This Week In Resistance – “The Not-so-Innocents Abroad” Edition

In what universe did Jared think setting up a backchannel to the Russians was OK?

“Frequently, people who go along a treasonous path do not know they are on a treasonous path until it is too late”  – Former CIA Director, John Brennan testifying at House Intelligence Committee

Trump traveled to far-away places, and stuff still happened here…

Now, let’s have a little short consumer update on how to buy a president…

And then a funnier education break with Seth Meyers

Can’t stop with one…It’s been a busy week…

Our President was surprised at how much he had in common with misogynistic, wealthy human rights violators, and, despite their obvious Muslim-itude, had a great time playing party games with them. They let him have the bigly-est sword in the dance portion of the evening and he gave them options on parts of our country.
(Don’t worry, China, Russia and US corporations – there’s enough for everyone!)

Meanwhile, Wilbur Ross, accompanying 45 for no discernable reason, was pleased that no annoying signs littered his view.

Although this DIDN’T HAPPEN, it’s unfortunate that we think it could have.

Apparently, Israel and Europe forgot to provide the billion dollar goodie-bags for our Kleptocrat-in-Chief, and things just didn’t go as smoothly for the rest of the trip.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jeff Sessions quietly declares war on minorities.

The Free Press plays defense, literally…

Senators Warn FCC, Trump Administration that Freedom of the Press is a Thing…

Delicate Flower HHS Secretary Tom Price has Reporter Arrested.

Delicate Flower Tillerson decides he’s “not a big media press access person“, like that’s a real thing in his position…

Paul Gianforte proved that although our President could theoretically kill someone in Times Square, senators still need circumspect in committing violence, even on reporters.

Angry white Americans aren’t satisfied with having inspired Hitler

They want to keep pro-slavery statues looming over public spaces too…
However, another week, another Confederate monument dismantled. Thank you, #TakeEmDownNOLA! We recommend checking out Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s  stirring speech but only after watching this uplifting video of of Robert E. Lee’s statue being taken down before a cheering crowd. We say to the “history” enthusiasts out there…if these relics mean a lot to you, buy them and put them in a museum, or put them in your front yards. This history doesn’t own the town square.

ICYMI, The Budget for Sociopathic Wealthy People came out on Tuesday.

While it won’t become law, it will kick off budget negotiations.  Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.
How the budget process works:

From Rise Stronger:

Senator Kamala Harris explained the impact of the budget on California.

The ACLU is kicking butt and taking names…

On Monday, May 15th, the ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Department of Justice and the FBI asking for the release of all records related to the dismissal of Director James Comey.

That same day, the ACLU scored a major voting rights victory when the Supreme court refused to allow North Carolina one last-ditch attempt to save its Voter Identification Verification Act, a blatantly discriminatory law that aimed to disenfranchise Black voters with “almost surgical precision”.

On Wednesday, the ACLU requested the public release of Comey’s memos. These memos document conversations with President Trump about the investigation into foreign meddling in our election. They believe that the issues raised by these memos are so vital that the public should have access to them without delay.

On Thursday, they launched a multi-state legal action on voting rights, seeking infromation on the newly formed “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity” The ACLU believes that the outcome of the commisssion’s investigation my be preordained, so they want to know if its members were crafting recommendations before their investigation even began.

We should all feel proud. On May 25th, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to allow the Muslim ban to go into effect.

Oh, and the GOP requests that you stop asking them about health care.
Or else!

John Oliver shows what happened when private industry got involved in one government-backed health care issue.

Betsy DeVos would like you to stop asking about racism, discrimination, the separation of church and state, disabilities, or what happened in Michigan.

Trump’s budget will cut $10.6 billion from federal education initiatives with the savings going towards charter schools, vouchers for private and religious schools (=$400 million), and incentives for public schools to adopt school choice policies (=$1 billion). The cuts will eliminate after-school programs that serve 1.6 million (mostly impoverished) children, teacher training and class-size reduction, programs that provide child care for low-income parents in college; arts education program; international education and foreign language programs; program for gifted students; Special Olympics education programs, and more. 

Devos has stated that the Federal government would no longer be required to be sure that schools don’t discriminate or that students with disabilities who use publicly funded vouchers for private-school tuition are still covered under the IDEA federal law. The Federal government would also not be responsible to ensure that for-profit or religious schools are accredited or accountable, just like the trauma she left behind in Michigan.

No, we didn’t forget all the crap that happened in immigration this week. Check us out on Monday for a special column.

We leave you with some interesting bookmarks:

How Conservatives Waged a War on Expertise

Protest and Persist: Why Giving Up Hope is not an Option.

Stop quoting this as a resource! It makes us look crazy.

Two reasonable charts on Media Bias.



A Selection of Fact-Checking and Media Comparison Sites

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(Thanks to Alison and Stephanie, Rogan’s List and others throughout the still net-neutral web. Thanks to all.)

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