Thurs 5/10: “Child-abuse-by-government” is now official policy. We cannot be silent.

It is also a crimeRoutine separation of asylum-seeking families violates international law.  From slavery to Manzanar, we already know that America is capable of grave moral lapses. In the future, school children will wonder how we, literally a nation of immigrants, stood by and let this happen to children like them.

Part #1 – First we rip kids away from their parents…

At a law enforcement conference in Arizona, AG Jeff Sessions declared that the Department of Justice will try to deter those seeking asylum with a policy of “100% prosecution” of all who enter the U.S. illegally and separating parents from children instead of keeping them in a detention center together. “If you are smuggling a child then we will prosecute you, and that child will be separated from you as required by law.”

Homeland Security is cruelly separating families at the border for no legitimate reason. Immigration authorities have separated at least 700 children from their families, and about a hundred of them are under the age of four. Continue reading “Thurs 5/10: “Child-abuse-by-government” is now official policy. We cannot be silent.”

March 27 – ACLU’s Immigrant Defense Campaign to share – #WeHaveRights

The ACLU and the Brooklyn Defender Services have created “WE HAVE RIGHTS”, a national immigration defense campaign that will provide critical information to communities threatened by Immigration & Custom Enforcement (ICE) and engage the broader American public in an urgent conversation about immigrant justice in our country. Help share this information with their great social media kit.

As anxiety rises in immigrant communities across the country and ICE becomes more brazen each day, there is an urgent need for reliable information that helps immigrant communities understand their rights as well as safe, practical steps they can take to defend themselves during encounters with ICE.

Whether you are an immigrant who needs this information or an ally aghast at the rising threat to your friends, loved ones and neighbors, it is critical for all of us to watch these videos to see what is happening in our country.

There is also great information on  the rights of allies during an encounter with ICE. Observers have the right to take notes, videotape an arrest, and ask for identification and badge numbers of officers, but must never interfere with an arrest. If someone is arrested, they should be locatable in 24 hours here:

Information and videos are provided in 7 languages here.

When ICE is outside our doors

When ICE is inside our homes Continue reading “March 27 – ACLU’s Immigrant Defense Campaign to share – #WeHaveRights”