“Hello, I’d like to speak to the man behind the curtain.” Let’s talk to Rupert Murdoch.

Action #1 – Continue to de-FOX-ify your life.

We have, like many groups, advised people to cut off their unwitting financial support of FOX News, a right-wing propaganda machine masquerading as a media empire. And as there’s more than one way to attack this issue, so we offered a variety of options here.

Meanwhile, the poison continues. Tucker Carlson, who promotes white nationalist viewpoints on his widely watched show, gave a sympathetic and unquestioning platform to Charles Murray, a social scientist who uses racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority of the black and Latino communities, women and the poor. Meanwhile, a report released last Friday by the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters showed that the majority of vaccine-related segments that Fox News aired over the past two weeks “repeatedly fearmongered about and downplayed the need for continued vaccination campaigns.”

So what do we do now?

In 2019, the Intercept published an article: “The Problem at Fox News Is Not Just Tucker Carlson — It’s the Murdoch Family Who Owns and Controls the Network: It’s not enough to criticize the racist anchors on Fox News. The Murdoch family is responsible for what happens there. Let’s talk about them

…It’s absolutely correct to direct our anger at the terrible people we see on Fox and the terrible things they say, but they are not the worst culprits or the most powerful ones. Remember the Watergate-era saying, “follow the money”? Do that with Fox News and you’ll quickly realize that the people responsible for its hateful programming — the people who can shut it off in an instant but don’t because they approve of it or are too cowardly to take a stand against it — are Rupert Murdoch and his heirs, who founded and own a controlling stake in the network’s parent company.

In fact, let’s talk to Rupert...

Action #2 – Write an email, a letter or a postcard to Rupert Murdoch. Copy his son.

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Tucker Carlson is just a symptom. We are the cure.

  • Action #1: Stop their money machine. We are paying for Fox through our cable fees.
  • Action #2: Write to your cable company’s CEO.
  • Action #3: Write to the NFL. Their largely Black players profit Fox, while being denigrated by them.
  • Action #4: Write to the FEC – The Federal Election Commission. Fox is providing services to the GOP.

UPDATE: “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs a Voter Suppression Bill, and Fox News Has the Only Camera” (MotherJones) (Axios) Hard-right politicians recognize Fox “News” for what it is – the propaganda wing of the GOP, just as Roger Ailes envisioned. DeSantis baldly using them as a force-multiplier for his message, while denying all other news media access, makes Fox a political actor rendering services. Contact the FEC. (Action #4 below)

(Graphic quote here.) Watch the CNN video below here. Then we have four actions for you to do.

Action #1: Stop their money machine.

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