Fri – 10/5: It’s time to do more than wait for your polling place to open…

These strategies help swing elections, but for us introverts, they can, at first, appear overwhelming and stressful.

“If you told me a year ago that I would be knocking on doors to talk to strangers about a candidate or to convince them to vote, I would not have laughed in your face. While I would have found the notion ridiculous, I would have just shrugged and smiled politely. That’s because I’m an introvert. I take my personal space very seriously, I’m usually exhausted (not energized) when engaging with others outside my normal sphere, and I try very hard to avoid confrontation.

Oddly enough, I’ve found that all of those traits make me a fairly ideal door-to door political canvasser…”

(click here for the rest of this great article on how introverts can shine at these activities.)

So here are activities for you to try out. We need everyone to help.

Action #1 – Sign up to phonebank

  • Never phonebanked before, or want to brush-up on your skills? Click here for short training videos.
  • We’ve got updated information on three phonebanking opportunities here.

Action #2 – Sign up to canvass

  • Never canvassed before or want to brush-up on your skills? Click here for short training videos.
  • More information on how canvassing campaigns work. Click here.
  • Do you want to volunteer for a local candidate? Here’s informational links to organizations putting together canvassing campaigns. (not part of Indivisible Ventura) Go here and here.

Action #3 – Register voters! 

Tips for being an effective canvasser also work for voter registration. Check out for our latest schedule.

Action #4 – Write postcards to encourage voters! 

Check out for our latest schedule.




















































































































































































































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