Indivisible Ventura’s Voting Guide for the 2020 Presidential Election

Note: this post will be periodically updated! (10/6/2020)
  • If you’re voting for Trump and the end of democracy, this is not the voting guide for you.
  • If you’re looking for an absolutely non-partisan guide, go here and here.
  • Although Indivisible Ventura is not officially endorsing any particular candidate, we’ve pulled together endorsements from other groups we respect for your consideration, along with relevant reference materials.
  • Phonebanking! Textbanking! Letter Writing! and other great things to do!: Click here.

QUICK LINKS TO: Federal candidates, State candidates, County Supervisor, City Candidates, School District Races, Special District Races, Propositions, Local Measures, Voting/registration information, Ballot drop-off locations, In-person voting locations, “Protect the Vote” volunteer opportunities, Other voting guides/endorsements.

We have promises to keep to Rep. Elijah Cummings, to Rep. John Lewis and to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg – that we would care for the country they sacrificed so much for. It’s now our job to fix what we can and to create a path to a more just and sustainable future for those who come after us. At a polling booth, or at our own kitchen tables, armed with a pen and a ballot, we are going to fight for the American dream for everyone.

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Mon. 3/2: “My dog ate my ballot” & other FAQs you can use for voting in CA.

Image by Fran__ from Pixabay

In CA, every single qualified voter is welcome at the polls tomorrow!

Q: So, what is a “qualified voter” anyway?

Q: I think I was registered to vote in my high school gym, but I’m not sure. How do I find out?

For Ventura County, click here or call (805) 654-2781. For the rest of CA, click here.

Q: OK, I’m “qualified” but I didn’t registered, or I did register, but I’ve moved since high school. Is it too late to vote on Tuesday? 

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Fri – 10/19: Today’s Action Prescription

Action #1 – Understand this meme. In CA, it’s true for REGISTERED voters ONLY!

If you are actually registered, but your polling place doesn’t have the correct information to determine that fact, or there is conflicting information about your registration, you will be given a provisional ballot on Election Day. You will be allowed to vote, given a tracking number to follow your ballot and your vote will be counted just like any other. Issues that require a provisional ballot include:

  • Voter’s name is not on the current roster.
  • Voter’s name is on the roster and HAS moved.
  • Vote-By-Mail Voter who does not have a Vote-By-Mail ballot to surrender. (giving them another ballot at the polling place would mean two ballots were issued to them. Despite what Trump says, we don’t issue people extra ballots.)
  • Voter is marked in register as see ID” and has no ID. (first time federal voter)
  • Voter selects a ballot other than their listed party or selects an unauthorized party (primary only – doesn’t apply for this election)

You may also be at the wrong polling place. (See Action #4)

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Mon – 10/15: Today’s Action Prescription.

Action #1 – Make another comment on this! We have until 11:59 EST

The president has asked Zinke to clear all of us off his lawn… The number of comments has risen from the low 700’s to  over 36,000.

However, between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people marched in DC for the first Women’s March on January 21, 2017! We can do better. Please social media the heck out of this. 

Click here!

Action #2 – If you got your ballot, or a sample ballot in the mail…

Time to start becoming familiar with the issues and candidates.

Indivisible Ventura has put out our own voting guide here, and it has links to a lot of others.

Action #3 – Sign up for Jen Hofmann tele-class on The Art of Perseverance – Part 1 starts today at 4:00 pm.

Sign up here. If you missed this one, catch up here.

00:00 First class intro and what to expect
10:27 Grounding strategy 1: Breath.
15:08 Focus strategy 1: Vision.
25:52 Decrease overwhelm strategy 1: Healthy boundaries with the news
38:16 Inspiration strategy 1: Gratitude
41:31 Assignment review and next steps.
Class 1 assignments
  • Practice taking three deep breaths and exhalations this week when you feel stressed.
  • Work on narrowing your vision to 3-5 words. “The kind of world I want to create is…”
  • Notice how you consume news and make a change to your habits that decreases overwhelm.
  • Write a note expressing gratitude for the many things you appreciate about one person.
  • As you try these four things, notice if they contribute to increased feelings of well-being.

Action #4 – New postcard or poster design donated by Mary Engelbreit.

Click here to download and print out as postcards or as large as 11×17 inches.

Action #5 – Read this. Pass it on.

I’m Dying. Here is what I refuse to accept with serenity – Ady Barkan