Mon 10/29: Calling for more poll workers!

Action – If you’re not in Indivisible Ventura’s adopt-a-poll crew, volunteer to be a regular poll worker in Thousand Oaks, Simi, Moorpark, Oxnard or Port Hueneme. 

We the People: What we political newbies keep learning is how essential the private citizen is in keeping the lights on in this democratic experiment we call America. One may think that state governments are in completely in charge of elections…organizing, facilitating and sometimes suppressing them, and we just show up to vote. But the person handing you your ballot and helping you feed it into the voting machine is a regular civilian, just like you.

After the polls close, and everybody else is home watching the early returns on television, county parking lots are transformed into a klieg-light bright islands of activity, as regular citizens – two representatives from every polling place in our huge county, pull their cars up, one after another, to return voting equipment and relinquish their sealed bags of ballots.

This, at the end, is what democracy looks like. Something to be very proud of. Something to protect and aid.

In Ventura County, they need more of you to help make our experiment work!

If you can still volunteer for polling places in the following areas, please do so:
Oxnard or Port Hueneme –  call Jessica at (805) 654-2743
Simi or Moorpark – Call Beatrice at (805) 654-2764
Thousand Oaks – Call Collete at (805) 654-3946

  • Or you can fill out the online application here. US citizens and permanent residents can serve. High school students 16 years or older, with a GPA of 2.5 min. can also volunteer.
  • There are training classes and online videos available.
  • Check out the requirements here.

For regular poll workers, it is a long day.  However, from those of us who has done it and are thrilled to do it again, the day goes quickly. You will learn a lot about elections – feel free to share your new knowledge of election security measures with those Facebook “friends” who believe that there were 3 million illegal voters in CA. You will also meet a lot of really nice people. imagejpeg_2.jpg



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