Tues 5/12: It’s election day for CA-25! Even if you don’t live there, you can help Christy Smith win!

Action – Check your contact list and make some calls!

We’ve run polling places. We know that a lot of people lose their mail-in ballots, never noticed it amongst their junk mail, or didn’t realize that they were placed on a mail-in ballot list. Or, in these days of quarantine, don’t remember what day it is…

In CA, it doesn’t matter. They can still vote! By mail or in-person!

  • Go through your address book and look for friends who live in or close to district CA-25.
  • Call them and check that they’ve returned their ballots. A lot of people have forgotten that this isn’t just another weird Tuesday at home.
  • Ask them to go through their contact lists as well, and call them, old-fashioned phone tree-style.
  • Ask them to check on neighbors who may not be able to leave their homes to mail their ballots.
  • Find out if people lost their ballots and give them directions to in-person polling places.

Election Day In-Person Voting Locations – 7 a.m. to 8 p.m!:

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Weekly Postcard Parties until the Election! Let’s help flip our sister district CA-25 – a MUST to turn the House Blue!

We will be joining the effort to get out the vote in California Congressional District 25. Our goal is to send out 5,000 postcards before the November elections! We are not endorsing a candidate, just advocating power to the polls.

Every Wednesday from 11am-2pm at Santino’s – Postcard Pizza Parties! (See below for evening parties)
September:  12th, 19th, and 26th – October: 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th
WhenWednesdays at 11:00AM – 2:00 PM 
Where: Santino’s Pizza Parlor – 4321 Telegraph Rd, Ventura
Fun! Pizza will be provided (we must keep up our energy – and a little pizza grease adds to the homey, handwritten touch!)
RSVP: No need – just come!
Note: Not to be downers, but we would appreciate that if you order ANYTHING besides the pizza we provide, that you foot the bill for it! We have to account ahead of time for all funds we spend.

Postcard Party – “After Dark” at Panera Bread
When:  October 17th at 6-8pm

Where: Panera Bread – 4910 Telephone Rd, Ventura
RSVP: No need – just come!

Can’t make it? Help fund these events – click here!

CD25 includes parts of Ventura County, Santa Clarita, Lancaster, and Palmdale. We Venturans can’t vote in CD25, but we can help our neighbors turn their district blue – and help ourselves by helping to flip one of the 24 districts needed to turn the entire House blue! We are not endorsing a candidate, just advocating power to the polls.

Our appeal will be directly to the Democratic voters in CA25 – NOT mass political mailings, because all of our cards will be handwritten. Each will be a message from one voter to another. We are simply asking Americans to do that most American thing — VOTE!

March events to defeat NRA A+ Rated Steve Knight – are you in?


Steve Knight’s stance on guns from his fundraising website:

“Our nation’s founders enshrined the right to bear firearms in the Constitution, which means the government has no right to enact arbitrary restrictions. Undermining the 2nd Amendment by crafting gun control laws aimed to reduce violence rarely results in safer communities. Instead, it is responsible gun owners who pay the price as criminals rarely comply with the laws enacted to keep firearms out of their hands. There is no law Congress can pass to stop gun violence, however we must examine better policing strategies and mental health services in order to provide a more direct path to solving the problem of gun violence.”

I could go on quite the tangent here, but I won’t. Instead I’m going to Simi Valley and Santa Clarita next month to defeat this guy. If you need more convincing, click here.

Are YOU in? -Veronica

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Good Night, Mr. Knight!

Since we started this resistance group right after the first Women’s walk, we’ve had moments that have been alternately grim, inspiring, and enlightening.

And, now one that was just fun…

Yesterday, we again joined fellow Indivisible and resistance groups outside Congressman Steve Knight’s (R-CA-25) office in Simi to join in a protest rally. However, since retirement announcements from fellow CA GOP members Issa and Royce, this time we went to encourage Mr. Knight to see the wisdom of following in their footsteps.

Note to voters… California utilizes a top-two primary system, which allows all candidates to run and all voters to vote but only moves the top two vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, to the general election. A motivated electorate can remove Mr. Knight at the primary.

There were the basics of rallies…signs and cheering! With music!

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Why we Need to Help our Sister District, CA-25, – and how YOU can Help!

We Venturans can’t vote Knight out, but we can help our neighbors and friends in Simi Valley and Santa Clarita rid themselves of him – and help ourselves by removing one of the 24 Trump minions needed to turn the House blue!

Let us count the ways Steve Knight has betrayed us: He votes with Trump 98% of the time. He voted against our healthcare. He voted for the #TrumpTaxScam.  He’s rabidly anti-choice. He opposed raises to minimum wage for workers. And his environmental record is dismal.

The National Rifle Association gives him an A rating.

2nd amm knight

And we’d bet our shirts that when it’s time to vote for the DREAMers or the Stupid Border Wall, he’s going to rubber stamp Trump too. 

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