This Week in Resistance: Upcoming Events, Petitions and More!

We are gleeful about the Trumpcare vote not making it to the table – and NEVER doubt the impact your daily calls to action make! We saved the ACA!

The fight MUST continue and, because many of us got a much needed shot in the arm by marching for ObamaCare in LA and showing support for our neighboring Indivisians in Simi Valley by protesting outside of Steve Knight’s office, we’ve decided to provide a weekly rundown of local events!

Let us know if you have an event to add by emailing us at Same e-mail if you are interested in carpooling to any event – we’ll do our best to hook you up!

TODAY! March 25th – Indivisible Ventura’s Expert Speakers Series: Focus on Immigration Workshop & Mixer
North Oxnard United Methodist Church – 1801 Joliet Place, Oxnard

April 2nd Cesar Chavez/#ResistTrump March

April 15thDemand Trump’s Tax Returns March – Los Angeles

April 22nd
– March for Science
 – Santa Barbara – Los Angeles – Washington DC
In advance, email your story to about how scientists serve their communities, whether that’s by saving lives, protecting communities, or advancing public interest.

April 23rdDemocratic Club of Ventura Meeting

April 24th – National Free Press Appreciation Day Petition and Rally

April 29thPeople’s Climate MarchLos AngelesSanta Barbara


(Remember, phone calls are our most powerful tool. Extra bonus points if you follow each petition you sign with a call to your members of Congress!)

Preserve funding for libraries, museums, and PBS

Investigate Trump’s ties to Russia 

Sign CREDO Action’s petition: Tell Democratic Leaders Resist Trump’s Handout to War Profiteers

Join in demanding that all Trump-related legislation and appointments be put on hold until a proper investigation of the Trump/Russia involvement is completed

VoteVets is asking that we sign their petition opposing Trump’s budget that pits veterans against the poor 

CREDO Action has a petition opposing Clayton for SEC Chair


Yet another way to stay involved is with the Stand Up App

Share your creative skills to support progressive candidates. Join Prolog: Prolog is a searchable database of professionals who offer their expertise – everything from graphic design to catering to copywriting and fundraising – to Democratic candidates and campaigns, free of charge, in order to regain a Democratic majority in 2018. Note: The creator of Prolog is one of our own! Brava!

Additional Actions

Sen. Schumer says that the Dems will filibuster the Gorsuch vote. Let’s contact our senators and tell them that we support this.

Send a postcard to Rep. Nunes to let him know what you think of his actions and remind him that it is time to put country before party. We are watching. Rep. Nunes’s address: Longworth House Office Building, Suite 1013, Washington, DC 20515

Countable has just begun a new video series, Talk to Trump. In it, they feature Americans from across the political spectrum sharing their thoughts, feelings, hopes, and more in 30-second videos that they deliver directly to the White House.

Send postcards: Kudos to the 17 Republicans who introduced the Republican Climate Resolution in the House, even though they contradict Trump’s ideas about the environment. Let’s thank these individuals and encourage other legislators to join in.

Thank Rep Fukumoto, Hawaii State House member who, citing racism and sexism, has chosen to switch from being a Republican to a Democrat.  Address: 415 S. Beretania St., Room 333, Honolulu, HI 96813 and email:

Write to your legislators that turning off this satellite that monitors climate change is the wrong thing to do.

Join MomsRising as they begin Creating Welcoming Communities for Immigrant Families“: RSVP for MomsRising’s telephone townhall on civics (March 22, 6 pm PST) 

The ACLU has launched People Power and the Freedom Cities Campaign. Check out the guide, along with the planned action items

Compelling Articles

View at

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What is the House Freedom Caucus, and who’s in it?

Can Librarians Save Us From Fake News?

It Takes “Alternative Math” to Claim That Redistribution Is Futile

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