It’s decision time for hundreds of pieces of legislation in California this week. Make some calls!

The Senate’s fiscal committee will decide the fate of bills on Thursday, June 1st; the Assembly will do so on Friday, June 2nd.  The ones that pass will then move to the opposite house.

With our strong Democratic majority, California has the ability to counter some of the negative policies coming out of Washington D.C. Our friends at Indivisible San Francisco short-listed some of the most important bills. If you have time this week, please pick the ones that speak the most to you, and make some phone calls.

State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Assemblywoman Monique Limon don’t receive many calls from their constituents, so if we all make our voices heard this week, we can make a real difference.


Pick your favorite bills from the list ISF has put together and let our state MoCs know how you feel.

Assembly: Call State Assembly Member Monique Limón: Sacramento: (916) 319-2037, Santa Barbara: (805) 564-1649, Ventura: (805) 641-3700 If outside of these areas, find your Representatives here.

  • Immigration
    • AB21 & AB699: Protects against ICE in schools (Limon is co-sponsoring AB21)
    • AB450: Protects against ICE in workplace
    • AB578: Makes threatening to report immigration status felony
  • Criminal Justice Reform
    • AB42: Money bail reform
    • AB1008: Employers can’t ask about felony convictions
  • Economic Justice
    • AB71: Removes mortgage deduction from second homes to fund affordable housing
  • Voting Reform
    • AB216: Requires return envelopes for mail-in ballots
  • Healthcare
    • AB587 & AB265: Relate to prescription drug pricing
  • Climate/Environment
    • AB1405: Require the Public Utilities Commission to develop policies to use clean energy


Senate: Call Hannah-Beth Jackson: SAC (916) 651-4019, SB (805) 965-0862, OX (805) 988-1940 If outside of these areas, find your Representatives here.

  • Healthcare
    • SB562: Single payer healthcare
    • SB17: Requires health plans and insurers to report drug prices to regulators
    • SB743: Protects MediCal coverage for family/reproductive services
  • Corporate Responsibility & Conflicts of interest
    • SB33: Permits customers to sue instead of being forced into arbitration by financial institutions
    • SB149: Requires presidential candidates to release 5 years of tax returns to appear on the California ballot
  • Climate/Environment
    • SB49: Requires that California environmental standards can never drop below the current federal standards
    • SB71: Requires solar panels on new residential developments
    • SB700: Provides rebates to customers to promote energy storage initiatives
    • SB57: Keep Aliso Canyon closed due to gas leak
    • SB705: Bans food service from distributing food in polystyrene
    • SB338: Require the Public Utilities Commission to develop policies to use clean energy
  • Education
    • SB135: Requires K-12 curricula to include media literacy to educate students on recognizing fake news
  • LGBTQ Rights
    • SB179 & SB310: Simplifies the process to change name & gender on documents
    • SB239: Treats exposure to HIV in the same manner as exposure to other serious communicable diseases
  • Criminal Justice Reform
    • SB394: Allows juveniles to apply for parole after 25 years
    • SB421: Creates a tiered sex offender registry
    • SB535: Allows felons to serve on juries after serving sentences
    • SB602: Requires plants & seeds treated with pesticide to be labelled

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