Action Call: “Yes” on CA Senate Bill 562 – “Californians For A Healthy California Act”

This bill encompasses the following: Universal single payer coverage, no deductibles or co-pays, real patient choice, comprehensive benefits.

On 2/17/17, Senators Lara and Atkins have introduced the latest version of a plan to create universal health coverage for citizens of California.

Call your State Assembly Member and State Senator to ask for their support of this bill!

Assembly Member Monique Limon
SAC: (916) 319-2037, SB: (805) 564-1649, Ventura: (805) 641-3700

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson
SAC: (916) 651-4019, SB: (805) 965-0862, Oxnard: (805)988-1940

Script: “Hi, my name is (______) and I’m a constituent of your district. I’m calling today to ask you to support Senate Bill 562 “Californians For A Healthy California”. We watch members of Congress argue daily over how to best destroy healthcare for millions of Americans, including for many Californians. I’m asking that you stand up with us and help California take the lead in creating a comprehensive universal single-payer health coverage program and a healthcare cost control system for the benefit of all of us here. We asking you to vote for healthcare as a basic human right for all Californians and to set a standard and an example for the rest of the United States. Thank you for your work”


More about Californians for a Healthy California Act: Understanding the Healthy California Act


California has an opportunity to try again, and in the process of protecting our own citizenry, act as an example for the rest of America.

As we protest against basic and humane healthcare provisions being stripped piecemeal or totally from millions of Americans, this might be a moment to concentrate on a healthcare initiative closer to home.

SB-810 was a proposal for single-payer health care coverage proposal from 2011. It died in committee. A similar ballot initiative was rejected in 1994 and Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed two bills during his terms as Governor.

This struggle is reflected our national history,  as well. While European nations worked out national healthcare strategies in the early 1900’s or earlier, Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, and Truman advocated for similar systems, but were defeated by a rotating cast of adversarial forces.

An article by the Physicians for a National Health Program described these roadblocks as “interest group influence (code words for class), ideological differences, anti-communism, anti-socialism, fragmentation of public policy, the entrepreneurial character of American medicine, a tradition of American voluntarism, removing the middle class from the coalition of advocates for change through the alternative of Blue Cross private insurance plans, and the association of public programs with charity, dependence, personal failure and the almshouses of years gone by.” (

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