Fri – 10/26: Part 3 – Your crazy-busy weekend: Hands-on volunteering – Last-Sunday Citizenship/DACA fair.

In case you missed Parts 1 & 2…


Part 1Sunday rally in Ventura for the “Trial of the Century”



canvassing 101

Part 2Create your weekend Canvassing Plan

Reminder: Deadline today on CA Clean Car Standard comments!

Today is the last day to comment on the Trump administrations’ rollback of our CA Clean Car Standards here. Just because Congress is out, doesn’t mean the destruction of our environment is on hiatus too…

Part 3 – Oct. 28, Sun. – October’s Last-Sunday Free Citizenship/DACA Fair

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Mon – 10/22: Last day to register and some of this week’s amazing activities. Join in!

Keep checking for new additions here.

Oct. 22 –  Today! Ask every person you see  – “Are you registered to vote?”

Then help them get registered. On your phone, or theirs. Share this with young people, even if they hate the term “millennials”.

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Mon – Oct. 1: They are sending kids to concentration camps. In America. Now. And that’s just the start…

While we’ve been distracted by the cruel farce which is this judicial confirmation process with an angry, definitely verbally abusive and possibly alcoholic nominee (keep calling!)  terrible things have been happening to children…

Action #1 – Join Movimiento Cosecha is sponsoring #NoBusinessWithICE National Day of Action

To deal with their self-made crises of increasing migrant children populations, the Trump administration has, again, been ripping kids away from what they know. This time it’s from the smaller licensed shelters and foster homes they’ve been living in. Now we’re transporting them to 20-person tents in the “unregulated” desert tent city of Tornillo, Texas, and removing their access to schooling and lawyers. This is child abuse.

Join Movimiento Cosecha on Facebook here.
Take the pledge here and pass it on to your social network.

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want to know what Rep./Senator [___] is doing to both stop our government from dumping kids into concentration camps at our border and to get them placed with their families with minimal ICE intrusion.

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Mon 9/10: Hey, the government wants to know what we think of incarcerating little kids indefinitely. Let’s make Mr. Rogers proud and tell them!

Mr. Rogers’ widow says if he were alive he’d speak out about the treatment of undocumented children.(remezcla) It’s our responsibility to do it now in his place.

Action #1 – Write a comment to prevent the indefinite incarceration of immigrant families. Deadline: Nov. 6th

“These places can destroy people.”

We have 57 days left to flood this government rules site with comments protesting the revocation of the Flores Agreement’s 20-day maximum limit for incarcerating children. The government wants to lock up families, including young children, indefinitely, instead of utilizing alternate methodologies to ensure hearing attendence that have been proven effective and humane. Detaining families indefinitely is not the answer for protecting our borders.

Comment here.

Read the entire rule text here.

Read other comments for inspiration here. We’ve included some great comments at the bottom of this post. They don’t have to be long. You can use someone’s comments as a basis, but try to insert your own voice for your comment to be fully counted at the deadline.

Action #2 – Sign this petition

Sign this petition here.

Action #3 – Call your senator to vote “NO” on Kavanaugh – our immigrants will not be safe with him. 

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Sun – 8/19: Everyday morality in five acts.

We are not powerless against this government.

Our outrage over the administration’s inhumane policy of separating families became a living force. Regular people resisted this moral wrong in every way possible, writing letters to the editor, making calls, rallying, marching, blocking streets and ICE facilities, witnessing arrests – that energy was translated into actions by our legislators, our state attorneys, and organizations like the ACLU. Together we stopped this destructive administration in its tracks.

But damage as been done. And the opposition is regrouping. Here are some important things you can do.

Action #1 – Take a moment to gather energy with your community.

Join us today, Sunday, 8/19, for our potluck/fundraiser for the Immigrant Legal Defense Center. We’ll have chicken and hotdogs, a piñata for the kids. And we’ll share ideas on the battles ahead and how we can better work together.


Then, from Monday on, back to the business of resistance.

Action #2 – Call on these bills (you can take a couple of days, and repeat)

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Mon -8/13: This flow chart’s gonna need a lot more pink “Sorry” boxes…

Action – This is part 1 of a two-step action to protect legal immigrants from our administration.

This rule will hit the website soon. In the meantime, tell your legislator that you want them to protect our legal immigrants’ rights to access healthcare and benefits. With dedicated xenophobic personnel like Steve Miller, the administration is regulating us into an immigration desert, and our legislators need to step up. When and if the rule is published for comment, that will be part 2.

Minimal script: I’m calling to from [zip code] to urge Rep/Sento speak out against the Department of Homeland Security’s proposal to penalize legal immigrants for accessing non-cash public benefits. Legal immigrants pay billions in taxes, stimulate the economy, and deserve the right to access basic benefits like the earned income tax credit.


