Thurs 5/24: The “Blue Wave” starts at home.

Just like the calls we ask everyone to make to their legislators, showing up at our local city council meetings gives our local leaders the strength to do the right thing.

The fight to stop cities from joining in on an anti-SB-54 lawsuit, Camarillo Edition.

(From Indivisible Conejo) “Some great news to start (or finish) your day! The Camarillo City Council has voted 5-0 to take a neutral stance on SB 54, the California Values Act. The vote followed more than three hours of public comment. Thank you so much to the activists of Camarillo, the Conejo Valley and elsewhere — including a number of hearty souls from Indivisible: Conejo. Thousand Oaks, take note — this is how a good-hearted group of activists and a brave council repel the anti-immigrant horde!”33363966_10216379562581183_365160614881918976_n.jpg

Recommended reading:
Racism rampant at California city council meetings on sanctuary policies. (

The fight to have our homeless population treated humanely, Ventura Edition.

On May 7th, in response to a previous city council meeting dominated by raucous, angry people spurred on by a recent murder committed by a homeless man on our Promenade, Ventura citizens organized a response to change the conversation. We came to remind our council members that they had a responsibility to serve the interests of their most vulnerable constituents, the homeless, as well as those of the community who want to find positive, long term solutions for their issues.

“Lucas Zucker, policy and communications director for CAUSE, the Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy, said city residents don’t turn on each other when something bad happens, they come together to work on solutions. Whether the issue is mental illness, substance abuse or housing, Zucker called on people to “plug in” and help.”

Although the city didn’t take any action that evening, our collective resistance actions reminded our leaders that they had our support for their efforts to create a permanent shelter and other programs to help our homeless.


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