CEJA’s 2020 CA Environmental Scorecard is out!

Image: Assemblymember Monique Límon with her A+ Courage Score poster from 2019.

It’s “Thank or Spank” time for CA legislators!

(from CEJA) “Today, the California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA) released its 8th annual Environmental Justice Scorecard. The scorecard is the only one in the state to grade legislators and the Governor on their voting and veto record on environmental justice bills. The scorecard highlights last year’s underwhelming performance by lawmakers and the Governor. …Only 5 lawmakers earned A+ grades by supporting critical Environmental Justice legislation at every turn — down from 30 in 2019. Only 17 California legislators scored 90% or higher on the Scorecard in 2020 compared to 61 legislators in 2019.” (Available in EnglishSpanishChinese or Korean

Action #1: Please email a quick note of thanks to our “A” level legislators!

We expect more from legislators who have “Democrat” after their name, and it comes as no surprise that one of those “A+” grades went to our retired Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (!!!), another one went to Sen. Henry Stern and Assemblymember (now Senator) Monique Límon got an “A.” We can’t thank them by bringing big posters to their offices like we’ve done before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show our legislators that we appreciate their fighting for our environment. Please send a short “Congratulations/Thanks” note to the legislators who’ve made us proud!

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Sat. 2/1: The resistance is strong with this county! TODAY is packed with activities – pick some and join in!

Find local resistance events here. Have one to share?  Send to indivisibleventura@gmail.com.

#1. Is single-payer health insurance a viable system? Is it a desirable system? You got questions? Get them answered here! – 3:00- 5:00 PM

Go to this  public informational forum on single-payer healthcare, with an experienced panel of speakers/physicians.

  • WHO: Physicians for Progress – Ventura County is a chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)
  • WHEN: Saturday Feb. (TODAY!) 1st, 3:00- 5:00 PM
  • WHERE: Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura, 5654 Ralston Street
  • COST: None

Why is this so urgent now? Read more about the issues here!

#2. Go see a movie! The League of Women Voters is hosting “On the Basis of Sex – Celebrating 100 years of Women Voting” – 6:30- 9:30 PM


Facebook link here. More information about the film, the League and getting tickets here.

  • WHO: League of Women Voters of Ventura and the Museum of Ventura Co.
  • WHEN: Saturday Feb. (TODAY!) 1st, 6:30- 9:30 PM
  • WHERE: Museum of Ventura County, 100 E. Main Street, Ventura
  • COST: Tickets – $8- $12. Eventbrite link here.

#3. Ventura CAUSE Action Fund Election Kick Off! – 10 AM – 1 PM

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Mon 1/28: Environmental justice starts at home. Your 5 minutes in creating and sending an email will help.

Action: Ask for a full Environmental review for a huge parking/storage area. – Deadline is this Thursday (1/31)!

Please email city planner Jay Dobrowalski at jay.dobrowalski@oxnard.org and ask the Oxnard Planning Commission to require a full environmental review for the port expansion, project PZ 18-500-02.

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Mon – 12/10: Warm up your keyboard! Last day to do battle on the “Public Charge” disaster. Deadline tonight 11:59 EST.

Despite what Netflix and Hallmark would have you believe, this holiday season is actually about a Jewish family who, after the birth of their son, fled their homeland to save his life. That baby, whose family became refugees in Egypt and then displaced persons in Nazareth of Galilee, grew up to be a man who asked all who believed in him to “welcome the stranger”, as he himself was.

Action – Deadline TONIGHT on “public charge” rule that hurts kids. DEADLINE Dec. 10th, 11:59 EST

Today, religious or not, we ask you, on the last day of this devastating “public charge” rule’s open comment period, to take two minutes and write a sentence to defend the lives and health of the immigrants who live amongst us. This proposed rule severely limits eligibility for entry to the U.S.. It will also deny visas and green cards to immigrants already in the U.S. legally as well as to non-citizen family members of U.S. citizens. Currently, non-citizens seeking U.S. entry and those applying for green cards must pass a “public charge test” if they need cash assistance. The new rule, which disproportionately targets families, the poor, and people with disabilities, would target non-cash benefits such as health care, food, and housing assistance. The Department of Homeland Security will use a list of “negative factors” against those who are the “wrong” age, poor or disabled, even if they’ve never used any government services.  These factors include:

  • Household size of 3 or more
  • No private health insurance coverage
  • No high school diploma
  • Earning less than 125% of the federal poverty level ($31,375 for a family of four)
  • A disability or chronic health condition.
  • Limited English language
  • Under age 18 or over age 61

These rules will affect over 1 million people green card applicants a year, as well as 10 million seeking non-immigrant temporary visas, and about 500,000 non-immigrants seeking extensions of stay or changes of non-immigrant status. This includes up to half of all marriage green card applicants a year.

If you have more time…write paragraphs and/or attach your college thesis on the economic benefits of immigrants. Our keyboards can literally save lives.

