Wed – 8/8: Putting on my boycott boots!

Updated 8/9/18! New theater added!

Action – Write a postcard/email to any local theater showing Death of a Nation and boycott them until this movie is gone. 

Back in 1915, people protested in front of theaters showing The Birth of a Nation. Now, a terrible filmmaker has created an incidiary film that states that America needs to be saved from Democrats. Well, Democrats and those who love them don’t need to be spending money on places that that are hosting this vicious piece of white supremicist propaganda. Send a message to your local theater and to their national headquarters.

In Ventura County, there are 10 theaters. Only one, Century Riverpark 16, owned by Cinemark, is showing this movie.

This is not by random chance.
Cinemark’s chairman, Lee Roy Mitchell, was Alabama Senate candidate/alleged child molester Roy Moore’s fifth biggest campaign donor.  If the name “Cinemark” seems familiar to you, it is because it was in the news as the owner of the Aurora, CO cineplex where 12 people were murdered in 2012 and whose lawyers asked shooting victims to pay them $700,000 in legal costs. In fact, use this link to find your favorite movies WITHOUT giving money to this man or his business.

Postcard people: Send two!
Local theater address:
Century Riverpark 16
2766 Seaglass Way, Oxnard, CA, 93036
Cinemark corporate office: 
Cinemark USA, Inc.
3900 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500
Plano, TX 75093-7865


What to say…
Postcards require brevity, so something basic along the lines of “I’m not giving money to any theater showing “Death of a Nation”, a film using lies and bad logic to {demonize me as a Democrat/further polarize our country on partisan lines.}” If you come up with something awesome, share it with us at

Why not march in front with great signs?
Century Riverpark 16 is on private property, with no public sidewalk protections as far as we can tell. Even a “Families Belong Together” gathering at a “public” park space in the complex was harrassed by private guards. If this is not the legal case, would appreciate input.

Update! Regal Theater in Simi is showing Death of a Nation too.

Apparently, Regal Simi Valley Civic Center Stadium 16 and IMAX, not included in the previous listing of Ventura County theaters, but ours, nonetheless, is also showing this drivel. The Regal Janns Marketplace 9, is currently not wasting one of their slots on this, but the Regal headquarters obviously took a look at demographics and decided that Simi, home to the Reagan Library, the Rodney King trial, and Rep. Steve Knight, described by the Los Angeles Time and the New York Times as far-right and aligned with the Tea party movement, would be profitable ground for this propaganda.

Interesting fact. Regal is now a US subsidiary of Cineworld Group, the world’s second largest cinema chain. Cineworld Group is a British company whose labor practices would make the GOP proud. However, British interests have been hurt with the new administration and showing this laudatory film of the man behind the blimp seems counterproductive.

Postcard info.:
Local theater address:

Regal Simi Valley Civic Center Stadium 16 & IMAX
2751 Tapo Canyon Road
Simi Valley, CA 93063
Corporate office:
Regal Entertainment Group
101 E. Blount Ave.
Knoxville, Tennessee 37920
United States

Email Regal Entertainment Group

Email Cineworld


This summer’s blockbusters are loaded with sequels…Mission Impossible, Ant-Man, Incredibles, Jurassic World, and Mamma Mia have all gotten another trip to the box office. And now there’s even one for the poisonous 1915 film The Birth of a Nation, where a skilled filmmaker, D.W. Griffith, made heroes out of the KKK and is credited for that organization’s reformation that same year .


Created by convicted criminal/filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, Death of a Nation, is described by its producers as a ‘documentary’ which lionizes Donald Trump as the historical heir to Abraham Lincoln and equates “The Left” with Nazism, white supremacy and fascism.”If ever there was a movie that looked as if it had been slapped together in a couple of weeks as part of a quid pro quo agreement involving a dubious-seeming criminal pardon, ‘Death of a Nation’ is that film,” writes Peter Sobczynski at This dog of a movie was actually released nationwide Aug. 3 on 1005 screens nationwide to underwhelming box office numbers.

Critically, the movie has been eviscerated, with not a single positive review on aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and a measly 1 percent rating on Metacritic. However, the audience score indicates that this hot mess has found its family.


The film’s narrative revolves around Dinesh’s supression of the fact that Republicans and Democrats switched positions over the years, especially in the wake of the battle for civil rights in the 1960s. Either he’s hoping his audience can’t remember anything from history class or can be persuaded with “alternate” theories. Here are some great quotes from professional movie critics, who seem pretty competent on actual history…

“As a film, it is pure garbage from first frame to last, though as a document chronicling the devolution of conservatism from a movement of ideas and substance to little more than base trolling and fear mongering, it could well be of service to future historians struggling to make sense of our current madness.”

“The meandering and insufferable Death of a Nation is little more than a greatest-hits collection of its creator’s favorite neocon conspiracy theories, which frame the Democratic Party for the fascistic tendencies embodied by Donald Trump,” writes David Ehrlich for IndieWire.

“To thoroughly unpack the falsehoods, rhetorical sleights of hand, goalpost shifting, and general bad-faith arguments would require a monograph,” writes Vadim Rizov for the AV Club. “One example will suffice: To prove that Hitler wasn’t a ‘right-winger’ but truly belongs to the left, D’Souza notes that the dictator is often deemed right-wing because he’s perceived as homophobic. (Well, yes.) But in fact, that’s incorrect, because Hitler tolerated homosexuals in the brownshirts as long as they were good fighters; ergo, he wasn’t homophobic, and by extension he’s not right-wing. Beyond the ridiculousness of the claim, D’Souza either missed the logical conclusion of his own argument—that to be right-wing is to be homophobic—or hopes the audience doesn’t clock the trap he’s set for himself. That’s typical of D’Souza’s whirlwind barrage of assertions: One minute we’re learning that FDR thought of Mussolini as a kindred spirit, the next that the Nazi party program sounds like it was jointly written by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders because it has a healthcare plank.”

It is, however, the favorite movie of at least one person… Donald Trump Jr tweeted his support of Death of a Nation and co-hosted a screening in Washington DC.


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