk at Work

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