Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-saving Good News! This is What Democracy Looks Like!

“I have never canvassed before, but I will f—ing crawl door to door to make sure you lose.” A mild-mannered 60-year-old in Florida, to her Republican representative

Yep, the GOP has activated us, that’s for sure.

People across the country are refusing to stay silent. You can use Indivisible’s special guide to demand your member of Congress takes action, and then on June 3, you can join the March for Truth.

Click on every one of these amazing links! Citizens are stepping up and doing their jobs! Speaking out at town halls. Special shoutout to the New Jerseyans who confronted Rep. Tom MacArthur, the Congressman behind the key amendment that allowed Trumpcare to pass, for more than four hours and showed us all how it’s done.  Crowds also confronted Paul Ryan!

Indivisible Ventura showed up to support our sister districts for die-ins to express our anger about Congressmen’s votes to repeal ObamaCare. Read news items here, here, here, and here.

Betsy DeVos got the respect she deserves…

LOVE THIS. Democrats are showing up at Republican Town Halls! Democratic legislators taking town halls for cowardly GOP members. “Hey, listen, I have a question for you,” he said. “I’m Representative Sean Patrick Maloney. Where the heck is your congressman?”

Despite Trump’s attempt to end the investigation into his ties with Russia, the Senate Intelligence Committee invited Comey to testify next week and subpoenaed Michael Flynn. (Federal prosecutors also issued subpoenas to Flynn’s associates.) Meanwhile, Democrats slowed Senate activity to demand the appointment of a special prosecutor, and the media called out Trump’s “grotesque abuse of power.” A handful of Republicans also expressed concern. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE – MAKE MORE PHONE CALLS TO APPOINT A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR HERE.

Trump’s tax’s haven’t been forgotten… keep hammering away. We DEMAND to see Trump’s taxes!

Journalists are doing their jobs.

Trump’s stupid wall is still not funded and Planned Parenthood, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts are. Here’s the action item we collectively partook in. This stuff works!

Though the “religious freedom” executive order focuses on trying to dissolve the wall between church and state and right’s obsessive interest in women’s privates, it didn’t get around to allowing discrimination against LGBTQ people or unwed mothers.  Really, continue to call about this one – jeez, it’s only one of the most important things that makes America great!

Environmental good news! Continue to support EPA protection here.

Making it more convenient for corporation to pollute with methane went down! We’re pretty proud of this one – we made OUR phone calls!

A Texas judge fines Exxon Mobil $19.9M for violating the Clear Air Act. 16,386 times.


(Credits to Jen Hofmann, Alison and Stephanie, Rogan’s list, and the general great wave of information that’s still under net neutrality – yup – you can call our Members of Congress about this too!)

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