Mon 3/18: Keep strong Carbon Dioxide Emission Limits on Coal Plants – Comment in 10 minutes or less. Deadline tonight, 11:59 pm EST

Action – Protect Carbon Dioxide Emission Limits on Power Plants — Deadline TONIGHT, 3/18, by 11:59 pm EST.

We are currently starring in a terror movie, the plot worthy of any James Bond film. The villians, billionaires and multi-national corporations, in pursuit of boundless profit, are killing off our environmental protections, not only returning us to the days when our rivers caught on fire, our water gave us cancer and our air killed our kids, but to huge new disasters we’ve never seen before – hurricanes too big for our categories, tornados made of fire, 100-year or 500-year floods that happen every year.

If we’ve waiting for a superhero to save us… well, one 16-year-old girl from Sweden sent tens of thousands of school kids into the streets to protest government inaction.

Now it’s our turn.

Submit a comment to the oil-industry-controlled EPA opposing their proposed rule change that would eliminate our current strong carbon pollution standards that apply to new, modified and reconstructed fossil fuel-fired power plants. The administration’s proposal would relax the standard to a level that can easily be met with standard technology, continuing coal’s reign as our dirtiest energy polluter. Yes, it’s true what our opponents say. The carbon-capture rules DO make it really hard and expensive to build new coal plants.


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Tues – 1/29: How has climate change affected you?

(Photo – Thomas Fire burns near Meiners Oaks in the Ojai Valley.)

This is our chance to let Congress know how climate change is affecting our lives.

(From Jim Hines, Los Padres Sierra Club)

Greetings Climate Activists:

 Our good friend congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources will be holding a month long series of hearings on the climate change crisis.

And he wants to hear from YOU. How has climate change impacted YOU.

Please share your thoughts with Chair Grijalva here.

Chair Grijalva will be using your comments and testimony from the hearings to develop far reaching climate change legislation this year


This is a nation-wide appeal. Share are far as you can.


Fri – 1/11: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Quote by Margaret Mead.

Action  – No more messing around.

  • Our own goverment has put out an alarming report that climate change will shrink the US economy and kill thousands of Americans.
  • Last October, the UN urged urged all governments to take “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” to avoid disaster from climate change. They estimate we have about 12 years to solve this.
  • Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, more deadly, and more expensive. Instead of an average of 6 events per year, 2017 had 16 all-time record climate disasters and cost $300 BILLION dollars in direct damages. 2018’s costs haven’t been quantified yet.
  • However, many who haven’t yet been blown out, flooded out or burned out of their homes have trouble believing that climate change is a real issue…for them.
  • So does our “Yeah, but I won’t be here” president and his administration of fossil-fuel lobbyists who remain hell-bent on removing every molecule of oil, gas and coal in a mad rush to claim “Energy dominance” and personal profit over a simmering planet.

Untitled 2.jpeg

  • Young people have a right to be angry, wondering why their country isn’t making the necessary changes necessary to protect the world they must live in long after the current crop of senior citizens in Congress are dead.

Untitled 4.jpeg

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Fri – 10/26: Part 1 – Your crazy-busy weekend: Sunday: Rally for the Trial of the Century

protest map

October 28, 2018 3:30 PM

Rallies Planned for Cities Nationwide to Back Climate Youth Battling Trump in #TrialoftheCentury

“All of us have a responsibility to double down in supporting the young people holding the U.S. government responsible for perpetuating climate change and threatening our collective future.”

Read about the Juliana v. United States case here and here and follow #youthvgov on twitter.

Then, join in a rally (By Martha Fellows of Ojai and 350 Local Group Network) at our Ventura County Government Center, at the corner of S. Victoria Ave and Telephone Road, to be a part of the #TrialoftheCentury and support the young plaintiffs in the historic Juliana v. United States court case.

Our freedom depends on a climate system that will sustain human life. Let’s show the government that it has a duty to prepare and implement a Climate Recovery Plan to protect our basic and most fundamental rights!

You can RSVP here.