Wed – 10/17: Today’s Action Prescription

We regularly hear that people are stressed out and discouraged by the constant stream of bad news as our government drifts further into authoritarianism and fascism. For many of us, this is our first dive into active resistance and are panicking because we can’t see the bottom of the pool. But drowning is not an option and for people of conscience, neither is hauling ourselves out and leaving. How did the women’s suffrage movement survive for almost a hundred years? How have POC and our Native American communities maintained sustained resistance efforts over a long time? How do we develop resiliency right now?

Action #1 – Watch this video. Really.

Action #2 – Hang out with fellow supporters whenever you can.

We have prepared a list of actions that you can take with our local group here.

Today, you can help us register  Ventura Community College students here, and/or join us, new friends and old,  at our weekly postcard party here.


Action #3 – Join in actions greater than yourself further afield.

We’ve also collated actions you can take with others at any time here.

Action #4 – Encourage everyone within reach of your social media to vote.

Voting corruption out and boxing in our reality-TV president is a reasonable goal. We’ve created a voting guide to make the whole thing easier here.


  • This is how a resistance movement succeeds (Huffpost)
  • How to survive and resist in the Trump era: practical things you can do now (guardian)
  • How to survive Trump’s second year: Engage politically (NewYorker)
  • Americans have been through worse. Here’s how to survive the Donald Trump era (USA Today)

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