Rep. Julia Brownley: email (CA-26): DC (202) 225-5811, Oxnard (805) 379-1779, T.O. (805) 379-1779
or Rep. Salud Carbajal: email (CA-24): DC (202) 225-3601, SB (805) 730-1710 SLO (805) 546-8348
Senator Feinstein: email DC (202) 224-3841, LA (310) 914-7300, SF (415) 393-0707, SD (619) 231-9712, Fresno (559) 485-7430
and Senator Harrisemail DC (202) 224-3553, LA (213) 894-5000, SAC (916) 448-2787, Fresno (559) 497-5109, SF (415) 355-9041, SD (619) 239-3884
Other Contacts:


Instead of solving urgent problems like health care access for all, making higher

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Fri – 8/10: End-of-the-week notices.

We know that you’re busy working on the environmental actions from yesterday, so here are some easier actions for today. And if you’re going to a movie this weekend, please check out the theater’s playlist first, before giving your money to theaters playing Death of a Nation.

Write this down in your busy social calendar for next weekend!

We’re having a community potluck/fundraiser! It’s both to talk and have fun together, and to raise funds to help migrant families post bond for their release from detention and to pay for travel that will bring families back together. It’s at Oxnard Beach Park on Sunday, August 19th, from 11-2 and the weather should be great. Bring your friends, bring your kids, bring some great food to share and let’s enjoy the day together. We’ll keep updating these links with more information. RSVP’s would be greatly appreciated so we can plan a BBQ item. (people’s action)(Facebook)


Looking for some other activities to join in?

Check out the action here. There’s instruction for every activity, so don’t worry if it’s your first time to canvass, or register people to vote. Join in, (yes, even us introverts!) Get some new skills, and meet great people. Continue reading “Fri – 8/10: End-of-the-week notices.”

6/30 – 7/2: Ventura County stood up for kids and families. Thank you. Photos and Actions!

Updated 7/3/18 with additional photos!

  1. THANKS to all of you who came out on Saturday to demonstrate what really makes America great!
  2. Thanks also to those who reached out across city boundaries and joined in with other locations. Some people went to three events and we know of at least two people who went to four.  For those of you who took great pictures you’re willing to share here, send them to Please note which city you’re in.
  3. Showing what we’re made of didn’t end on Saturday. Please join us in the effective action of calling your legislators every day. Here’s a bunch of phone scripts on immigration to make it easy for even the most phone-phobic amongst us. Each will take you less than 10 seconds. Tell them, GOP and Democrats alike, what we WANT them to do (Democrats need to know you have their backs) and to THANK them when they do the right thing.
  4. Want to do more? Here’s a list of great things to help!
  5. One thing that helps is to talk to people in your normal daily life. Tell them about your experience at this rally. For those who are interested, promise to carpool together to the next one.
  6. For those who repeat the administration’s fearful rhetoric, remind them that MS-13 is not a danger to them and for the “MY-PEOPLE-CAME-HERE-LEGALLY” crowd, remind them that immigration laws didn’t exist for white people until 1924. Even after that, quotas favored white immigrants over others. Ask them if they would be as brave as these people, to leave everything behind and take a dangerous journey, if:
  • …a gang or a police militia unit threatened to kill their children (or grandchildren) and nobody in authority would help?
  • …they were willing to work hard, but all the jobs in their area disappeared and malnutrition or worse became a real possibility

Media Links to our local rallies

Julia Brownley opinion piece, VC Star story, video, KEYT story (picture below), Nation-wide

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Wed. 6/27: Ryan’s bill goes down in flames. Game not over.

Flyer for Families Belong Together – Ventura here. More information here or here.

#1 – “House Rejects “Compromise” Immigration Bill – Overwhelmingly.”

The House overwhelmingly rejected Ryan’s so-called compromise bill, 121-301. But no champagne cocktails for us yet, we’re afraid. It lost because it just wasn’t mean enough.

  • An amendment to allow Dreamers to sponsor their parents for legal status stopped a lot of GOP “moderates” (?!) from voting for it.
  • Many conservatives who voted against the compromise bill wanted the far crueler Goodlatte bill the House had rejected last week, 193-231.
  • House GOP working on a narrow bill to house families together while the parents are going through criminal proceedings for the misdemeanor of first-time illegal border crossing, instead of in criminal custody, and eliminated the 20-day cap on administrative custody for accompanied children. (not good.)

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Mon 6/25: Sophie’s choice: Asylum edition

#1 – Join a June 30th protest! Please wear white!

Join in to protest Donald Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” family separation policies and practices, and that all separated children be returned to their parents with no conditions. We demand the de-criminalization of asylum claims, no matter where the border was crossed and that credible threats to women and children be restored as legitimate reasons to ask for asylum (NYTimes)(CNN).

Local actions – Go to as many as you can! Click on links for more information:

  • Ventura – Ventura Country Government Center – 2:00 pm
  • Oxnard – Collections Shopping Center – 10:00 am
  • Ojai – Libbey Park – 12:00 pm.
  • Carpinteria – Peace Corner – 3:00 pm
  • Santa Barbara – De La Guerra Plaza – 11:00 am
  • Not near enough? Look here. If there isn’t one in your town, start one here.

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