Sat. 1/5: Standing Indivisible with folks right here at home.

You don’t have to go to a Tijuana refugee camp to find people who need help. It’s going to be a cold, wet night right here in Ventura County… (Three actions below)

Action #1: Today! – Saturday 1/5 – Help feed people at the new Emergency Shelter!

(This message is from Peggy Ayala-Rivera, Jan. 3rd.)
Good evening!  I’m reaching out to you because I need your help.
With rain scheduled to start late Friday or early Saturday, we will be opening our Emergency Shelter at the National Armory located at 351 S. K St. across the street from the old OXNARD high school gym and I need your help to prepare some hot food and brought to the shelter by 5:30 p.m. if there is anyway possible you can prepare a tray of food like spaghetti or some other pasta to feed the homeless. salad, french bread for Saturday night I would truly appreciate it if interested to help please contact me Commissioner Peggy Rivera with the Commission on Homelessness here in our City@ 805-890-7414 as soon as possible…you can help make life a little better for those less fortunate…
Other things that are needed is paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils and toilet paper.
Thank you all so very much I truly appreciate your help.
Peggy Rivera

Indivisible Ventura responds… We are now shopping and cooking!
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Wed- 1/2: Resisters – Mark your calendars! This government isn’t going to fix itself!

Photo: SEIU’s volunteer caravan to Tijuana to deliver supplies & medical care to refugees. Members of Indivisible Ventura and DSA joined in…

One thing we’ve all discovered after Trump was elected, was just how much a bunch of committed volunteers could accomplish. Last year, IV & friends ran a (3)-precinct polling place, citizenship fairs, voter registration drives and postcard campaigns. Looks like we were just warming up…

Jan. 3rd – Join in! Our Women’s March isn’t going to plan itself either!

Women’s March Planning Committee (Event is on Jan 19th, see below), Ambrosia by Caffrodite Cafe, 1987 E. Main, Ventura

Jan. 7th – Start your Martin Luther King “Day of Service” work early! 

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Help our Homeless Residents receive shelter, housing, rental, and outreach funding! Volunteer for the Point-in-Time Count.

Let’s Make Everyone Count!
Homeless Point-In-Time Count, Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Why: This effort helps to better understand who is homeless in Ventura County and gain access to state and federal funding.
What: Volunteers canvass the community in pairs and collect survey data through interviewing homeless persons or reporting observations.
Who: Volunteers must be 18 years or older and have the ability to walk distances in designated locations. A smart phone/device will be needed to download the “Counting Us” app for the survey. More information will be shared during the training.

Please register online at and spread the word!


Join Indivisible Ventura’s team! Email us here with your name, email, phone #, and preferred shift on Jan. 22nd, either [6 am-12 noon] or [11am-5pm]. Tell us if you’re signing up with a friend. The morning shift always needs more people (6 am!!!), so please indicate if you’re flexible.

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Mon 10/29: Calling for more poll workers!

Action – If you’re not in Indivisible Ventura’s adopt-a-poll crew, volunteer to be a regular poll worker in Thousand Oaks, Simi, Moorpark, Oxnard or Port Hueneme. 

We the People: What we political newbies keep learning is how essential the private citizen is in keeping the lights on in this democratic experiment we call America. One may think that state governments are in completely in charge of elections…organizing, facilitating and sometimes suppressing them, and we just show up to vote. But the person handing you your ballot and helping you feed it into the voting machine is a regular civilian, just like you.

After the polls close, and everybody else is home watching the early returns on television, county parking lots are transformed into a klieg-light bright islands of activity, as regular citizens – two representatives from every polling place in our huge county, pull their cars up, one after another, to return voting equipment and relinquish their sealed bags of ballots.

This, at the end, is what democracy looks like. Something to be very proud of. Something to protect and aid.

In Ventura County, they need more of you to help make our experiment work!

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Fri – 10/5: It’s time to do more than wait for your polling place to open…

These strategies help swing elections, but for us introverts, they can, at first, appear overwhelming and stressful.

“If you told me a year ago that I would be knocking on doors to talk to strangers about a candidate or to convince them to vote, I would not have laughed in your face. While I would have found the notion ridiculous, I would have just shrugged and smiled politely. That’s because I’m an introvert. I take my personal space very seriously, I’m usually exhausted (not energized) when engaging with others outside my normal sphere, and I try very hard to avoid confrontation.

Oddly enough, I’ve found that all of those traits make me a fairly ideal door-to door political canvasser…”

(click here for the rest of this great article on how introverts can shine at these activities.)

So here are activities for you to try out. We need everyone to help.

Action #1 – Sign up to phonebank

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Tues 7/3: Local volunteer opportunity…

Despite the chaos in the legislature, there are some concrete actions we can take to protect our DACA neighbors…

Ventura County Legal Aid, Inc, Law Offices of Vanessa Frank, Law Offices of Gariella NavarroBusch, Kirwin & Francis LLP, Santa Clara Valley Legal Aid and RGA Immigration have teamed together to create free monthly DACA paperwork renewal clinics.

Here are a couple of ways we can help.

Part 1 – Donate.

Time/Brand new skill: Become a volunteer to help DACA recipients fill in their paperwork. Join us on July 9th at 5:00 pm at CAUSE – Centro Mujer, 4225 Saviors Rd., #2, Oxnard  for a quick lecture on how to assist filling out the forms before the DACA recipients arrive. You do not need to speak Spanish.

Money: Sponsor a DACA recipient’s filing fee. ($495) or whatever you can.

Food/Bottled Water/Office Supplies: One night a month, a busy little office springs up to fill out forms. Donations are welcome.

Contact: Email: Legal Aid Clinic at or  Call (805) 650-7592

Part 2 –  Post these posters! Get the word out before more DACA recipients fall out of compliance.

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