Tues 7/3: Local volunteer opportunity…

Despite the chaos in the legislature, there are some concrete actions we can take to protect our DACA neighbors…

Ventura County Legal Aid, Inc, Law Offices of Vanessa Frank, Law Offices of Gariella NavarroBusch, Kirwin & Francis LLP, Santa Clara Valley Legal Aid and RGA Immigration have teamed together to create free monthly DACA paperwork renewal clinics.

Here are a couple of ways we can help.

Part 1 – Donate.

Time/Brand new skill: Become a volunteer to help DACA recipients fill in their paperwork. Join us on July 9th at 5:00 pm at CAUSE – Centro Mujer, 4225 Saviors Rd., #2, Oxnard  for a quick lecture on how to assist filling out the forms before the DACA recipients arrive. You do not need to speak Spanish.

Money: Sponsor a DACA recipient’s filing fee. ($495) or whatever you can.

Food/Bottled Water/Office Supplies: One night a month, a busy little office springs up to fill out forms. Donations are welcome.

Contact: Email: Legal Aid Clinic at support@vclegalaid.org or  Call (805) 650-7592

Part 2 –  Post these posters! Get the word out before more DACA recipients fall out of compliance.

sign sample

Here are the links for the printing the full-size posters!

DACA SIGN – English

DACA SIGN – Spanish

We need people to place these posters (in both English and Spanish) EVERYWHERE that has a public bulletin board. Grocery stores, coffee shops, employee lunchrooms, laundromats, etc… Post in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, anywhere within driving range.

Print them out on a color printer on 8×11, (the tags don’t go quite to the bottom) and cut the little tear-off tags up to the horizontal dotted line. Tear off (1) one tag to show people how it’s done and then…post away! Veteran posters say bringing one’s own stapler makes this a lot more convenient.

Part 3 –  Share the event information on social media.

Facebook event link (English), Facebook event link (Spanish)




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