Wed – 10/10: Today is World Mental Health Day.

Action #1 – Spread awareness of this issue and commit to voting.

(a guest message from Alyssa Milano)

Health Care Warriors,

As one of the 40 million Americans who battle anxiety, I know firsthand the importance of having access to mental health care. And I also know how Republicans’ continued attacks threaten that care.

The GOP never ceases to amaze me with their dedication to ripping vital health care away from millions of Americans across the country. But I’m also continuously amazed by the efforts of Health Care Voters like you who never give up, and consistently fight back to protect our care.

Today, for World Mental Health Day, share this graphic to make sure your friends and family take our pledge, and commit to protecting our health care at the polls in November.

One in six Americans deals with mental illness — and every single one of us deserves access to quality, affordable health care.

That’s why it’s so crucial that we show up at the polls this November, and vote out Republicans who have attacked our health care time and time again. The GOP will stop at nothing to take your care away, but if we stick together and keep fighting, they don’t stand a chance.

We need to show up in November to make sure they understand the consequences of their attacks on our health care.

Thank you for keeping up the fight,


Action #2 – An immediate voting goal.

From Indivisible Ventura: Don’t forget to mark “YES” on Proposition #2, which authorizes bonds to fund the existing “No Place Like Home Program” for individuals struggling with mental illness.
(From the League of Women Voters) A quarter of the nation’s homeless reside in California–over 130,000 people. A significant percentage of our homeless population suffers from mental illness. Prop 2 allows the use of unspent money, originally allocated through a 2004 measure to fund mental health services, to be used to address the problem. If passed, the unspent money would be used to provide permanent supportive housing for people who need mental health services, and are either currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.”

Action #3 – Even more immediate –  making yourself stronger.

  • Here’s a great article on how to keep our minds and spirits ready, for both immediate action and the long haul: here.
  • Join in with Jen Hoffman for her tele-class “The Art of Perseverence”, a four week course beginning Monday, October 15 Jen Hofmann, Sign up here.

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