Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-saving Good News: Wonder Women Unleash Their Lassos of Truth Edition!

Women dominated the resistance news cycle this week – Wonder Women Unite! But first, some crazy-good news…

Former FBI director Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel to investigate the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. To everyone who protested or called their member of Congress to demand an investigation: You helped make this happen! Indivisible Ventura hammered this issue from every angle we could think of  – 22 calls to action – and your calls made a difference!

Single payer health care is closer to becoming law in New York and California than ever before but if we want it, everyone is going to have to ask for it. Tell Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson that you care about SB562:  SAC (916) 651-4019, SB  (805) 965-0862, (805) 988-1940 See the full call to action here.

These guys are ROCKSTARS! The ACLU took legal action to force Trump to produce evidence of voter fraud claims. How many executive orders have lawsuits against them? We’ve kinda lost count.

Public support for gay marriage has reached a new high.

Wonder Women Unleash Their Lassos of Truth!

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day.  42 years before it became an official holiday filled with roses, chocolate and Kodak moments, it was something quite differentand we can be proud to say that women have risen again to resist.

Susan Rice admonishes Trump for his criticism of the judiciary and the media.

Sally Yates handles condescending men so well you’d almost think she’d been doing it her whole life.” Awesome.

Check out this powerful woman who told Iowa Rep. Rod Blum how she felt in a fabulous letter to the editor.  Tips on writing letters to the editor here!


Our planet matters!

We gave the EPA something to think about! (Our calls to action were hereherehere, and here.)

The Senate upheld an Obama-era protection that prevents methane gas emissions. Yup, we made phone calls on this one, too.

Well, at least ONE guy in the administration thinks climate change is real… Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, signs an international document recognizing climate change threats.

Vive la Resistance!

 The Die-ins Continue! Indivisible groups keep hosting die-ins to oppose Trumpcare. Indivisible Ventura supported three in sister districts and had a blast. Read news items here, here, here, and here.

This awesome thing happened! An artist projected protest messages onto Trump’s D.C. hotel:

New Orleans continues to dismantle racist Confederate monuments—thank you, #TakeEmDownNOLA! (We also love this brass band that played an impromptu show in celebration.)

(Thanks to Jen Hofman, Rogan’s List, Alison and Stephanie, and others throughout the still net-neutral web. Thanks to all.)

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