Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-saving Good News. Trump Failure Edition

Oh, let us count the ways Mr. Trump has failed this week. There’s just sooooo much of it!

Trump fails at his attempt to penalize sanctuary cities. We’ve collectively made a lot of phone calls about this one! Keep up the pressure by calling about the “California Sanctuary State” bill.

It took Trump THREE tries to get his horrible healthcare bill through the House. The good news? The Senate is going to hate it and send it back to the House after many amendments.

What can YOU do to stop this? We are participating in three die-ins this week in neighboring districts to show Congressmen who voted for TrumpCare that we will not tolerate this twice. Click here for more info (carpooling available). Click here to see why these die-ins work.

Yet ANOTHER fail: No funding for Trump’s stupid wall in the federal spending bill. Yup, we were all over this one too. GREAT job everyone.

Oh, and there’s MORE: No funding cuts for Planned Parenthood, the NIH, PBS, NPR, and the EPA—will continue to receive funding. Many actions were taken for these issues, you can continue to support EPA protection here.

Although GOPs planned to exempt themselves from TrumpCare, they turned tail when the media reported on it. Yup, we made calls about this too!

EPA chief Scott Pruitt backed out of GOP fundraiser because it was illegal. And we’re sure we helped his decision making process by protesting in this local event when he visited!

Another FOX News butthole bites the dust!

Patriots are accompanying immigrants to ICE hearings for support.

Thirty states are proposing bills for Automatic Voter Registration.

US State Department website removed this flattering description of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.


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