Mon 8/3: COVID-19 is airborne and that changes everything! Thank your local essential workers & businesses for keeping you safe from anti-maskers.

(2) actions to help grocery employees below! 


Anti-maskers just had a workshop in Ventura County…

Despite reports that GOP voters are now paying attention to the newest COVID studies, Ventura County residents were dismayed to learn that there was a workshop this weekend at the Simi Valley “Republican Values Center” to instruct local anti-maskers on how to “firmly assert your right to enter public spaces, shop, and go about your business” and to use tools to “effectively counter opposition.” Although assuredly an improvement on the open warfare at the doors of supermarkets, these “tools” will undoubtedly spread misinformation, including outdated science, distortions of HIPAA, ADA laws, and the Constitution, entitled privilege and racism, strategies for deliberate deception and a misunderstanding of the nature of “freedom” itself. (Check out “Deeper Dive” below for discussion of anti-masker mythology.)

Why anti-maskers’ attitudes are so dangerous to those who are actually immunocompromised.

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Wed 5/13: Ventura County’s Mask & Gown Brigades update and related news.

Beautiful masks made by a local volunteer!

Meet the four health care professionals who stood in silence on May 1!

doctors on the street

Watch their video interview here. Many will recognize these awesome local professionals and how lucky Ventura County is to have them.

  • Listen to the message of care and empathy that brought them in front of hundreds of yelling, angry anti-lockdown protesters. (See previous post on protest here.)
  • Listen to what they seeing in their health care facilities, for children, adults and the families of patients.
  • Listen to what they are learning about this disease.

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Thurs 5/7: Join in – Day of Action to support the Essential Workers Bill of Rights!

Today, May 7th, millions of people and over 50 national organizations, including Indivisible, will take online action and demand Congress support an Essential Worker Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights would cover nurses, health and home care workers, domestic workers, truckers, janitors, grocery workers, farm workers, warehouse workers child care workers and transit workers. If we’re loud enough, we can help ALL #ProtectEssentialWorkers. Join in!

𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞’𝐬 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐩𝐚𝐭𝐞!

Action #1 – Call your House Rep.

Minimal call scripts to House members: I’m calling from [zip code] to ask Rep. [___]  to release a bold & comprehensive relief bill that includes an Essential Workers Bill of Rights that includes fair compensation. This would include hazard pay, real job protections, paid sick leave, child care workplace protections, health care, and that these protections be given to all working people, no matter their immigration or contractor status. Continue reading “Thurs 5/7: Join in – Day of Action to support the Essential Workers Bill of Rights!”

Mon 5/4: Ventura County’s Mask & Gown Brigades update and related news!

Taking our medical professionals’ lives for granted…

Some of Ventura County’s amazing health care workers took time out last Friday to remind us what’s at stake here. None of the hundreds of protesters raging about “Freedom!” could replace any one of those four doctors on the median in a medical emergency. Across America, over 9,200 health care workers have tested positive for coronavirus and at least 27 have died. Health-care providers are literally risking their lives to save ours. What if they just stopped showing up?

Although the Health Care Foundation for Ventura County has organized an incredible volunteer task force, including the Mask and Gown Brigades, and those who provide meals, temporary shelter and equipment, every one of us has a role in stopping COVID-19 and protecting our medical professionals – simply by following the social distancing and shelter-in-place orders from our county and state public health experts. For the impatient, “Stage 2” of reopening CA businesses starts this coming Friday. Worldwide COVID stats here.

A “thank you” to volunteers,  and how you can join in…

  • Do you want to help make gowns? Go here.
  • Do you want to make masks for Ventura County’s essential workers? Go here.
  • Volunteer opportunities and equipment needed in Ventura County: here.

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Tues 3/24: “Cruel and unusual” – Law enforcement and punishment in a pandemic.

Quote by Dr. Ranit Mishori, a professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine and medical adviser to the group Physicians for Human Rights. “

Action #1 – Tell ICE to stop sucking up supplies of surgical masks needed for real emergencies.


ICE has recently ordered 45,000 N95 surgical masks so that agents can be protected when they round up undocumented people, prior to putting them into jails where they will become vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. Nearly half of immigrants detained by ICE have been accused of no crime other than civil immigration violations, and many probably would not have been held under previous administrations. Rep. Omar stated “Immigration detention facilities, even before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, have been breeding grounds for illness. For detainees who are immunocompromised or otherwise susceptible to the worst consequences of contracting Covid-19, holding them in detention may be literally a matter of life or death.

Please contact Amanda Stought and ask her to reconsider her order and to ask ICE to stand down during until this pandemic is over.

Minimal script: Good [morning] Ms. Stought. You may have noticed the pandemic in the news, and the associated lack of PPE gear (personal protective equipment) for medical professionals and first responders. Please consider that none of the people your ICE officers arrest deserve a coronavirus death sentence. Keep your officers at home, safe with their families during this lockdown like everyone else and send all your N95 masks to hospitals where they’re desperately needed.

CONTACT: Email her at and/or leave her a call at 202-732-2544.

Action #2 – Release ALL non-violent offenders, including detained immigrants.

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Wed. 3/11: #FlattenTheCurve – Apparently it’s all up to us!

We love that the wonderful volunteers who join us at voter registration tables, at census education events, at voter outreach efforts like postcard and letter writing, at citizenship fairs and at polling stations, become trusted messengers of factual information about civic matters for their friends and family. With that in mind, we’re sharing this report by Julie McMurry, MPH, an assistant professor of rare disease genetics at Oregon State University in the College of Public Health, because it covers every base we can think of. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Thurs 3/5: COVID-19 is not our first coronavirus rodeo.

Graphic from “Are coronavirus diseases equally deadly?” (

Today’s action contains:

  • Related coronavirus-related political actions, click here.
  • New Action – Government funding of vaccines.
  • County and state updates on coronavirus spread and prevention information.
  • Weirdly fascinating video on hand washing. We’re not doing it right.

Action #1 – GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT BE RUN LIKE A BUSINESS. Support legislation to fund government research to fight this disease.

In the last two decades, a series of “animal” viruses, including SARS and MERS, have triggered intermittent outbreaks around the world. Now there’s COVID-19, with 65 countries reporting infections and 88 confirmed cases in the US. But in the time gaps between epidemics, public attention wanes and scientists struggle to get funding. In 2016, researchers in Texas were ready to test a vaccine against SARS, “severe acute respiratory syndrome”, which is structurally similar to our current disease. However, they couldn’t get grants or investors for the testing process. Dr. Peter Hotez, head of that abandoned project, told Congress on Thursday that the new coronavirus should trigger changes in the way the government funds vaccine development. “It’s tragic that we won’t have a vaccine ready for this epidemic. Practically speaking, we’ll be fighting these outbreaks with one hand tied behind our backs.”

Not only does it need to be ready, but affordable or free to truly saturate a population. However, our drug company executive and pharmaceutical lobbyist HHS Secretary Alex Azar just defended private industry’s right to profit handsomely from a pandemic, and could not assure Congress that people would be able to afford their resulting vaccines.

Therefore, Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) introduced legislation to conduct and support comprehensive research to create a universal coronavirus vaccine, something that NIAID administrator, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has stated is possible and worth considering. His bill calls for a total investment of $1 billion – $250 million for each of fiscal years 2020 through 2023 for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Continue reading “Thurs 3/5: COVID-19 is not our first coronavirus rodeo.”