Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-saving Good News

BIG, HUGE, TREMENDOUS, Trumpcare fail. Paul Ryan didn’t fare so well either. We’re gloating a bit. Give yourself a big pat on the back! Our hard work works!

Indivisible and our incredible achievements are profiled in today’s LA Times!

Neil Gorsuch’s 2008 decision was unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court. The rights of disabled children are now protected.immigration

More Supreme Court kudos: A positive ruling on gerrymandering:“Voters should choose their elected officials, not the other way around.”

Across our beautiful USA, Indivisible groups continued to protest and call (and sometimes boo) their elected officials. Here we are on Wednesday:


The second unconstitutional Muslim ban paused in Hawaii. Then blocked in Maryland.

Mainstream and conservative news outlets, including Fox News, are taking action and running stories questioning Trump’s credibility.

After Trump withdrew federal guidelines protecting transgender students, several state and local officials wasted no time announcing they would continue protecting transgender students,  and Trans Lifeline received so many donations that their website crashed.

The New York Times is expanding their climate team, stating: “As the earth’s temperature continues to break records, climate and environmental reporting is taking on new urgency. The Times is expanding its coverage of the globe’s changing climate and the political, economic, technological and social consequences, from scientific research to the decisions of CEOs to the struggles of people living in places that are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of change.”

This week, ING became the first bank to sell its stake in the Dakota Access Pipeline!

Carbon emissions  in the US and China reduced this year.

 The world is flat (on carbon emmissions).

Representive Beth Fukumoto switched from Republican to Democrat, the Hawaii State House member cited racism and sexism

Maryland’s Republican governor announced his support for a fracking ban, saying it’s “an important initiative to safeguard our environment.”

The Iron Workers are the first building trade union to announce paid maternity leave for their members, and real-life Rosie the Riveters are getting a national day of recognition. As honoree Marian Sousa, 91, rightly pointed out: “It’s about time.”

New York City announced it will block ICE agents from entering schools.

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