Wed – 10/17: Today’s Action Prescription

We regularly hear that people are stressed out and discouraged by the constant stream of bad news as our government drifts further into authoritarianism and fascism. For many of us, this is our first dive into active resistance and are panicking because we can’t see the bottom of the pool. But drowning is not an option and for people of conscience, neither is hauling ourselves out and leaving. How did the women’s suffrage movement survive for almost a hundred years? How have POC and our Native American communities maintained sustained resistance efforts over a long time? How do we develop resiliency right now?

Action #1 – Watch this video. Really.

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Sat. – 9/29: Democracy, one person at a time. Come join us tomorrow!

Action – Take a break from national turmoil this Sunday (9/30) and help people in our own backyard.

Register voters, help make new citizens, renew DACA forms, and write postcards to inform voters that they may need to re-register to vote in the next election.

Indivisible Ventura, along with local immigration lawyers, El Concilio, and members of Indivisible Conejo, Indivisible Ojai Valley, CLUE, SEIU and others, are putting on our first “Last-Sunday-of-the-Month” Citizenship Fair/DACA signup/Voter Registration/Postcard event at Oxnard College Community Marketplace from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.

The dry view: Volunteers who are kind, infinitely patient and detail-oriented are needed to help fill out pages of government formwork. Speaking another language is a bonus, but not required.

What’s really happening: You sit across from another human being and help change their life.

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This Saturday, 7/28, will be very busy…

Action #1- Keep up the pressure. Join us at the rally!

Four days before the deadline, only 354 children ages 5-17 have been united with their parents.

As the Trump Administration drags its heels on reuniting thousands of separated children with their parents, it’s time we once again take action and demand a solution to this crisis and dignity for all immigrants. On Saturday, July 28, between 6-8 pm, we’re stepping up to say “Families Belong Together: We Demand Justice!”

RSVP and share, share, share on Facebook.

Meet at the corner of Victoria and Telephone in front of the Ventura County Government Center. Bring your amazing signs! Bring great chants to teach us! Bring your American flags: because Americans love kids and families and protecting them from harm is a quintessential American value, because America was built by immigrants and continues to depend on immigrants and because fighting terror and injustice is the most patriotic thing we can do.

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Today’s Voter Registration Postponed, Trump Protest Still On!

Today’s Voter Registration Event is postponed due to rain. Please note the new date:

March 15th at Ventura College, 10-2PM
March 19th at Oxnard College, 10-2PM
click here for more info on these events

Rain or Shine – The Trump Protest is ON!

Donald Trump will be visiting Beverly Hills on Tuesday, March 13th.

PROTEST LOCATION: 5PM – til? Beverly Gardens Park 9439 Santa Monica Blvd. BH, CA 90210

Join in solidarity for a peaceful demonstration of strength against Trump’s visit next week. Bring signs and your enthusiasm for democracy, and stand up for the rights of all those threatened by Trump’s regime.

Facebook page here – watch for updates!

For inspiration, read this open letter to Donald Trump from the California Democratic Party regarding today’s visit:

Dear Mr. Trump,
We know it’s been a while since you visited California. Is it because we’re the reason you lost the popular vote?

Or the fact that the world looks to us as the leader on climate change?

Are you intimidated by our Governor who speaks Latin better than you speak, period?
Well, regardless of why you stayed away your first year in office, you’re coming here today.

And since it’s your first trip in a couple of years, we thought you might appreciate some tips on how to have a productive and successful visit. Following these simple, easy-to-understand rules will help you navigate your way around a state that proudly lives in the 21st Century:

Tip #1 – DON’T PRAISE NAZIS. Seriously. Nazis are not popular anywhere, but they’re incredibly unpopular in California. We know this has been an issue for you Continue reading “Today’s Voter Registration Postponed, Trump Protest Still On!”

March events to defeat NRA A+ Rated Steve Knight – are you in?


Steve Knight’s stance on guns from his fundraising website:

“Our nation’s founders enshrined the right to bear firearms in the Constitution, which means the government has no right to enact arbitrary restrictions. Undermining the 2nd Amendment by crafting gun control laws aimed to reduce violence rarely results in safer communities. Instead, it is responsible gun owners who pay the price as criminals rarely comply with the laws enacted to keep firearms out of their hands. There is no law Congress can pass to stop gun violence, however we must examine better policing strategies and mental health services in order to provide a more direct path to solving the problem of gun violence.”

I could go on quite the tangent here, but I won’t. Instead I’m going to Simi Valley and Santa Clarita next month to defeat this guy. If you need more convincing, click here.

Are YOU in? -Veronica

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Why we Need to Help our Sister District, CA-25, – and how YOU can Help!

We Venturans can’t vote Knight out, but we can help our neighbors and friends in Simi Valley and Santa Clarita rid themselves of him – and help ourselves by removing one of the 24 Trump minions needed to turn the House blue!

Let us count the ways Steve Knight has betrayed us: He votes with Trump 98% of the time. He voted against our healthcare. He voted for the #TrumpTaxScam.  He’s rabidly anti-choice. He opposed raises to minimum wage for workers. And his environmental record is dismal.

The National Rifle Association gives him an A rating.

2nd amm knight

And we’d bet our shirts that when it’s time to vote for the DREAMers or the Stupid Border Wall, he’s going to rubber stamp Trump too. 

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Make voting easier – automatically register voters from state DMV rolls. Yes on H.R. 2840!

Minimal Script: I’m calling from [zip code] to {thank Rep. Brownley for supporting}{ask Rep. Carbajal to support} H.R. 2840, which would automatically register anyone eligible 18 years old or older from information they’ve provided to their DMV.

THANK: Rep. Julia Brownley

OR ASK: Rep. Salud Carbajal: (CA-24): DC (202) 225-3601, SB (805) 730-1710 SLO (805) 546-8348

Not sure who your Rep. is?:

Thank or Ask? Check this list: 

More Info:

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