Update on yesterday’s written action…

Website URL fix from yesterday

Some were having difficulties opening the website for the Drilling programs PR site –  Here’s the link for the actual document:  “Developing a New National OCS Program 2019-2024“. Here’s a more reliable link for the rest of the website.

Note: The only meeting in California is scheduled for Sacramento on February 8th, from 3-7 pm PST.

Oh, yeah, one four-hour meeting should take care of it, FOR ALL OF CALIFORNIA!

Jim Hines of the Sierra Club got a verbal promise from the Secretary of Interior Zinke and submitted a matching official request that that two full days of public hearings would be held in Ventura and Santa Barbara so that people in the affected area can attend and comment on the 5-year plan.

In the meantime, local meeting or no, please comment here. The deadline for comments is Mar 9 2018, at 11:59 PM ET.

Monday – Stop the Drilling – 3 Actions


Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has officially released the draft OCS 5 year leasing plan which includes areas for new oil drilling in the Pacific Ocean among other areas currently closed to leasing. Jim Hines, our intrepid Sierra Club connection, has officially requested through the Secretary of Interior office that two full days of public hearings be held in Ventura and Santa Barbara so that people in the affected area can attend and comment on the 5-year plan. The Secretary promised him this last year and that there will be a public comment period and then a re-write of the plan depending upon public comment.

Here is the comment website which is open for comments TODAY, MONDAY Jan. 8th.  https://www.boem.gov/National-Program/

Call #1 – Federal 

Co-sponsor HR 2272 and S. 999 – COAST Anti-Drilling Act
Despite bipartisan agreement that offshore drilling endangers our coastal communities and harms their economies, Trump’s administration announced they were throwing out protection acts and allowing offshore drilling in nearly all coastal areas off the continental US, opening areas in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans along with the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently, our government is now an arm of BP and other oil and gas companies.

Minimal Script: I’m calling from [zip code] to ask Senator [___] to co-sponsor the COAST Anti-Drilling Act. We must stop Trump’s plans to sell off America’s coastlines for oil & gas development — including plans for six new leases off California’s shores.

Nobody is Above the Law – Be Ready! Update 12/21

Any firing that occurs between December 23 and December 26 would trigger the protest events on December 27.

Flash Mob Protest — Nobody is Above the Law

Join MoveOn and your local resisters in action if the unthinkable happens.

This is an nation-wide event planned as a rapid response protest in the event that Donald Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller. Please note that the listed date is a placeholder and will be updated to be within 24 hours of the firing, should it occur.

Update from our Ventura rally organizer.

Dear Grassroots & Democratic Friends,

There is widespread concern that Robert Mueller will be fired — an attempt by Trump to stop the investigation into his ties to Russian oligarchs, his financial entanglements, and conspiracy to help a foreign entity affect our democratic election.

We have organized a Rapid Response Flash protest that will occur in coordination with the national host of the event, MoveOn. (If you haven’t sign up yet, RSVP here. Too far away, check out local rallies here.) It is expected that Trump will fire chief investigator, Mueller, during the upcoming Christmas Recess when members of the House and Senate will not be in Washington, DC to obstruct Trump’s desire to be rid of the legal investigation.

Therefore, we must stand ready to join together in protest. So many have signed up to attend, that it would be impossible for me to call each of you on the day that the firing occurs.  To get a notification of the day and time of our assembly,  you will need to to enroll to receive a text message by:

1. Install the app for iPhone (http://apple.co/2o8cQAG) or Android (http://bit.ly/2neIpnw)
2. Press ‘Create New Account‘ to sign up
3. Enter the Indivisible Ventura invite code: 340-050-206

Secondly, if you cannot receive texts, I will notify you at the same email address you have used to sign-up with GrassrootsVentura. (See attachment for full details.)
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Going backwards at full speed. Next stop…your wallet.

The GOP voted yesterday to destroy an important Obama-era consumer protection.

Despite overwhelming evidence that the public disapproved of a future of extortionate fees, blocked websites, throttled services and content censorship, the GOP-majority members of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) completed their mission of rooting out and destroying Obama-era landmarks by voting 3-2 along party lines Thursday to repeal its landmark net neutrality protections.

They did this despite credible evidence of corruption…

Eighteen attorneys general, dozens of Democratic congressmen and two Republicans had pushed for a delay to the ruling to address the millions of fake comments supporting the repeal, but FCC Chairman Ajit Pai refused. Two million comments filed to the FCC on net neutrality were submitted under stolen identities, said Commissioner Rosenworcel, who opposed the repeal. Half a million came from Russian addresses, and 50,000 net neutrality complaints have gone “inexplicably missing.”

They did this despite fierce public opposition…

“Organic” comments from real people, approximately 22,000,000 of them, were overwhelmingly against the repeal.  There were 700 protests across the country last week to stop the FCC’s attack on the internet, or that 83% of Americans opposed his plan to repeal Title II.Meanwhile Democratic lawmakers and dozens of activists protested outside. Despite all this and after a bomb threat cleared the room for a short time, the voting took place.

History proves that allowing corporations to regulate themselves is a terrible idea.

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Sanity-Saving Good News – The #MeToo Edition

Good News for Women!

Time Magazine chose the women brave enough to stand up to their harrassers as “Person of the Year” over the man accused of being a harrasser himself. Which is great!

However, as we learn more about the #MeToo movement, it is disappointing to learn that the actual original author, Tarana Burke, who started it as part of her work with young harrassment and assault survivors more than ten years ago, wasn’t included on the cover. Our thanks and congratulations to her.

tarana Burke

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The separation of Church and State is what makes America special. This is the kind of wall we want.

Although some darkly mutter that that our secularity of our government was an atheist plot, it was actually a profoundly religious Baptist minister, Roger Williams, who gave us the gift of a separate church and state 400 years ago.

Here’s the short form as to why we’re not actually a religious theocracy right now.

In 1630, John Winthrop led 1,000 men, women and children to start the Massachusetts Bay Colony. These Puritans left England because they were disgusted with what they saw as corruption in the Church of England and the tyranny of the crown. Finally given complete freedom to create the simple worship and personal intimacy with God that they long desired, they proceeded remove religious freedom from others. “Puritan ministers were compelled—upon pain of imprisonment—to wear the surplice and use the Book of Common Prayer, and their congregants were compelled to participate in what they regarded as rote worship.”

In other words, having risked their lives to escape an oppressive religious regime, they immediately started to set up one of their own. Humans! 

However, Roger Williams, actually paying attention to history, felt that they should use this chance in a new world to do better than their forebears in protecting religion from the games of politicians.

“Williams believed that preventing error in religion was impossible, for it required people to interpret God’s law, and people would inevitably err. He therefore concluded that government must remove itself from anything that touched upon human beings’ relationship with God. A society built on the principles Massachusetts espoused would lead at best to hypocrisy, because forced worship, he wrote, “stincks in God’s nostrils.” At worst, such a society would lead to a foul corruption—not of the state, which was already corrupt, but of the church.” Continue reading “The separation of Church and State is what makes America special. This is the kind of wall we want.”