Wed – 7/18: Come out today and roar!

If you haven’t watched Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s announcement of the indictments against the 12 Russian intelligence officers for interfering with the 2016 U.S. election, take a little time to do so now. Note that absolutely nothing is off the table in terms of future actions or discoveries. Read the indictment here.

All this information came out publicly on Friday, July 13, after Trump was personally informed by Rod Rosenstein.  Then Trump went to Helsinki and blew the whole thing off.

Putin wanted Trump to win. And so he did. And maybe that’s the deal between Putin and Mr. “No-Collusion”. Maybe it’s simply the threat of a documentable leak about which states had their votes altered, how it was done, and by how much. Maybe if Trump doesn’t behave, we will get to see how America would deal, not just with its first illegitimate presidency, but with all the damage caused by the grifters and extremists who rode in on his coattails.

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