Why we Need to Help our Sister District, CA-25, rid themselves of Steve Knight – and how YOU can Help!

We Venturans can’t vote Knight out, but we can help our neighbors and friends in Simi Valley and Santa Clarita rid themselves of him – and help ourselves by removing one of the 24 Trump minions needed to turn the House blue!

See all events below.

Let us count the ways Steve Knight has betrayed us: He votes with Trump 98% of the time. He voted against our healthcare. He voted for the #TrumpTaxScam.  He’s rabidly anti-choice. He opposed raises to minimum wage for workers. And his environmental record is dismal.

The National Rifle Association gives him an A rating.

2nd amm knight

And we’d bet our shirts that when it’s time to vote for the DREAMers or the Stupid Border Wall, he’s going to rubber stamp Trump too. 

How can we beat him? Indivisible Ventura is proud to announce that we’ve joined forces with Swing SoCal Left, a powerful coalition of organizations determined to Flip the 25th and we’ll be organizing trips to register voters, canvass, and get out the vote!

Here’s where we are needed in June to flip the 25th – it’s so much fun!:

Thursday, May 31st at 10am – 2pm
Post Card Party to encourage Democrats in CA-25 to vote in the primary on June 5

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church, 5654 Ralston St, Ventura
Fun! Coffee, tea, snacks and light lunch will be provided (we must keep up our energy!)
More info: https://indivisibleventura.org/postcard-party-for-california-congressional-district-25-on-may-31st/

Can’t go? Help fund this event

June 2 Get out the Vote Final Push Canvass in Santa Clarita – Steve Knight country

June 3 Get out the Vote Final Push Canvass in Santa Clarita – Steve Knight country

June 5 VOTE!

Don’t let anyone tell you that flipping 24 House seats next year is impossible. But don’t think for a minute that a wave election is a certainty. The way we win is by getting together with friends and neighbors and making flipping the 25th a priority!

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