The MAGA Default Crisis is just another diversion…

This is all GOP political theater to protect the interests of the wealthy and corporations who fill their campaign chests.

Kevin McCarthy and the MAGA majority in the House have threatened to take the economy hostage, seeming willing to drive the US to default on our debts if they don’t get their way. Their goal is always the same – slash Social Security, Medicare, and other programs our families and communities rely on. Cuts to these programs could be devastating for millions of Americans, and would pull the rug out from underneath all of us who have paid into the programs. Not to mention the risks of a recession and job losses if Republicans force the government to default on its debt. 

They’ve added more detail to their campaign of punching downwards – blocking Biden’s student loan forgiveness, instituting work requirements for our country’s poorest who receive “Medicaid healthcare benefits and SNAP food benefits” (like Jesus would have done!); cutting 22% from funding for veterans, Head Start and other childcare programs, Meals of Wheels, cut safety inspections for trains, provisions of the House-passed energy package and more.

This is all a diversion to keep us from noticing thatit was GOP tax cuts enacted under Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump―disproportionately benefiting the wealthy and profitable corporations―that are major drivers of our debt.” In fact, under the new GOP-dominated House’ rules, these kinds of tax cuts do not need to be offset with any sort of savings elsewhere in the budget, even if they add more trillions to the debt.

Action #1: Call your representatives!

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