Wed 5/13: Ventura County’s Mask & Gown Brigades update and related news.

Beautiful masks made by a local volunteer!

Meet the four health care professionals who stood in silence on May 1!

doctors on the street

Watch their video interview here. Many will recognize these awesome local professionals and how lucky Ventura County is to have them.

  • Listen to the message of care and empathy that brought them in front of hundreds of yelling, angry anti-lockdown protesters. (See previous post on protest here.)
  • Listen to what they seeing in their health care facilities, for children, adults and the families of patients.
  • Listen to what they are learning about this disease.

doctors from VC

An update for volunteers…masks are needed for kids as well! 

Information below from Amy Towner, CEO – Health Care Foundation for Ventura County from 5/11)
Hello all,

We got a few hundred more masks and below are the cumulative donations from our Brigade and beyond. Tonight we had three more deaths and the masks will continue to be a big part of us keeping our community safe and one of the most successful counties in California managing to flatten the curve.  (The doctors mention them in the video above.) 

Childrens masks has been requested by our leadership for kids coming in to the clinics for their required visits for immunizations, etc. They can be whatever style you wish (tie or elastic), as they will be used for children and not hospital washed and reused. We have one faith-based team that has already started to make them. Reminder to email if you need any supplies.

  • Do you want to make masks for Ventura County’s essential workers? Go here.

The alternative isolation gowns are still currently a need, as we are still having trouble getting authentic isolation gowns and N95 masks. We appreciate all the help you can extend with this endeavor.

  • Do you want to make gowns? Go here.

O2 monitors: For anyone you know that may be interested in helping but they can’t make masks or gowns, we have a new need…We want to purchase around 50 finger-style O2 monitors that display pulse and oxygen saturation. The Emergency Room doctors want these so that a patient can self quarantine at home instead of at the hospital, while monitoring oxygen saturation. This will assist with managing overflow in the event we get a surge beyond bed capacity.  These are all the forward thinking actions of our team, always anticipating and planning!
We set up an Amazon Wish List for this item for anyone interested in helping! Here is the link. 

  • Volunteer opportunities and equipment needed in Ventura County: here.
Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time.
Cumulative Donations as of 5/12/20 7:35 pm
N95 8106
Gloves 4393
Surgical Masks 7,143
ISO Gowns 1739
Goggles 764
Shields 1821
Alternative Face Shields 500
Sewn Masks 9820
Swabs 38
Baby Monitors 88
Trash Bags 11,695
Sanitizer 13
KN95 1000
Alternative PPE Gowns 370
Ear Protectors 66
Phone Charger 15

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