Fri – 8/10: End-of-the-week notices.

We know that you’re busy working on the environmental actions from yesterday, so here are some easier actions for today. And if you’re going to a movie this weekend, please check out the theater’s playlist first, before giving your money to theaters playing Death of a Nation.

Write this down in your busy social calendar for next weekend!

We’re having a community potluck/fundraiser! It’s both to talk and have fun together, and to raise funds to help migrant families post bond for their release from detention and to pay for travel that will bring families back together. It’s at Oxnard Beach Park on Sunday, August 19th, from 11-2 and the weather should be great. Bring your friends, bring your kids, bring some great food to share and let’s enjoy the day together. We’ll keep updating these links with more information. RSVP’s would be greatly appreciated so we can plan a BBQ item. (people’s action)(Facebook)


Looking for some other activities to join in?

Check out the action here. There’s instruction for every activity, so don’t worry if it’s your first time to canvass, or register people to vote. Join in, (yes, even us introverts!) Get some new skills, and meet great people. Continue reading “Fri – 8/10: End-of-the-week notices.”