Tucker Carlson is just a symptom. We are the cure.

UPDATE: “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs a Voter Suppression Bill, and Fox News Has the Only Camera” (MotherJones) (Axios) Hard-right politicians recognize Fox “News” for what it is – the propaganda wing of the GOP, just as Roger Ailes envisioned. DeSantis baldly using them as a force-multiplier for his message, while denying all other news media access, makes Fox a political actor rendering services. Contact the FEC. (Action #4 below)

(Graphic quote here.) Watch the CNN video below here. Then we have four actions for you to do.

Action #1: Stop their money machine.

Right now, FOX news is mainly subsidized by our cable fees. MyPillow, Ark Encounter, Relief Factor and in-house Fox News Channel promos provide the bulk of their remaining advertisers, along with some new advertisers like “Prager U,Theraworx Relief, Hero Health, the Indianapolis Colts, Kubota and Bass Pro Shops.” Fox News received roughly $20 per year apiece from most cable news subscribers, regardless of whether they actually watch the channel. That’s way more than its competitors CNN and MSNBC. “They could have zero commercials, and still have a 90% profit margin, because they are the second-most expensive channel on everybody’s cable box.” However, Fox is in the process right now of renegotiating 40 to 50% of all of their contracts. We all have options now. Traditional pay-TV operators lost over 6 million subscribers in 2019 and “cord-cutting” is increasing. Time for change.

Click here to #UnFoxMyCableBox and join the growing coalition of people who refuse to fund hateful rhetoric from Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and the rest of the Fox political machine.

Action #2: Write to your cable company’s CEO.

(Make this sound like your voice. Personalize this fight. Discuss how Fox News’ programming has affected your family and/or your social environment. Be the letter or story that sticks in their head.)

Dear Mr./Ms. [_____],

My family and I are customers of your cable company, and we have enjoyed many hours of entertainment and education with your service. However, I’ve learned that, through my cable fees, that I’m helping to support [Fox News, Newsmax, OAN], which I believe to more a political propaganda arm of the Republican party than an actual cable news show.

If the free enterprise system, which Fox pundits constantly extoll, were actually working correctly, the network would be struggling or bankrupt now. Most of its respectable advertisers are long gone. But we consumers now know that Fox News keeps afloat in fine style with approximately $2 billion per year from hidden subscriber fees from our cable services. Roughly $1.6 billion of those fees are paid by cable and satellite customers like me, who seldom or never watch Fox News, making them a huge moocher of our money.

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