Tues 2/4: Not a trial. Not an acquittal. Not America.

Keep our eyes on the prize – removal of those who don’t deserve to represent America!

Republican Senators have refused to call witnesses for a fair trial– even though a large majority of Americans want to see witnesses testify. At this moment, it is important to make our voices heard. As the final vote in the Senate trial is scheduled to happen Wednesday, Feb. 5th, on that afternoon, hundreds of thousands of Americans will mobilize with a simple demand: Reject the Cover-Up.

Historian Heather Cox Richardson wrote “People are saying this is the end for American democracy, but I see the opposite…” and read her great essay here on how the GOP just jumped the shark.

Action #1 – Sign up to text voters for the Payback Project.


Indivisible National is launching the Payback Project, a new peer-to-peer textbanking campaign to engage voters across nine target states to take action with Indivisibles in their area and mobilize locally to flip their Senate seats. No matter if you’re brand-new to this or a long-time leader, sign on right now to commit to do the work to win back the Senate this fall — sign up here and they’ll send you everything you need to start reaching key voters!

Action #2 – Vote on their first newpaper ad

Vote on the Payback Project’s first newspaper ad. We’re going to place a full-page newspaper ad in one of our target states, showcasing a senator’s bad vote on impeachment and funneling people directly into our payback plans. Who do you most want to see voted out? Vote and let us know.

Action #3 – Join a Reject the Cover-Up event near you.

Our “leaders” take their cue from us: If they do brave things, it’s because they know we have their backs. So it’s up to us to mobilize like never before — and ensure that this dark moment in our nation’s history is followed by an unprecedented level of civic action.

This Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans and others who love this country will mobilize with a simple demand:  Reject The Coverup!

For us here in Ventura County, we’ll see you at the Ventura County at the Government Center!  (details below the map.)

If you don’t live near the V.C. Government Center, click here to see the map of a protest within driving distance. This is what is looks like so far…If you live in one of the bare patches in the middle, start your own event here.

Conejo Valley residents – go here.
LA residents – go here and here. There are a lot of them.

Map of protest

Protesting at the Ventura County at the Government Center!  

When: 5:30 pm on Wednesday, February 5th
Where: Corner of Victoria and Telephone in front of the Ventura Country Government Center. 800 S. Victoria Ave, Ventura
Bring: A flashlight to light the night! Bring American flags, signs, friends and your unbridled enthusiasm! Bring cookies or snacks if you can. We will have a voter registration table, music, and a special surprise! You may print signs from here.
RSVP: On the Facebook event page  (share, share, share! Use the share–invite friends feature)
More info and stay up to date: Visit RejectTheCoverUp.org or the Facebook event page

Together, we’ll demand:

  • Accountability — Trump and the Senators and members of Congress who voted to cover up his crimes will be held accountable by their constituents.
  • Democracy — Now more than ever, we need to ensure a free and fair election in 2020, which means real election security reform and and end to voter suppression.
  • Reform — Like after Watergate, we demand structural reforms to end the corruption and abuses of power that allowed Donald Trump’s criminal behavior in the first place.

By choosing to attend this event, you are committing to participate nonviolently and in accordance with the law, to work to de-escalate confrontations with others, and to obey the orders of authorized event marshals and of law enforcement. You also acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any injury or damage to your person or property resulting from or occurring during this event and that you release all event sponsors and organizers (and their officers, directors, employees, and agents) from any liability for that injury or damage. We disavow all who advocate violence as a solution to our Nation’s present crisis.

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