Fri – 10/19: Today’s Action Prescription

Action #1 – Understand this meme. In CA, it’s true for REGISTERED voters ONLY!

If you are actually registered, but your polling place doesn’t have the correct information to determine that fact, or there is conflicting information about your registration, you will be given a provisional ballot on Election Day. You will be allowed to vote, given a tracking number to follow your ballot and your vote will be counted just like any other. Issues that require a provisional ballot include:

  • Voter’s name is not on the current roster.
  • Voter’s name is on the roster and HAS moved.
  • Vote-By-Mail Voter who does not have a Vote-By-Mail ballot to surrender. (giving them another ballot at the polling place would mean two ballots were issued to them. Despite what Trump says, we don’t issue people extra ballots.)
  • Voter is marked in register as see ID” and has no ID. (first time federal voter)
  • Voter selects a ballot other than their listed party or selects an unauthorized party (primary only – doesn’t apply for this election)

You may also be at the wrong polling place. (See Action #4)

Action #2 – This mail-in ballot mistake could cost you your vote. No signature = No Vote!

Even if you are a registered voter, your mail-in ballot can be thrown out if YOU DO NOT FILL OUT THE REQUIRED INFORMATION BLANKS ON THE ENVELOPE AND SIGN IT. If you lost your envelope, any polling place or the Elections Division can give you a new one. You can drop a completed mail-in ballot at any polling place or elections office in CA by 8:00 pm. on Nov. 6th. You can check the status of your ballot here.

Action #3 – Make sure you’re registered or get it done NOW! OCT. 22nd deadline (see Action #5 for only exception)

  • Not sure if you’re registered? Click here or text 2VOTE (28683)
  • Not registered? Get it done here.
  • Voter Registration required online or postmarked by Oct. 22nd. If you are already registered, you can get a ballot sent to you if you respond here by Oct. 30.

Action #4 – CONFIRM your polling place location.

POLLING PLACES MOVE TOO!!! At the primaries in Ventura County, a lot of people just showed up at their usual polling place, only to discover that they had been moved to a new one. They were given a choice of either voting provisionally, or driving to their new polling location.

Not sure where your polling place is?
Check your sample ballot or click here. (This system is a tad touchy. Put just your address # in the top blank, and the NAME of your street, but NOT the word”street”, drive, “road” “circle” or whatever, in the bottom blank. Click on the auto-display of your street name. Yes, it’s lame, but it works.)

Action #5 – OMG! I forgot to register before the deadline. Now what?

This is California, not Georgia. We want everybody to vote, even the most dedicated procrastinators. In our state, you can register and vote up to and on the day of an election.

However, if you missed the Oct. 22nd deadline, DO NOT GO TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD POLLING PLACE! They may give you a provisional ballot –

The Ventura County Elections Office is NOW YOUR POLLING PLACE. 

Go to the Elections Division, at the Ventura County Administration Bldg. – 800 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura. You can register and VOTE right there up to and on Nov. 6th! You cannot do this online or over the phone.

Go into the lobby, and take the elevators straight ahead of you down to the lower level. The Elections Division is straight down the hall. They will register you and have you vote in the same funky little voting booths that the regular polling places have. Your vote will count like anyone elses’ and you will also be registered to vote at a regular polling place or by mail for the next election. See, now you’re way ahead of the game!

map to county

Action #5 – “This ballot is huge! HOW DO I FILL OUT IT OUT?”

Lots of people are intimidated by long ballots. Don’t let that stop you from voting – There is lots of help available.

Find someone or some group you trust to help you think it through. We put out our own voting guide here, which also includes links to other voting guides.

Action #6 – Review Quiz – How can I get my vote thrown out?

  1. NOT SIGNING the envelope of a mail-in ballot. No signature = No Vote.
  2. NOT GOING to the Ventura County Government Center to vote if I missed the Oct. 22nd registration deadline.
  3. All of the above.

Answer: 3


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