You can post a comment directly to the government site here.

Use your name or post anonymously. Post as many times as you can. The longer and more involved the comment, the better, but even a single-sentence comment is important. Every unique comment counts! Identical comments will be culled. See what other people are writing here.

Comment examples to get you started…

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Fri – 12/7: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Rally plus 4 Actions!

(Original video has been removed. This link includes excerpts of the video.)

Yep, it’s true. Ammon Bundy, leader of the 2016 occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and who recently claimed that his Mormon church had been infiltrated by socialists, globalists and environmentalists, is standing up for immigrants at the border. Following the tenets of his faith, he has become their outspoken defender, forcing him to leave behind his shocked militia movement and other “patriot” groups.” His father, Clive Bundy, supports his views, as do a surprising number of others across the political divide.

This holiday season is about a family of Jewish refugees, who left behind their homeland to save their son’s life. This Sunday, CLUE (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice) is reaching out to people of faith and others to embrace their religious foundational traditions of welcoming and supporting the “strangers” in our midst.

It’s time to reach out, even to the most unlikely of allies, and stand indivisible in support of these asylum seekers.

Action #1 – Sunday, Dec. 9th – SOS! Sunday of Solidarity with Refugee Families. (Correction – not a rally…more of a vigil.) 


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Tues – Dec. 4: Update on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors meeting. It’s going to be a busy day…

There are two extremely important issues being addressed tomorrow at the Ventura County Board of Supervisors Meeting, at the Hall of Administration at 800 S. Victoria Ave.

Gun Shows at the Fairgrounds – 1:30 pm.

An addendum agenda has been added which includes an recommendation for the Board to request the Ventura Country Fairgrounds cease contracting for new gun shows at the request of Board member Steve Bennet.

His letter is here.

Rally & Press Conference for Sheriff – ICE collaboration – 2:30

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Fri – 8/17: Come join us this Sunday at the beach!

Come get your feet wet, eat some food, make some new friends and help us raise money for the Immigrant Legal Defense Center (ILDC).

When: Sunday, August 19, between 11 AM and 2 PM
Where: Oxnard State Beach Park, Pavilion 2,  1601 Harbor Blvd, Oxnard
Bring: Bring your family, friends and a side dish – we’ll be providing hotdogs! We’re also going to have about 20 pounds of marinated barbequed chicken that will need your close attention. Kids welcome. There will even be a piñata!
More info: Facebook link, flyer to print out below


Thurs 5/24: The “Blue Wave” starts at home.

Just like the calls we ask everyone to make to their legislators, showing up at our local city council meetings gives our local leaders the strength to do the right thing.

The fight to stop cities from joining in on an anti-SB-54 lawsuit, Camarillo Edition.

(From Indivisible Conejo) “Some great news to start (or finish) your day! The Camarillo City Council has voted 5-0 to take a neutral stance on SB 54, the California Values Act. The vote followed more than three hours of public comment. Thank you so much to the activists of Camarillo, the Conejo Valley and elsewhere — including a number of hearty souls from Indivisible: Conejo. Thousand Oaks, take note — this is how a good-hearted group of activists and a brave council repel the anti-immigrant horde!” Continue reading “Thurs 5/24: The “Blue Wave” starts at home.”

A good thing.

Read this.


Dear CAUSE friends,

The Thomas Fire and mudslides have been one of the most horrific disasters ever to hit our community.  The devastation is heartbreaking and we know our region will never be the same.

That’s why local immigrant-serving organizations in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties just launched the 805 Undocufund.

As we pick up the pieces from this disaster with the help of government assistance and homeowners insurance, we need to remember that thousands of impacted local immigrant families are struggling to make ends meet without any help.

Some lost their homes and essential belongings with the destruction of farmworker housing and apartments.  Others lost their jobs as the houses where they cleaned, gardened, cooked, or cared for children were evacuated or destroyed.  Others lost days or weeks of wages as the only freeway between Ventura and Santa Barbara was severed by mudslides and outdoor air quality was hazardous for farmworkers, landscapers and day laborers. Continue reading “A good thing.”

Join us as Ventura City Council Votes on a Resolution to Create District Elections!

cause1 2

Facebook Event link

Today at 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM, Pre-meeting Rally at 5:15 at Ventura City Hall, 501 Poli St, Ventura, CA.

Join us as Ventura City Council votes on a resolution to create district elections. This will bring the City of Ventura into compliance with the California Voting Rights Act!

District elections guarantee a voice for underrepresented neighborhoods like the Westside, leading to more diverse leadership at City Hall. While one in three Ventura residents is a person of color, Ventura has never had a non-white city councilmember!

By reducing the cost of running for office, district elections keep our representatives more accountable to listening to their neighbors instead of wealthy interests. It currently costs an average of $18,000 to win a seat on Ventura City Council as candidates pay to run expensive citywide advertisements, but districts bring elections down to the neighborhood level, promoting grassroots democracy.